Isabella was now officially part of Volterra and our lives have changed for the better. Today I planned on making her my wife and queen. Didyme teased me relentlessly for being a love struck fool. I think I did fall in love with her the first time she came here to safe Edward. My first plan was to ask her hand in marriage in front of everyone, until I got a letter from Alice to make it in private. She warned me also that her real father will be attending the wedding. Shit what the hell. There is just something about knowing that her biological father is a Grim Reaper one of many that wonder the earth. The Cullen's did not even know that he was. The day he showed up here was a mystery and he knew exactly what we were. Isabella was shocked until he sat down with us to explain things.

"Please do not interrupt what I am saying it will answer things. The first is yes I known of vampires for centuries. I walked the earth before the time of the vampires. Vampires were created by my sisters who were bored one day who decided to use their venom. The first two vampires went on to create hundreds over a period of ten years. Aro and Marcus carry original venom. Caius you are of my flesh and blood meaning you are my son. What you feel in your familial bond with Caius, Isabella is that of a brother not a father figure. Marcus would be your father figure. Basically what I am saying is I got a human pregnant twice in my lifetime. This is why your scents are similar your half siblings. The path of you two becoming vampires was set in stone once you were born. My sisters made sure my family would be cursed or lead on the path to become a vampire. I might be the Grim Reaper but I have no say in vampire deaths. There is one thing you must know if my sisters die which they won't the vampire curse will be lifted. This means you all will turn human again and live your life as one. There are two exceptions Caius and Isabella will remain vampires. Isabella you do realize why I did not like Edward now you were never meant to be his but Aro's. This is why also he never found his mate in centuries you were never born. Also you two do have another half-brother by the name of Jasper Whitlock. He was not attacking you Bells but protecting his sister. Once your blood spilt he knew. I set his path on becoming a vampire since my sisters would have found out about him. Lastly please understand that at this moment my sisters are locked in cages where they can never be free. There are a few Grim Reapers around the world but we mostly stay to ourselves. Go call your brother Isabella I know you want too. I will be back in two months, since I need to go collect on some lost souls patrolling around Volterra and elsewhere."

That day was a shock to all of us. Not only did Caius have a sister but a brother also. We never officially met Jasper but heard stories of his times in the Southern Vampire Wars.

Bella POV

When my father told us that story I made my way into the gardens to call Jasper he had to know. I found his number quickly and pressed send. It did not take long for him to answer.

"Bella what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Hey there. Well you ready for a shock or do you know."

"No what are you talking about?"

"We are brother in sister real flesh and blood way. Meaning my father is also your father. He told me you sort of knew I was your sister when I got that paper cut. Our father is the Grim Reaper for fuck's sake."

"You aren't joking are you? What the fuck? Chief Swan?" Well I am guessing he made an appearance there. I heard my dad talking to him about everything. Then it was silent again.

"Jasper, are you okay?"

"I am your shitting me we are related he came to me. He was always in my life as my uncle growing up. When he was here I just couldn't figure out why he looked so much like my uncle. That would mean my mama had an affair with him. No wonder I never thought about how my papa never really bonded with me like my other siblings. I was the bastard child."

"You are not a bastard child Jasper far from it. He had to do what he did to protect us. Did he tell us Caius is our half-brother also?"

"Nope and Alice is sort of going nuts here we will be seeing you sooner than we thought."

"Love ya bells now I can officially still pick on you lil' sis'." I laughed at him and really thought about things no wonder we got along so well.

"Love ya too big bro see you soon I am guessing. Tell the rest of the family hi for me."

"Will do. Alice says hi and loves ya." He hung up the phone and I sat there in my thoughts.

If things seemed weird before now they are really out there. My father is a Grim Reaper and my brothers are very much alive in vampire form. The joy of having no fears of the unknown and could care less. Aro had joined me in the garden. He took my hand into his and kissed it.

"Well did you make that call?"

"I did and what I am guessing my father teleported there to tell Jasper."

"Let's think of something different. We could redo our chambers into something less stuck in medieval times." I giggled at him and honestly it needed to be modernized more than just the damn bathroom I insisted on the first week I was here.

"Yes it really does need to be redone. We need to add light colors in there not the dreary dark tones of gray and black. Let's go shopping we can take Demetri and Jane with us. Plus have Felix install wood floors in a light bamboo color."


Keeping Bella's mind off things for a while by redoing our chambers worked. It also helped that the Cullen's are arriving tonight. Alice had gotten the ring I requested so I can propose. I had some of the guards redo some of the rooms in the west tower to modernize them. I had also given them permission to redo the guard quarters in the south tower. While she was redoing our room, which was coming along wonderfully, I had the throne room repainted lighter colors and added large floor to ceiling windows. The one room we will not touch is the feeding room. I am proposing to her tonight with friends and family. I had spoken to Alice and now she tells me to propose when they arrive.

I had gone into our quarters to grab Isabella and see what the room looks like finally. We had moved our quarters to a guest room until work was completed. I knocked knowing she could her me. She cracked the door wide enough to fit through. Handing me a blindfold she told me "Put this on I want it a surprise." I slipped it on and grabbed her hand following her back into the room. Suddenly she stopped and pulled off the blindfold. I was amazed by the room she included both of our tastes. "Do you like it?"

"No I love it. It is amazing looking." There was now a double French door that lead out to the balcony. She had added two large windows to either side of the doors. The wall color was a rich cream color on three walls and the fourth wall was painted a rich red. The bed was a four poster bed with red and black bedding. She had redone the closest to where it also had French doors painted the same rich red as the wall the bed was on. I noticed the curtains were also black with red swirls in them. The floor of the light color of bamboo opened the room up a lot. She has found a large area rug with red and black swirl pattern like the curtains. Two new armchairs in a cream color were centered on the area rug with an end table sitting in between. We no longer had dressers since the closet now had built in dressers on either side.

"This is amazing Isabella. I never thought this room could like this. It was about time it was updated. I do have a surprise for you here after you go change for the arrival of some guests." I kissed her on lips and wanted more with her. I agreed to wait until she felt ready. "Also I have another surprise to show you on why you could not enter the throne room." She shook me out of the embrace I had her in and ran into the closest to change. When she emerged she had on a knee length emerald green dress that was like a second skin on her. She also had grabbed her cloak and mine also.

"Aro seriously we need to get up to date on the times. Cloaks need to be replaced with jackets or sweaters. Talk to the others and see how they feel." She pecked my cheek and headed to the door with her cloak billowing behind her. She left out a giggle. "I sort of feel like Severus Snape."

"Who is that?"

"A character in children books called Harry Potter. They even made films about the books. Severus Snape was a wizard who taught potions in Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry." I must have had a strange look on my face because she started to giggle. "I will get the guards to buy the books and movies. Maybe then you will understand."

We headed to the throne room and the Cullen's were already there. I took her hand into mine and intertwined our fingers. I pushed the doors open and saw them looking in amusement at the room change. "Holy shit Aro when did you do this?"

"The past two days while you were doing our chambers. Do you like?"

"I love it." She threw herself into me.

"Go Bellsy." I am guessing that was Emmett.

"Emmett, knock it off." Carlisle spoke. "Aro it is good to see you again. Bella you seem happy." She went over to give him a hug. She ended up being passed around to everyone.

"It nice to see you too, Carlisle. As you can see we did some changes here."

"Yes it is a good change."

"So Bella you are actually Jasper's sister. I can see the resemblance now." He spoke to her and surprised he did not notice her red eyes. Thanks to her father we got the worse of people here to feed from. It saved him time in collecting them himself.

"That I am. As Caius is also our brother. It is weird from going to being an only child to having siblings."

"I see you changed your diet." Now he notices it.

"Yes and do not worry my father has been sending those who do wrong or their number is up it helps us and him. When he lives here he will pass the gift of knowing to Heidi."

"I guess that is better than innocents. Why did you change anyways?" Here we go keep it calm Isabella.

"I had too and Jasper will have to soon too. There is price of being the Grim Reaper's children. Animal blood will keep us nourished but human blood makes sure we are completely satisfied. We carry his genes still. My father survives on the bones of the dead and when we take their blood it replaces that."

"Carlisle I know you rather us feed on animal blood. I myself have been fighting my instincts to take human blood for many years. When I slipped last year along with Bella I felt full for the first time in years. I did not have to hunt for nearly a week. Bella, is that normal to feed once a week?" Carlisle had shaken his head in agreement with what he was saying.

"Yes I only feed once a week. Caius is the same way. Carlisle you understand now. Though we are vampires now if things happen to our father we will fill his shoes the three of us. Our aunts are the ones that created the vampire race. Aro and Marcus were the ones of hundred if not thousands sired by them. Female Grim Reapers carry fangs and venom. They are the true legend of the succubus. They did not kill the males they changed them. One of our uncles was an incubus. He does not know what happened to him."

"I understand everything now on why you accepted us so easily. Your life was already a foot in the door with the supernatural and mythical beings. I will not judge you or anyone else. I still consider you a daughter." Isabella gave a hug to Carlisle and came back to my side.

"One last thing before you all settles in your rooms." I dropped to one knee and took her Isabella's left hand into mine. "Isabella love. I fall in love with you more every day. When you first came here to the castle something inside me sparked alive. Then you return nearly a year later and we are mates. Will you do the honor of being my mate, queen, and wife for eternity and marry me?"

"Yes a trillion times over yes." I slipped the ring onto her finger and she flung herself at me and landed into leap on the floor. "Let's get married in two weeks."

"Can we pull it off?"

"Yes we can if we start tomorrow. Alice is it possible?"

"Yes of course we just need to get dresses and tuxes. You know the drill. I am happy for you." Alice came over to hug her. "Not only are you my sister in law now I am going a brother in law too." She hugged me also and giggled her way back to Jasper.

"Until tomorrow everyone we need to head out for some book shopping." We left and headed out into the city. It was a clear night thankfully. The stars were out brightly.

Charlie POV

My baby girl is getting married. Aro is a wonderful man. I know the perfect present for them. I jumped down from my perch and approached them.

"Bells, Aro how is tonight going for you?"

"Wonderfully daddy what are you doing here?"

"If you two could have anything in the world what would it be?"

"A child of my own." Aro spoke up. Isabella was in shock.

"Well it can happen or make it happen. Isabella, would you want a child with Aro?"

"Of course I would why wouldn't I."

"After the wedding we will talk more about it. I know also there are a couple of family members who might want one too. I need to go someone just messed up." I disappeared leaving them there in shock.

Bella POV

I really did want a child with Aro. If things go right with what daddy was saying I would be pregnant soon.

"What has you thinking so hard?"

"Of having a child with you. I really want one now that he asked that. Are you positive?"

"Yes of course I am. There is just something I never thought of until you came along." I kissed him quickly and we went on with strolling through the city for the night. The bookstore was long forgotten.