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Something For Myself

By: xSlythStratasfaction

Pairing: Kurt x Blaine (implied)

WARNING: This fic will contain season 3 SPOILERS, so if you haven't seen the first episode of season 3 yet, don't read it unless you want to be spoiled. Don't say I didn't warn you! :]

Blaine walked through the aisles, pushing his shopping cart slowly in front of him. He grabbed up a few different easy-to-make food items and tossed them in the cart before he turned down the aisle and found himself running smack dab into a bored looking Latina girl.

"Well, look at what we have here: Frodo McShortpants! Long time, no see!"

"Hello Santana."

"Blaine, you remember Satan, right?"

"I thought her name was Santana?"

"That's her birth name. In reality, her real name is Satan."

Blaine's brows furrowed as he watched the sultry girl slip in front of him and look him up and down, batting her long dark lashes.

"Well, well, well… what do we have here?"

"You remember Blaine, right?"

"Like I could forget this guy sucking the cherry chapstick off of Berry's face!"

Kurt rolled his eyes, while Blaine's gut churned. If he wasn't afraid of Kurt's backlash about the whole Rachel/Blaine dating fiasco, he might have made a comment about Katy Perry and how the thought of him kissing a girl who wore cherry chapstick was kind of ironic.

He said nothing.

"Is he even listening to me?"

"No, I think you've broken him. Way to go, Satan. Nicely done. You've killed my boyfriend."

"I'm sorry," Blaine apologized, allowing his eyes to dart from the Latina and Kurt. "I just zoned out there for a sec."

"Thinking about the Shire?"


"What? Your boy toy's a little short…"

Blaine rolled his eyes, but stayed quiet and instead watched as his boyfriend laid into Santana for poking fun at his height. It was rather amusing to say the least.

As he watched Kurt go into a tirade, someone slipped up behind him, wrapping their arms around his shoulders.

"Blaine Warbler!"


Kurt stopped talking when he heard his boyfriend's confused voice. He turned and smiled brightly when he saw Brittany curling her body up around Blaine's.

"Blaine, you remember Brittany, yeah?"

"Oh yeah, hi Brittany!"

Brittany beamed and unlocked her tight grip from Blaine's shoulders, only to spin him around to face her. She then took his face into her palms and studied him for a moment.

"He's still a dolphin, yeah?"

"A what?"

"Don't question it, Blaine." Kurt whispered, sliding up behind Brittany and nodding. "Yes, Britt, he is a dolphin, just like me."

"Can I make out with him too?"

"Can she what?"

"Blaine, shh. No Brittany, you can't. Sorry."

"But I-"

"Come on, Britt. I needs to get my eats on," Santana interrupted, darting one manicured pinky out to lock with the blonde's. Once their fingers were linked, Santana tugged and Brittany's hands fell from Blaine's face.

"Bye Blaine!" The blonde laughed as she bounced away.

"Umm, bye?"

Kurt stepped into Blaine's vision then, curling his fingers around Blaine's hands. "I hope you weren't too frightened about Brittany. I know you guys haven't been around each other much minus Rachel's party and that Night of Neglect thing, but she really does mean well."

"Uh huh," Blaine muttered, still staring after Brittany and Santana's retreating forms. He wasn't really bothered by the bubbly blonde's antics as he was confused by the look of sheer jealousy that had spread on the Latina girl's face just moments before.

If Blaine didn't know any better, he would've thought Santana was hiding something.

"What brings you here anyways? Shouldn't you be at Kurt's getting your mack on?"


"Seriously, fun-size. I never see you around unless you're with Hummel. What gives?"

"I'm just shopping, that's all. Do I have to be with Kurt all the time?"

Santana gazed back at him, wide-eyed, "Oh my God, all is not right in fairy land! You guys are fighting, aren't you? What happened? Give me the deets."

"We're not fighting."


"Santana, please. I'm not lying. Kurt and I are just fine."

"Then what gives?"

Blaine rolled his eyes and tried to push his shopping cart around the girl, but she just stepped in front of him. Her dark eyes lingered on him for a moment, narrowed in a dangerous glare, before she raised both of her hands and waved them around her high ponytail.

"Razor blades," Blaine whispered when he finally realized what the girl was getting at.

"Yep, all up in here. So if you don't want me to rip you a new one, I suggest you start talking now."

"You can't tell Kurt…"

"Oh my God, Frodo! Are you cheating on him? Cause I will ends you if-"

"No, Santana! No! I'm not cheating on Kurt."

"You lying to me? I don't like it when-"

"I'm transferring to McKinley."

"Wait, what?"

"I'm transferring out of Dalton and by Friday, I'll be a McKinley High Titan."

Blaine watched as Santana dashed down the hall towards the choir room. As soon as her form disappeared from his sight, he turned back to Kurt, catching the taller boy's widened eyes.

"I can't believe you shoved Karofsky like that."

"I can't believe you dealt with him for so long. That guy's an asshole-"


"Well, he is! He had no right barging up in here and trying to ruin our evening. He doesn't have anything to do with the Glee club, so why did he need to be in this building at this very time. Just because he heard we were here didn't mean he had to get his boxers in a bunch and come after us. I mean-"

Two hands curled around his shoulders and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Blaine, shhh. Calm down. You're riling yourself up."

"Kurt, I-"

"I don't think I've ever seen you this angry. You're shaking, Blaine."

"He just… he just pissed me off."

"Did this… did it remind you of your old school?"

Blaine pulled away and immediately curled in on himself, wrapping his arms around his chest as he shot his gaze to the tiled hallway floors. He hadn't told Kurt the entire reason as to why he fled to Dalton, but Kurt knew of the other abuse he endured in the public school system.

"Yes," he whispered softly, his voice barely a hiss over the loud heating ducts in the walls.

"Oh Blaine," Kurt leaned back in, pulling his boyfriend into another warm hug. "You don't need to be scared. I'll always be here for you, we're both at Dalton, and nothing can get us now. Don't you worry." He pressed a kiss to Blaine's curls and then backed away, taking the shorter boy's hand in his own. "Come on, let's go to the auditorium before Karofsky comes back with any of his goons."

"You mean to tell me that you are leaving Gay Hogwarts for Kurt? Are you insane?"

"I'm not leaving for Kurt, Santana. My parents are moving and Dalton is expensive and-"

"You're practically loaded, Anderson. I've seen your car and Kurt's told us about your house time and time again. There's no way that you're leaving just because your parents are moving. Don't you board at that place anyways?"

"I need to do this for me."

Santana narrowed her eyes for a moment before a spark of enlightenment grew on her features. "Oh," she whispered, eyes wide. "I get it now, shortcake."

"Do you?"

"Yeah, I do," the Latina wrapped a small hand around Blaine's bicep and tugged him (and his cart) down an aisle full of candy. "So why am I not allowed to tell Hummel about this? Shouldn't he already know by now?"

"We've discussed me actually transferring, but I've never given him a definite answer. Today though, I finished up my last day at Dalton and my parents just ditched me at our new house for the night so that they could go back home and go to work in the morning."

"Ditched you? Sounds harsh."

"Yeah well, that's what they do. Anyway, my plan was to swing by McKinley and surprise Kurt tomorrow after school or during lunch or something and then tell him about my decision. I just don't want him to know…"

"And that's where I come in?"

"Yeah, so can you please not tell him?"

"What's in it for me, short stack?" The infamous Lopez smirk grew on her lips as she lowered her head and batted her lashes at Blaine. He rolled his eyes in response.

"I don't know, Santana. Blackmail away!"

"You know, I could use some supplies for my Cheerios' sleepover tonight. You feel like buyin'?" She gestured to the aisle of candy and snack food before her. "There's gonna be a lot of girls in the Lopez casa and that's why I'm here: to buy food."

"You're having a sleepover on a school night?"

"Oh God, Frodo, do you not know how to have any fun?"

"I do!" Blaine interjected, clenching his jaw. "I just… when I was in public school, I never did things like that. We had game nights or study sessions at Dalton, but nothing like-"

"Like a sleepover?"


"That's a shame. I can only imagine the magic that would be sleepovers at Gay Hogwarts!"

"Can you stop calling it that?"

"Hell no, it will forever be Hogwarts to me, Dobby." She continued on before Blaine lift his jaw from the floor and respond, "So, I'm gonna needs this and this and this-" She threw random items into Blaine's cart before stopping suddenly.

"Anderson, are you going to try-out for New Directions?"

"I don't know."

Santana clicked her tongue against the top of her mouth and cocked a hip to the side, something that Blaine had seen Kurt do many times. "You'd better be joking with me! You're going to audition and if you don't, I'll personally break into your house and rearrange your face."

Blaine blanched, "Just because I won't join glee club?"

"You were the lead singer of the Androids-"

"The Warblers-"

"Whatever. You were their star. We could use your voice in glee. Plus, Hummel would ends you if you didn't join. You really don't have a choice in the matter, Bilbo."

"Can we stop commenting on my height?"

Santana smirked once more and patted Blaine's cheek as she wound around him to grab a jumbo sized bag of Twizzlers from the shelf. "It's too much fun for me, princess."

"Why am I talking to you again?"

"Because you like me."

"I'm doubting that's the reason."

"We have a lot in common, Anderson."

"I've gotta gay- GO! I've gotta go!"

Blaine blinked up at the retreating Latina, face lit up in a smile. He wasn't sure if the girl got tongue tied because he and Kurt were sitting there or what, but the way she bounced back had him grinning from ear to ear.

Oh my God…

Blaine knew what the 'in common' aspect of their friendship - or whatever you'd like to call it - was.

Santana's gay.

From across the aisle, he caught the cheerleader's eye as she headed back over to the shopping cart with a handful of food. They stared at one another for a moment, silent in understanding. Blaine wasn't sure if Santana fully understood that he knew that she was a lesbian, nor did he know if she knew that he knew of her feelings towards Brittany, but with that look the two of them were sharing in the aisle, he knew that the two of them understood each other more than they'd ever let on.

Smiling, Blaine took some of the items from Santana's hands and dropped them in the cart. "So you really think I should try out for New Directions?"

"You bet your sweet ass I do."

"I just don't know what to sing or what to wear or anything. I want to do something showy, something that will show off my range."

"Got any song ideas in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking of doing that song by Tom Jones… the one that they use on Fresh Prince a lot?"

"You watch that show?"

"It reruns a lot. Of course I do."

"Hmm," Santana pressed a finger to her lips and stood in thought for a moment, before she turned towards the short boy and smiled brightly, "I think I have an idea. Come with me, Frodo. Let's chat."

"Wear something red and black tomorrow, okay? I'll get the Cheerios on board and we'll help you with your audition. We can do it in the courtyard tomorrow afternoon, alright?"

"And you're sure that no one will care? I don't really want to call attention to myself."

"Oh please, Anderson! How many times have you performed at McKinley? A million! No one is going to care, plus you're gonna have a handful of sexy ass girls in cheerleading uniforms shaking their nanas as eye candy. You'll be just fine."

"I hope you're right about this."

It had been a few hours since Blaine had left the store.

What had been a trip to get some essential food items turned into a hundred-plus dollar shopping excursion thanks to a certain Santana Lopez and her Cheerios sleepover. However, no matter how much of his parents' money that he spent on Santana, Blaine knew that it was all going to be worth it after tomorrow.

Tomorrow, he was going to surprise Kurt at McKinley.

Tomorrow, he was going to announce his transfer and audition for glee club with the help of the Cheerios.

Tomorrow, he was jumping into the shark tank head first without a care in the world because tomorrow, he was going to start the year off with the person he loved more than anything in this world.

And yeah, while that seemed like a stupid thing to do - transfer out of a safe environment and top academic academy just to be with your boyfriend - Blaine knew that he was going this not only for Kurt, but for someone else as well…


Setting out a pair of red pants (that his beloved picked out, no less), a black shirt, and a few other matching accessories, Blaine stood in the doorway of his room and stared down at the clothes laid out on the floor.

It was nothing like the Dalton uniform, but it would have to do.

Smiling, the boy pulled out his phone and typed out a text to his boyfriend.

I miss you & I'm glad I'll be able to see you tomorrow. I love you. -B

It only took a few minutes, but his phone buzzed not long after he sent his message.

I love you too, Blaine. Can't wait to see your face. :] -K

Oh, you will be seeing my face… more than you know, Blaine thought with a smile as he plugged in his phone and settled into his sleeping bag.

Tomorrow, he was on his way to a completely different start.

Tomorrow, he was going to start a new chapter in his life with the person he loved the most.

But more importantly, tomorrow, Blaine Anderson was going to stop running, stop hiding, and do the one thing that he been too scared to do a few years ago.

He was going back to public school. Back to possible taunts, possible bullying, possible kicks and punches, and probably back to the things that sent him fleeing in the first place.

But that didn't matter much to him now. He was going to be braving the worst with Kurt,someone who he admired more than anything, someone who he had once been a mentor to that now mentored him, and because of Kurt, Blaine knew he could do this. He could survive this because it was something he wanted

Something he needed

And for once in his life, Blaine Anderson was going to do something for himself.

A/N: Ugh! So there you go, peoples! That's the end of this fic. I hate to see it end, but it's got to because the new episode is on later and I don't want to write anymore on this after that. I'm sorry for the ending though; it's lame, I know. I sat here forever trying to think of a way to end this and nothing came to me. But, I do hope that you enjoyed the fic and thank you to all of you who favorited, alerted, or reviewed this story. I love you all! :]