Title: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Author: Mademoiselle Juko Pax-Prime

Rating: PG

Summary: Normally, Arcee objected to lounging about on Saturdays, but today she just couldn't resist. [Bumblebee/Arcee brother/sister fluff, based off of Transformers: Prime.]

Content/Warnings: Very sappy.

Feedback: Makes me happy and possibly better.

Spoilers: None.

Disclaimer: I do not and never will own Transformers. This was made purely for fun.

Arcee stretched, rolling her shoulders and rubbing a crick out of her neck. She knew it was still pretty early, because it was quiet. Normally, Ratchet was up and about by seven A.M., and could be heard working on repairs, or cursing broken appliances.

Arcee considered simply laying back down on her berth and slipping back into recharge; a luxury she didn't get very often. Jack and his mother happened to be in Washington visiting relatives. But, instead Arcee decided to surprise everyone by being the first one up, a rare occurrence.

She walked out of her bay and to the main bay, congratulating herself on not going back into recharge. She figured that she would clean up a little bit, since Ratchet was really the only one who ever tidied up. But as she was heading to storage to find cleaning supplies, she noticed Bumblebee in front of the television. His arms were resting on the railing of the platform, and his chin rested on them. His big blue optics were focused on the screen, on which a children's cartoon played. The sound was turned down so low that Arcee had not noticed it upon entering.

Arcee walked over to Bumblebee. "Good morning, 'Bee." The yellow-and-black 'bot jumped, obviously startled by her sudden appearance. He looked at her, and gave a low beep and a whir. "You're up early." Two more beeps and a short whistle. "Cartoons? Really?" Bumblebee nodded. Arcee smiled. "Isn't that a human thing?" Bumblebee shrugged, and issued a series of beeps. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Arcee looked at the screen, where a pink cat stood upright like a human, and tried to wordlessly warn a goofy-looking man of something. The little man rushed out of his house, and a second later, a tree fell on it. Arcee raised an eyebrow.

"Kind of violent, 'Bee." Beep. Beep. Whir. Beep. Whistle. "It gets worse? And these are for human children?" Beep. Arcee narrowed her optics. "I question these humans more and more each day." She folded her arms and watched the screen. The pink cat was quite a trouble-maker, she decided. Maybe it was like a Decepticon and wanted to get rid of humans.

Arcee stood and watched the cartoons for quite a while. Every so often, she would glance at Bumblebee, and her spark would warm a little at the obvious joy that these whimsical moving pictures brought him. He was just like a child, when he wasn't in battle. Simple things brought him great happiness, and he was so trusting—almost naïve. It almost made her forget how strong he really was. How he saved her from Airachnid. She tried never to think of what could have happened if he and Cliffjumper had not come to her aid.

Arcee closed her eyes and leaned her head against Bumblebee's shoulder. He issued a vey quiet whir, and Arcee smiled.

"What's this?" asked Ratchet, from behind them. Arcee and Bumblebee turned. Ratchet yawned, and stretched. "I didn't know anyone besides the children watched cartoons."

"Neither did I," Arcee replied, smiling at Bumblebee. He could not smile, but his optics said it all.