I wrote this two days ago during school. It's kind of weird and ramble-y, but oh well.

Lennox knew. Oh, she knew. She'd known all along.

It was obvious. Anyone who had ever been in the same room with Joe and her aunt Mel could figure it out. Except for Ryder. Her brother was completely oblivious—but then, he was Ryder.

If the two of them truly couldn't stand each other, as they claimed, Joe never would have been hired in the first place. Lennox knew her aunt better than that. She would never let someone she hated into her home.

From day one, the day Joe first entered their lives, they'd had a thing for each other. Even when Joe interrupted Mel's speech at City Hall, ranting about Lennox and Ryder's dad. Gradually, Lennox had seen changes in both of them. They seemed...happier, more content. Mel claimed she missed her fabulous single life, but Lennox knew better. Her aunt had been happier since the kids and Joe had come to live with her than any time Lennox had seen her before.

And then, when Joe had thought he'd be getting that money. Mel hadn't known what to do, couldn't even admit she would miss Joe. There was a reason Mel hadn't liked any of the other nannies. Lennox had told Joe it was because they had "trained him" to start the conversation; when she tried to bring up his feelings for Aunt Mel, the way he had avoided her question had spoken louder than if he'd flat-out admitted it.

Lennox still felt bad about interrupting their candlelit Chinese-takeout, cardboard-box-table dinner. She could have slapped Ryder when he turned on the lights and told Mel about the couch.

"It's so gross when they get along," Ryder had said while Mel tried to teach Joe her victory dance after the baseball game.

"Don't look at it!" Lennox had commanded, turning his head; but she couldn't tear her own eyes away from them. The dance was slightly creepy, but who cared? They weren't fighting like usual. It was cute in Lennox's eyes.

Yes, Lennox knew Mel and Joe would someday end up together. Until that day, she would just have to wait.