(Carbon Characters)

These are the exact biographies from the Prima Official Strategy Guide to Need for Speed Carbon. I decided to type them out for those of you that don't have the book or just don't want it.

Your Crew

1. Neville- The Big Nev's wide girth discourages him from getting out of his vehicle, and once he's safely tucked inside, it takes a swarm of cops to pry him out. Because this has been known to happen from time to time, he has a particular fondness for running cops off the road. With his predisposition toward small tuned-out cars, this man's size becomes all the more apparent. He's affable, a form of comic relief, playful, and mischievous; someone who may not be the bravest of all racers, but who is doggedly determined to help you all the way!

2. Sal- Growing up in the guttersnipes of the inner city gave Sal an appreciation for the deftest routes to escape angry shop owners. He finds just as much joy winning races as knowing that nobody else knows how he got there. He's an avid race fan who has never been very popular, spending his time off the track following the careers of all the other racers. Before you left Palmont, Sal was a big fan and was in the crowd that fateful night when you left town. When he learns of your return, he seeks you out and offers his services. He is a serious racer who acts a little like a weasel, but proves to be a loyal teammate.

3. Samson- Seven-foot tall Samson discovered early that the best way to win an argument was by picking up your opponent and shaking some sense into them. He takes this philosophy to the streets, where he knows that the best way to beat someone to the finish line is making sure they don't get there. Samson is intelligent, very educated, and has an expansive vocabulary.

4. Yumi- Yumi is ingenious. She's a mysterious racer who specializes in pathfinding. Her shy demeanor (she dresses like a Harajuku Girl) masks a curious and fiercely inquisitive demeanor. She's hyper-aware of her surroundings and hovers close to the action. She has a sharp tongue and uses her wits to surprise those who doubt her. She is a coy seductress who can lash out in the blink of an eye like a scorpion. Nobody can guess her age (she appears 20 but she is 30) and her years of experience are hidden as well. She gained her love of body sculpting in her hometown on the small island of Daito Shoto. She had relative freedom working in her father's studio (he was a hermetic who worked with metal); but when she moved to Tokyo, she was amazed to discover how oppressive the perception of women was and determined to prove the world wrong. People nicknamed her "Oracle" for her strange ability to predict the path of least resistance, a talent that has served her well in her racing.

5. Colin- Colin is a blue-blooded young gun who tore up the racing circuit in the south of England. After tiring of the competition, he heard through the underground of the level of play in Palmont and caught the first flight over. His perfect manners and refined taste do not extend to the racing course, where he is cutthroat and there is nothing noble about finishing last.

6. Nikki- Nikki was 19 at the time of your disappearance and 24 when you return, but she changed greatly during your absence. You were her first big crush and when you left, so did her innocence. Although she subsequently got together with Darius, she is not entirely sure she made the right decision. However, Darius delivered on his promise to let her race full-time: the only place she feels truly free and in control of her destiny. She is an only child; raised by her mother, who is a construction foreman. Although they used to be very close, they have grown distant since she got together with Darius. She has a "father complex"; her father left when she was a child and that anger still resides a bit close to the surface. She started hanging around street racers as a young teenager and her first car was a 1969 Camaro. She took it apart and re-assembled her first engine when she was only age 10. Her first job was at a local garage frequented by street racers. One of these racers was you, whom she had a major crush on well before they started dating. You broke her heart when you skipped town at the beginning of their romance; her affection was reciprocated, but you had deemed her a bit too young. She has the making of a top racer, but where she really shines is tuning cars for maximum speed.


1. Angie- Angie rushes in where angels fear to tread. She is reckless, uninhibited, and always up for a challenge; regardless of the risks. If she weren't so talented, she would have been killed a long ago in one of the extreme sports she readily embraces. But of all the adrenaline rushes, racing brings her closest to transcendence. She knows she won't live forever and her only wish is to take her last breath pushing every fiber of her being to the limit. Angie is Hispanic, 25, and grew up surfing on the beach; this area is her home. She is a racer with a minor skill for drawing Heat, operating on pure instinct. She is very confident and does not fear the police or anyone who challenges her. She is a player and changes boyfriends when the wind changes direction. But she is a leader and generous to a fault… if she can be bothered to remember your name.

2. Kenji- Tired of people ignoring him as a child, Kenji developed a grandiose sense of self to convince people that he was a force to be reckoned with. His bravado has increased with age, to a point that he doesn't hesitate to puff out his chest and deepen his voice to make a point. He loves threatening his opponents with exaggerated metaphors about their destruction and brags about dubious accomplishments.

3. Wolf- Wolf was born into money. In fact, he has so much of it that it means very little. Few other racers prefer Exotic cars and drive them so aggressively. He doesn't get too attached to them, though, because his own image preoccupies his attention. He dresses in the finest fashions and never strays too far from a mirror to enjoy his reflection. He developed his tastes while getting kicked out of the finest universities in Europe. He carries his pride in a wallet. He is a snob, dangling expensive watches and well-heeled women before anyone who is impressed. He loves to race, as it is the perfect venue for him to prove to the world that no rules apply to him. He uses his money, influence, and sheer bravado to run over anyone in his way. He was born in Germany, but will be the first to tell you that the world is his oyster.

4. Darius- Darius is a very controlled driver. He is confident and exercises his influence before the race even starts. He is magnetic and motivates his crew with promises of wealth and fame. His orders are carried out with surgical precision. But he has no compassion. He is a man born without empathy, interested only in furthering his own agenda and using anyone to help him do that. The concept of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" has blurred the lines of loyalty to anyone but himself. His one weakness is that he delights in the misfortune of others. Nothing makes him laugh harder than seeing another fail. As he has grown in power, he has made less effort to conceal that disturbing character trait. (Note: If you play the PS3 version of "Carbon" you will see that "evil" laugh if you hit anything as you race him)

Others- These are biographies of minor characters and my made-up characters. The bios of the game characters is what I believe he/she is and how he/she may have grown up.

1. Cross- Geoffrey Cross was the third son in a large family full of law enforcement officials. He had four siblings, three sisters and one brother. His father was a detective, his mother was a patrol officer, and all of his siblings became involved with law enforcement. His older sister is a district attorney in Florida and his brother, who is the fourth child, is now a decorated FBI agent. His youngest sister was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty and buried with full honors. While a sergeant in Rockport, Cross took intense training and became an extremely skilled driver. People often told him he could race professionally or do stunt driving for the movies. He learned to work on cars from a family friend who attended the same church as his family. Now, Cross brags that he could take an engine apart and re-assemble it blindfolded and one hand tied behind his back. Cross has dated, but most women pulled back when they learned of his career, fearing that he could be killed every time he left home for work. Becoming a bounty hunter did not please his father at first, but he later accepted it once he saw that his son was still on the right side of the law. Cross is determined, tenacious, stubborn; yet he is also kind, caring, and compassionate. He wants a family. He wants a wife to come home to and children to brag about. He has never held a grudge on any of the street racers he took down, he was only following the law. He grew up in Galveston, Texas, and still visits often. (From Most Wanted to Carbon, Cross quit the police job to become a bounty hunter to track down the Hero. I do not like the "he got fired" story that some people say happened. Every law-enforcement official has that one that escaped in his/her career. If they got fired for that, we would have no law-enforcement left at all.)

2. Lisa Davidson- Lisa was an only child who longed to be a police officer since she was a young girl. She played cops-and-robbers with her friends, watched cop shows on TV, and loved the "Lethal Weapon" series of movies. Her father died when she was eleven and her mother died two years later. Lisa was raised by her aunt (sister's mother), who never had children of her own. Lisa was an excellent student and made the honor roll many times from first grade to graduation. After she graduated, she went right to the police academy. Since then, she has become a highly decorated officer and detective. She worked her was up the ladder and it was difficult because of the fact that she was a woman. Lisa has never married and never had children. She has no nieces or nephews and very little family. (Lisa Davidson is the name that I gave the female detective who works with Cross in NFS- Most Wanted)

3. Shawn Walker- Shawn, who was raised in the same neighborhood his cousin, did not have a good childhood. Though he was never abused an any physical manner, he still didn't get what he needed from his parents. Shawn was ignored them most of the time. His parents went to parties nightly and provided their son with secondhand or cheap items from bargain stores, garage sales, flea markets, and secondhand stores while all the expensive items only for themselves. Shawn was never allowed to watch the large television in the living room, only his own televisions in their bedrooms, which was old and small. He only played video games when he visited friends because his parents refused to buy him any of those pricey systems. His bicycles and other outdoor toys were secondhand, just like all his beds and other belongings. People would look at him and think his family was living on welfare, which they never did. Shawn moved out after he graduated high school. He still kept in close touch with Jennifer, who was also his best friend. They both loved cars, trains, and the ocean. Shawn worked in garages that often had street racers coming and going. Their stories intrigued him and he started racing around town against Darius, Angie, Kenji, and Wolf. He was framed for theft of prize money by Darius and left town. It was in Rockport that he had his first run-in with Cross. At the time, he hated Cross. He eventually left Rockport to return home and found that the city had changed and the street racers were divided into crews. Unlike gangs, they did not commit crimes such as robberies or car thefts. They only raced and fled the police. Shawn is a little too brave for his own good, often pushing himself too far. He is not afraid to push himself and his car to their complete limit.

4. Jennifer Walker- Jennifer is a lifelong tomboy. She never played with dolls, played dress-up, or begged for make-overs. She didn't like pink at all. Anytime she received a pink item as a gift, she would give it right over to charity. When she was eleven, she had asked for a BMX stunt bicycle that she saw in Toys-R-Us and her mother, who refused to accept the tomboy in her daughter, bought her a pink and green girly bike with pink tassels hanging from the handlebars. Immediately upon seeing that, Jennifer had broken into tears. Jennifer likes cars, trains, dogs, horses, and the ocean. She loves living by the ocean and scuba-dives often. Jennifer has her own farmhouse and lots of room to keep horses. However, she uses the space for all her tuned-up cars rather than keeping even one horse. Cars were more fun, even though they cannot love you back. Jennifer names her cars. She has a Roush Mustang, a longtime fan of NASCAR and race owner Jack Roush. Jennifer still hates pink and there is no pink at all in her house. She doesn't allow it. She hates smoking and disallows it in her home. She also chooses not to drink. The wildest thing that goes through her kidneys is Coca-Cola. Jennifer owns guns and will use one if somebody breaks into her home. Jennifer, who wants a husband and children, loathes people who hate children, hates racists, and argues with atheists. Though she is not a religious fanatic, she does believe in God and has read some of the Bible. She hates bad grammar and bad spelling and people often tell her to be a schoolteacher. Like her cousin, Jennifer is not afraid to push herself and her car to the limit. She never blames the police for chasing her, knowing that she is breaking the law with her street racing. Only the world running out of oil and gasoline will ever stop her from racing. Her mother, who is now in a nursing home, is still disappointed in the way her only daughter grew up. However, they have mended fences and Jennifer visits often.