My heart...

This is a Sukisho Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Sukisho or its characters sadly..

Warning: Contains really really crapped up words o.o

His eyes, are beautiful.

His cheeks flushed with red.

My body tingles when he touches me.

My true self comes out.

My eyes change, but I look at the same beautuful thing.

I want him.

It isn't my fault...

Its his.

I need him.

I want him to feel me, squeeze me.

I want to hear him scream.

Its not my fault though.

He knows what he's doing to me...

He knows I am just seconds away from exploding!

He knew it was bound to happen..

So he should deal with it.

And heal later.

My body begans to melt when he looks into my mismatched eyes.

I don't think I can hold it any longer...

He's Mine.

I'll make him mine.

Its quick I know T^T