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Not to brag, but I'm really good at riddles. The quiz made more sense now after seeing the other "hidden clues", so figuring out the answer should be a piece of cake.

I took out a pen and paper from my desk drawer and started scribbling.

To add value to a pear.

How could you add value to a pear? Pear. I wrote the word down in capital letters. I probably have to add something in it for it to have value. Pear. Pear. Pear.

That's it!

I wrote a small straight line beside it. Pearl. I should've known it would be this simple. Just add the letter L to form pearl which is a valuable thing than pear.

Wait. If the answer to the first riddle is a letter, surely the other riddles refer to a letter, too. This means a word should be formed. I smiled. This should be interesting.

Next riddle: Lucky #. Didn't they say the lucky number was 9? But the answer should be a letter. I is the ninth letter of the alphabet so that has to be it.

To make a road wider. Easy. It's just like the first one. Road. Broad. The answer is B.

Earth's core. Core? I know the earth's core is the hottest part of the planet, but I don't think that has something to do with letters. Wait. What if it wasn't talking about the literal core of the earth? Core could also mean center or middle. Middle of earth. It's R!

I answered the next riddles almost immediately. The fourth riddle's words were disarranged, so if you use the numbers written above, the phrase "you got a perfect score" will be formed. Perfect, when translated to letter is A. In the fifth riddle, I figured the twelve buttons refer to a mobile phone keypad. If you press 7 thrice, the letter that comes out is R.

Finally, W H ?. This part was a bit tricky. Only after some thoughts, I figured that "W H ?" means WH-questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Only why has some connection to letters because it sounds like Y. The last letter should be Y.

I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face after answering. Weirdly enough, I actually enjoyed the quiz even though it was just simple. This really helped boost my mood. I was feeling kind of bored recently. Not much complicated cases were happening so I hadn't had much to think about. I should thank Haibara. She's been really nice to everyone these past few days. It was as if something is going to happen. Come to think of it, I've been having this strange feeling…

Nah. Maybe she was just making up for all those cynicism from before.

I distracted myself with the paper before me. The seven letters I got from the riddles was written at the center. Just as I thought, they did form a word.


Meaning my goal is to go into a library. At first I thought of the library at school, but then I remembered it was close until the end of vacation. There is only one other library that I could think of that Haibara could possibly go to.

The library in my house.


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