Need For Speed; Escapade

NOTE: The "Need for Speed" games are designed for guys. The default drivers are men. The in-game police video shows a man being arrested and the "significant other" of the player is always played by beautiful young actress (such as Emmanuelle Vaugier). So, I played the games under the man's nickname of Ponyboy. (I like the book and movie "The Outsiders")

I named Ponyboy's real name Shawn Walker in this story.

Shawn's cousin is me (Jennifer), nicknamed "Lantana." I like the alternate spelling of Jennyfer, so I use that on my nicknames for websites like this and YouTube and sim games. But my real name is Jennifer.

I gave Cross a first name (he needed that). I named him Geoffrey Cross.

I gave the female cop with Cross from Most Wanted a name: Lisa Davidson.

I also brought back a few prior characters, some with new last names (as the game did not give many of then last names).

Darius is Darius Parker.

Nikki is Nikki Larkin.

Neville is Neville Nielson.

Samson is Samson Perez.

Colin is Colin Baxter.

Angie is Angie (Angela) Lopez.

Wolf is Wolf McCoy.

Kenji is Kenji Wu.

Yumi is Yumi Kamata.


Personally, I would love to see one where I can select a female driver and have the "significant other" played by a handsome actor (such as James Hiroyuki Liao).

By the way, Emmanuelle is indeed one of my favorite actresses. She is great and I loved her in "CSI:NY" (why did they kill her off?) and have seen many of her other works. I liked many of the other actors in this, too, and would like to see them get more work in TV and movies. Shaw Madson (Wolf) was in the TV miniseries, "Alice" on SyFy. Danielle Kremeniuk (Angie) guest starred on "Stargate SG-1" once and "The L Word" (which I did not see) several times. Chris Gauthier (Neville) was in the shows "Eureka" and "Smallville" several times.