Chapter One

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I hate pre-recorded messages. I had been phoning Amanda's phone every couple of minutes for roughly an hour now. I kept getting a message saying that the number was 'unavailable'. She was supposed to meet me an hour and a half ago! She had probably forgotten. After all, lately she had been particularly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. However, she shouldn't have forgotten about her own bloody sister! I had a feeling she probably had even more on her mind after what I heard from Mum. Michael had proposed to her! There was the possibility that she had locked herself in her apartment and turned her mobile off.

Amanda had always been obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. Growing up she had always tried to get me involved. I had read the book and enjoyed it but didn't have the depth of involvement that Amanda always had with it. I loved the story but found some of the characters rather dull. The only character that added any real drama into the entire story was Wickham.

I gave up on phoning her and left the café that we had arranged to meet in. It was now half past three and so I decided that I would go round to Amanda's house and barge in if I had to. After all, she had stood me up. I took the twenty minute bus journey to her house. By this point, I was rather annoyed and marched purposefully up the stairs.

I was fully prepared for Manda (as I called her) to open the door. So I was rather stunned when a girl with short, dark hair, who I had never seen before, answered the door.

'Hello' she said politely.

'Who the hell are you?' I gaped.

'You must be Miss Price's sister!' she exclaimed excitedly and opened the door wider so that I could get into the house.

'How did you know that?' I was getting more and more confused by the second. 'I have never seen you before in my life!'

'You both have remarkable likeness. You resemble her greatly. She also keeps a… photograph; I believe it is called, of you with her on her mantle-piece' she replied. This girl was getting more and more strange. I understood that I looked like my older sister of course. I was always compared to her; we looked almost identical, looking the same in the face, including our grey eyes. However, I had long and naturally curly hair, and the very distinguishing feature that my hair was naturally auburn hair, where as Manda's was dyed. The part that I did not understand was that she did not know what a photograph was?

I moved through into the living room. I was unbelievably relieved when I saw Piranha sat on the sofa watching TV. She glanced over and gave me a very understanding look when she saw the clear confusion written on my face.

'Eli!' Piranha cried and ran round the sofa to envelope me in a big overdramatic hug. 'Elizabeth, this is Elicia, Amanda's sister. I just need to have a word with her in kitchen if you'll excuse us for one minute' Piranha explained as she dragged me by the arm.

'Who the hell is she and where is Manda!' I whisper/yelled. You know the state that you are in when you want to yell but you can't because you are supposed to be being quiet?

'I don't really know. All I know is that apparently Manda and her are good friends. Amanda's staying at her house in the country while she is staying here for a while. To be honest, I'm not sure if she's a nutter! You should have seen the clothes she was wearing when I found her in the bathroom. She claims that she is Elizabeth Bennet for god's sakes. She looked like she had walked straight out of the books. Then there is the way she speaks, and the way she acts. You know she cleans her teeth with chalk and salt? At first I thought it was a practical joke because I never take Manda's obsession with that book seriously. Then Manda didn't show up at home for a while. Michael has no idea where she is. I thought this woman might be a murderer and that I had let her stay here! Then I actually talked to her. Look, I know this is gonna sound mental but honestly, I think she is telling the truth!' Piranha finished her little rant, panting slightly after talking so fast.

'You actually believe that she is Elizabeth Bennet?' I said incredulously.


'That still doesn't answer where the hell Manda is. I have another question too, or maybe a couple of dozen! How is this possible? She is a fictional character! How the hell did she get here?' By this point, I was so confused that I was just yelling at Piranha.

'Excuse me, but I could not help but overhear.' Elizabeth said as she slowly entered the kitchen. 'I know perfectly well now that I am a fictional character from the novel named Pride and Prejudice. I have read this novel and find it peculiar but strangely accurate in its depiction of my family. I myself do not know how this is possible. However, I find life here more preferable to my character. I enjoy modern living and Piranha has got me a job as a nanny. As to where Miss Price is, she will be staying with my family, I sent my father a letter telling him to trust her. She will be perfectly safe there I assure you. As for how I got here, I entered through the door in Miss Price's bathroom.'

'Right' I struggled to get out, more confused now than ever. 'I'm just going to…' I trailed off as I struggled to wrap my mind around the events as I almost stumbled to the bathroom. 'That door there?'

'That is the one' Elizabeth said. She couldn't possibly be telling the truth. The door was part of the wall! It must be the joining wall with the neighbours attached house. It couldn't lead anywhere!

I stepped into the bath and looked at it closely and then looked back incredulously at Elizabeth and Piranha. I turned back to the door and gave it a slight push, to see what would happen. Miraculously it actually swung open and revealed to me a dimly lit corridor. This couldn't be happening! Piranha and Elizabeth looked back at me with open mouths, completely shocked that it had opened.

'If you both believe what you have been telling me, then why are you both so shocked that it opened?' I reasoned.

'The door has opened for no one besides Miss Price before. It has not opened since she has left. In spite of the many times I tried to gain admittance back into my house when I first arrived here' Elizabeth explained.

'I'm not sure I actually believed any of this before! This is some crazy shit!' Piranha gaped.

'Elizabeth, you need to go back there and get Amanda back!' I stepped to the side to allow Elizabeth through the door.

'I shall fetch her, but I have no desire to stay there. I much prefer your world here. It has so much more freedom' she agreed.

'Fine, just please get my sister' I begged. Elizabeth passed me but as soon as she reached the door, it swung closed in her face.

'It looks like I cannot. It has only ever been Miss Price or apparently yourself who has been allowed to open the door. It seems you both must have a purpose in my world somewhere.' It sounded like a reasonable idea to me.

'Fine, I'll go get her myself' I said as I started towards the door.

'Wait, if you enter my world, you may perhaps want to borrow the clothing that I came into this world wearing'

Elizabeth led me off into the bedroom that used to be Manda's but it looked as though Elizabeth had taken it over temporarily. She pulled out a floor length gown in true Georgian fashion along with a small coat and a bonnet. I went into the bathroom and changed although I deliberately left the bonnet on the floor. There was no way I was going to wear a bonnet. The clothing felt so strange, however I doubted that I was going to be in it long; my plan was to go in, get Manda out and leave. I swept my curly hair into a side ponytail over my shoulder and allowed some curls to fall down the sides of my face. It wasn't really Georgian but it would look better than wearing my hair down.

I allowed Piranha and Elizabeth back into the room. I gave Piranha a hug and told her that I would be back soon with Manda.

'What if you get stuck there like Manda has?' I hadn't really thought of this and then shrugged the idea off.

'At least I can make sure that Manda is safe. As long as we're together we'll be fine, I'm sure.' I attempted to reassure Piranha and myself at the same time.

I took one last look at the two of them stood in the bathroom. I pushed open the door again and stepped through into the corridor. I stepped forward as the door closed behind me, leaving the world I knew behind me.