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Mared padded through the ruins of Pellinor. Her wolf senses keen but ignored. The deserted buildings brought back memories of her childhood and she was so engrossed in them that she didn't notice the lone traveler until she was ten feet away.

She froze. His back was to her and he hadn't noticed her yet. She slowly backed up into the shadows but she didn't flee. Something the shape of the body, the fluidity of his movements and the confidence in how he held himself. He turned and she saw he his face. Cadvan. The single word elated her to a degree that she didn't understand but it was definitely him. Before she knew what she was doing she was running towards him.

He pulled out his sword and she yelped, changing directions at the last moment to avoid being skewered. She came to stop and turned to face him again, hurt.

"Whoa, no one is food here wolf. You don't need to kill me to eat." He sheathed his sword and held out a soup bowl with a wonderful aroma coming off it, but Maered ignored it.

She whimpered.

"Do you want the soup wolf?" He asked, "Are you hungry?"

Realization dawned on her. Wolf he was calling her. She was still a wolf!

She started laughing, forgetting again how different human and wolf laughter were.

Cadvan thought she was barking at him because she was angry. He unsheathed his sword again but that just made Maered laugh harder. He started coming towards her and she stopped laughing to scramble away.

Cadvan stopped, obviously puzzled, and Maered saw why, what was she doing? Barking when he sheathed his sword and refusing his offer of food. He must think she was mad.

She closed her eyes and looked inside herself. Be human. She opened her eyes and saw a very surprised Cadvan standing over her. She scrambled up and threw her arms around him, causing him to drop his sword.

"Maered," he whispered.

"Oh Cadvan, I thought you were dead!" she looked into his eyes and saw a tenderness there she had never seen before. She stood on her toes and leaned down and she kissed him.

Maered felt ecstatic. She was kissing Cadvan! And he was kissing her back!

"Cadvan," she said breaking the kiss, "I think I love you."

"I love you too." He said and then he leaned in again and she lost herself, all her worries and cares in the world were gone and she had never felt so great in her life.

La dee da. I know that was bad and like sorry? But anyway I've wanted to do that 4ever!