The elevator opened and Charlie emerged. He looked around for a moment before spotting a reception desk. As he got closer, the consistent chirp of the phone started to grate. "Excuse me, but can you tell me where I might find Sophie Hall?" All he got for his question was a finger in the air from the receptionist indicating he should wait a minute and she would get to him. It had taken a lot for him to go after Sophie and now that he had, he was impatient to see her. "If you can just point me in the general direction of her office, I can find it on my own," he tried.

"Ummm, I couldn't help but overhear that you were looking for Sophie," a woman's voice said from behind him. Charlie whipped around and came face to face with Sophie's friend and colleague Lorraine. "Yes, can you tell me where her office is? I need to talk to her about something important." "I can tell you where her office is, but you won't find her there. I'm Lorraine by the way, a friend of Sophie." "Do you know where she is then?" "I'm actually getting a little worried about her. She was due back from a trip a couple days ago, but nobody has heard from her. I was kind of hoping you might be able to give me some idea of where she is." "Where was she due back from?" "A wedding of a friend in Italy, somewhere outside Verona…Siena I think." 'She was going to the wedding?" Charlie thought to himself. "The wedding was for my grandmother Claire. I've actually just come from Siena to see Sophie. She never showed up at the wedding." "What? But she called me on her way to the airport, she was going there, I know it," Lorraine said with a hint of panic creeping into her voice. "I will find her," Charlie said with determination. With that he and Lorraine exchanged numbers and promised to call one another if they found Sophie or any info about her. Before the elevator door closed behind him, Lorraine called out "you might want to try Victor."

That parting comment had left Charlie feeling sick to his stomach. He didn't want to meet Sophie's fiancé. He just wanted to find her and tell her how he felt regardless of whether she felt the same way. But finding her fiancé might be the only way to find her. So Charlie did a little research and found Victor's restaurant. To his surprise, the man he had seen with Sophie on the balcony in Verona was rushing out the front door of the restaurant. "Excuse me…but," Charlie got no further as he was cut off by Victor. "I'm sorry, I don't have time to waste. Someone inside can help you." "You're Victor aren't you?" "Have we met?" "I've seen you from a distance, but no we've never actually met. My name is Charlie Wyman. My grandmother is Claire and Sophie was traveling with us through Italy. My grandmother thought Sophie would be attending the wedding last week, but she's been unable to contact her and we've gotten worried. Can you tell me where I might find her?" "Come with me," Victor said. "I'll explain on the way." With that Victor hailed a cab and the two of them set off.