One Tree Hill Next Generation!

James Lucas Scott: Jamie is a nice boy but very much like his father when he was in high school he is also very protective of his little sister Lydia and doesn't thinks that he will ever find the one but will that change ?

Brianna Davis : Is the new girl in town long lost sister of Brooke Davis an a amazing singer and super smart. Believes that love conqueror's all and makes an instant hit with a certain blonde headed Scott and has a secrect past.

Lydia Scott: She is very much like her mother Best friends with Jude Baker and Brianna Davis her favourite thing to do is play her piano.

Jude Baker: Is a bit of a mummy's boy his secret crush is Lydia and loves hanging with his aunt Brianna is has the right heart but a moody attitude.

Lily Scott: Is very misunderstood and thinks she's on her own she adores her big brother Lucas for taking her in when her mum died. She is a rebellious teenage with a undercover secrect.

Davis Baker: Is a Jock and proper jerk until he meets Lily then his whole world changes.

Sawyer Scott: Is the head cheerleader and hates everyone and is out to get Brianna.

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