I'm a huge Impmon/Beelzemon Fan and I just had to write this, when I got the idea. This FF does have nothing in common with Tamers. It's just mine idea. ( I don't own Digimon).

Down The Darkness

He keept walking trought the streets. He wasn't paying attention where he was going. This world was new for him, however, he already found out how cruel life here can be. It was a curse for him to be here. Here, where no one wanted him. Why did humans anyway made his world, made him? If they didn't want him or anyone of his species here. Maybe they didn't knew that they created a new world trough the internet. But now, they knew, and they did everything to delete him.

He passed a street lamp. The light ilumminated his body. He had black leather trousers, a black leather shirt and a black bomber jacket. He had also boots with spikes on them, and on one boot a holster and a Berenja gun in it. On his back was an another holster with a gun. On his left arm was a red scarf binded.

He looked like a biker. But when an another street lamp illuminated him, his demon marks showed. He had neon spiky hair and a dark purple black helment where three blood red eyes showed. His long metallic tail waved with every step. He had black gloves with metallic pices on its arms and his hands were formed as claws what could rip anything in a second. On his pale grey-white face a small grin formed and a fang showed out. He keept walking trough the night.

He suddenly heared a motor sound. A biker gang encircled him. The leader grined.

"So, you are one of those pathetic creatures?" said the leader.
"What if I am?" answered the demon creature.
"Than we'll have to kill you. You don't belong here."

He dosen't belong here. Of course not. He doesn't belong to any place.

"Try it." he said.

One of the bikers pulled out a dagger, but the demon creature could get away and dagger diged into emtpy space instead of the creatures chest. He took the dagger and pulled it trough the bikers heart. The biker couldn't even scream, before blood covered him.

Than he took his guns and shot off the remaining ones. All five bikers fall without making any loud noise. Blood was flowing around them. The creature put back his guns and slowly walked off. He didn't know why he was here, what his fate was. He just keept walking, to find out, to get his answers.

He didn't know that he was here because of a whish of a teen girl, who wanted someone to talk, someone who would protect her. She looked trough the window to the empty street and sighed. She pressed a purple device at her chest, still hoping he would appear. His name floated in her mind.


If he just knew.

~If they exist, than time will show them. If not than we'll keep on dreaming.~