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I never thought in my lifetime my wait for a mate would arrive in the form of Isabella Swan. When I read Edward's memories I had known then she was not his real mate. Something snapped in me knowing this and gave his wish for death this time. Isabella had broken up with the boy soon after leaving here the first time. Truly she was a wonder and a great possibility to lead with us. They had gotten married right after graduation and kept the bargain to change her. When she awoke as a vampire she had denied the fact he was not her mate. The Cullen's been upset with this but still loved her. Edward could not be around any longer and came here to end his misery. Telling us how he failed and never knew that once she was changed she would not recognize him as mate.

I knew deep down Isabella will be coming here to Volterra. Alice had written to us saying she should be arriving three days after his demise. I had put my guards on high alert around the city to bring her in to me. After I lost my companion Sulpicia nearly 600 years ago I have been alone. When I first met Isabella and looked into her I eyes I knew then what she was. In her human form she would not recognize her true mate. Marcus did the right thing by calling Carlisle about Edward passing. They were upset but understood why he chose to die. He rather not lives in a world where Bella did not exist.

Today I was just hoping she would make her appearance. It has been three days since his passing. All guards were out lurking waiting for her. That is when I smelled freesias and strawberries. They have found her. Felix and Demetri had brought her in the throne room.

"Dear Isabella what do I owe the pleasure of you being here?"

"Aro well I would like to join you. I rather am here then listen to the family suffer over the loss of Edward. Damn fool would not listen to any of us. He was too stuck in ways to give up a search for true happiness. I could not provide it." She was right on all accounts.

"You will be allowed to join. First can you sense your mate?" She smiled at me and I believe our bodies were moving.

"I do the person is here in this room. Maybe just maybe it is some handsome man with black here and the most amazing red eyes. He likes me too and can sense that." Before I could blink I crouched and sprang at her.

"My mate for now and eternity." I bit into her neck to mark her. I didn't realize she did the same to me also. We both withdrew out teeth and sealed the bite mark up.

"Yes for eternity my lovely mate." I kissed with everything I could.

Bella POV

When I awoke from my change nearly a year I never would have thought waking up knowing Edward was not my mate. As a human I did love him with everything I had. The day of my awakening I had gone feral and took my wedding ring off. I had crushed that ring into dust and handed it to Edward.

"You are not mine. I do not love you like you want me too." He collapsed onto the ground and started sobbing. I took that as my cue and jumped from the window. I had taken off on a run to get far away as possible. My family would come looking for me since I am a newborn. I sat myself done on a boulder and thought about what I have done to Edward.

"Bella, are you alright?" Carlisle had found me thankfully.

"I am but I feel bad about breaking his heart. We are not mates Carlisle. I was his singer yes but when I opened my eyes after the change and got my bearings I knew. I believe my powers are sensing soul mates. I can tell you and Esme are along with Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper of course are. Edward has a mate he has been denying for years. She must live close because the mate line does not connect to me." I was confused as hell this was my power as a vampire.

"Bella I believe you have a gift like Marcus in which you can tell the bonds between people. What exactly do you see in the bonds between people?"

"The color is bright red lines encircling each couple multiple times. My line to Edward was that of friend I am guessing. The color was green. Like my line to you is pink because I love you like a father and Esme like a mother. Those are familial lines I am guessing because everyone else has them too. This is so confusing yes I loved Edward Carlisle with everything I have. I just can't be with him when his real mate is out there." I started to sob and he took me into an embrace.

"We as a family will figure it out. Edward has taken off and left the divorce papers. I know he feels rejected but maybe in time he will accept you as a friend. You are part of this family and we all love you."

"Thank you and I love you all too. Let's get you fed your throat must be killing you."

"Yes it is now that you said something. Can you ask Eleazar to come so we can figure out my power?"

"Of course, after we hunt." We took deeper into the forest. My first kill was a deer and still needed more. I found a scent and followed. Ah a bear he smelled really good. I crouched and attacked him quickly. Screw playing with them this was heaven the taste. I was finally full after this bear and we headed back home. I knew I had a mate but not in this part of the world.

Over the next year the family had helped me control my bloodlust. We also grew closer over this time. I knew they were suffering about Edward leaving the family but understood why. He would call once a month on reports of his life. I had taken a call one day and tried to reason with him that I wanted to remain friends with him. I apologized for just dumping him the way I did. He said he understood but he rather is lonely. Eleazar told me I held a physical and mental shield as well as my ability to see bonds.

Alice had come to me one day saying Edward was going to Volterra to end his life. It did have me torn up but she said this time they won't be lenient. We had come together to grieve there was nothing we could do. She then handed me a vanilla envelope saying it was time. "Open it in private there is a letter that explains things." Alice took off hunting with Jasper. I took off into my room to open the envelope.


It is time for you to get your mate. There is cash and a new credit card in here with a new name. Jasper and I thought it would be best for you to use Whitlock. You have become are best friend and sister. The plane ticket is to Italy and you need to travel at night since it will be sunny. Your real mate is in Volterra. I cannot tell you who, your power will tell you that. Do not forget to send us an invite to the wedding. The family will grieve some more but Edward was a twit for giving up when he could of found happiness. I will tell you this, his mate was Tanya I saw flashes of them soon after you told him he wasn't yours. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.


Alice and Jasper

P.S. I am not telling Tanya and please do not say a thing. Tanya will find another mate in a few years.

Well guess I was off to Italy now. According to the ticket my flight was in 3 hours. I needed to pack and headed to my closest to find suitcases already there. A little note was posted on one of them. "You're welcome and take Jasper's car we will meet you there." I grabbed the suitcases and headed to the garage and loaded them into the car. I made it to Seattle Airport in no time at all. Alice and Jasper were already there.

"Bella really take care of you for us. I will miss you sister." She hugged me goodbye.

"Bella you were my confident in everything. You changed my views on many things and showed me how to be myself. I will always consider you a sister and take care of what needs to be done. I am going to miss you." Jasper hugged me and kissed my forehead goodbye.

"I will and will call when I land." I patted my pockets. "Shit I forgot my phone." Alice tossed me new one.

"It is new and has our numbers stored. I swear sometimes I wonder if you held on to some human traits." We all laughed and I headed to go check in.

"Thank you I will miss you all of you."

Once on the plane in first class of course I relaxed into a reading a few books I have brought. The flight was boring and glad I was not stuck in coach. Upon arrival I had received a text stating to pick up a rental car in my name.

The drive to Volterra was quick and had to park the car on the outside of the walls. I gathered my suitcases and made my way into square where I once saved Edward. I knew he was gone and it saddened me but he was finally at peace.

"You need to come with us Isabella." I am guessing they knew I was coming.

"Demetri, Felix nice to see you again." I flashed a grin at them.

"Master Aro wants to see you in the throne room." We headed into the castle through a secret entrance on the side.

Once inside we made our way into the throne room. Aro was there already by himself. Holy shit he is my mate. The bond was shining brightly and I grinned at him. We made small talk and the next thing I knew he was marking me and I was doing the same to him.

"Yes for eternity my mate." I responded to him.

I had not notice Marcus and Caius had come into the room until I heard Marcus speak.

"A newly mated couple, congratulations you two. The bond is very strong between the two of you."

"I know Marcus. I sensed our bond lines when I entered the room. It is one of my powers, it also how I knew I wasn't Edward's mate."

It was Caius turn to speak now. "What do you mean by powers?"

"You see I am a shield of course since when first Aro could not see my mind or mental attacks could not harm me. The shield is two parts both mental and physical. Then of course I sense bonds. My bond to you Caius is that of family. Marcus is family too. Caius it is that of a fatherly bond as your wife is my motherly bond. Marcus and Didyme are my Aunt and Uncle."

"Is this true Marcus?" Caius questioned.

"Yes Caius it is."

"Please understand when I first met you I saw your protectiveness deep inside you. I see it now and honestly Caius there has to be more than the bond that is drawing. Maybe a past love or maybe we are related somehow."

"I did have brothers and sisters. They did have children I wonder if that is why in a way you smell like me." I sniffed the air it was true we had a similar scent of freesias, vanilla, and I want to say rain. "I wonder if it is possible my wife I left was pregnant with a child. Aro and Marcus found me injured in the forest and changed me."

"Alright enough of this I am taking Isabella to my chambers. We will discuss this tomorrow brothers. Caius she is of your kin I smell it between the both of you. Accept it." Caius bowed his head.

We went off to I am guessing his chambers now. That night we talked about everything and learned a lot about each other. I was finally at peace with him by my side.

"Isabella, one question will you stay on the animal diet?" I thought for a minute.

"No I want to feed from humans. I did enjoy the blood more than the animals. I slipped a few times and felt less hunger when I did. I kind of like the red eyes on me. Jasper even slipped with me one time we had gone to the bookstore to pick up some books. There were two guys trying to rape this girl. We told the girl to run and we took out the two rapists. Hell the family was pissed at us for about an hour until Alice explained to them we stopped her murder too."

"Wow well things happen and our natural source fills us longer. We can go anywhere from 3 days to a week in between feedings depending on our age. I love you no matter what diet you chose."

"I love you too Aro."

This was so sudden and in all ways he completed me in ways I could not understand. I wanted to give him everything including my virginity Edward never took on our honeymoon.

"Aro I want to tell you something. I am still a virgin. He never took it from me even on our honeymoon. I want you to have it when the time is right. Right now I am not completely ready we just found each other."

"Yes I will wait until you are. I am glad you told me that. The one thing is you are a vampire and every time we have sex it will hurt unless I seal off your hymen with venom. Before you ask I learned this from Marcus."

"I understand we have time. Show me around the castle and introduce me you silly man." We left our chambers and headed through the castle. He introduced me to some of the guards who were patrolling.

I could see myself staying here. The Cullen's perspective on them was way off. They were family and you could see that through their bonds. Many of the guards looked to Aro as a father figure or even brother. I learned Chelsea could make bonds or break bonds. Aro assured me that all the guards are here on their free will. He told the truth and Chelsea is there to deal with nomads or the rare rogue vampires. I explained to him the bonds I saw and he was shocked they looked at him in that way.

This is just the start of my new life in Volterra and could not wait for the rest of it.

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