Eureka is still not mine, not the town, not the universe not the characters but I can dream.

January 2017 a hotel room in Vegas

"Jack when I said I wanted to elope I did not mean that I wanted the ceremony performed by Elvis, either old or young." Allison tried to be stern but couldn't keep the laughter out of her voice.

"Ooh what about a Star Trek theme. Holly taught me a couple phrases in Klingon." Jack was flipping through the phone book. The two of them had left Jenna with Jo and Zane telling them they were going out of town for the weekend. No one knew they were planning on coming back as Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

She furrowed her brow, "Do I want to know why Holly was teaching you Klingon?"

"It's kind of a long story; I was doing a routine traffic stop…"

Allison put her hand over his mouth to stop him. "I really don't need to know and no Star Trek or Star Wars themes either."

"Do you want to go home and plan big wedding, white dress for you, a tux for me? It's not too late. I'll do whatever you want Allie...I just want to be married to you" His tone turned serious.

"How do you always know the right thing to say?" She smiled and kissed him.

"Because I am the perfect man." He winked.

"You are pretty close. But I don't want another big wedding I just want to be married to you and to have a life together. So pick a place any of them and let's get married right now."

"This one comes with a free buffet and a free pull on a slot machine." Jack said pointing at an ad "And it's right down the street."

"I'm in, let's go."

Three hours, one marriage license, 2 buffets and a slot pull later Allison Blake was finally Allison Carter.

Now I am going to mark this story complete. But please do not be saddened I am already planning the squeal "Longing makes the mind go crazy." I will attempt to answer such burning questions like, why did Astreaus end up in a alternate time stream? Were the dreams between Jo and Zane real? And why on Earth does my computer autocorrect Klingon to Clinton?

Ok so maybe not the last one.