This was going to be a drabble story but I am incapble of them. This is the best you get. I have named the other four chapters of this and I am challenging myself to stick to it.

"Arthur!" Merlin ran down the corridor, heading towards the blond man, who was never difficult to spot, even when he was surrounded by people. Arthur turned and stared at him with opaque blue eyes.

"What?" Arthur demanded rudely. The two people with him paused and looked at Merlin and then headed down the corridor.

"I… just wondered…"

"Oh, for god's sake Merlin, can't you just get on with your job without whining at me. Get on with it!"

Arthur turned away and the two men paused to let Arthur catch up, Merlin heard one of them ask.

"Who's that?"

"No one, just a servant."

Merlin gaped, he couldn't help it. Arthur didn't have the decency to say that Merlin was his servant. Confused and hurt Merlin turned away to do what Arthur had asked of him.


It was late in the night when Merlin returned Arthur's armour to it's proper place. With the knights visiting from so many places it was important to have Arthur's armour there, in the armoury, bright and shiny. Merlin sighed at he put it down, thankful that he could go to bed. Arthur had even dismissed him for the morning. Gaius had requested that he needed Merlin to prepare for the tournament. He needed to make sure his pharmacy was ready for the injuries that were about to occur as the knights clashed in the arena.

Not that Gaius would give Merlin much respite. But at least he could eat without much interruption because Gaius would want his own breakfast at the same time, while issuing instructions.

Merlin didn't even bother to turn around as he heard the door open. No doubt other servants were running around the castle. So it took him by surprise as he was grabbed by the scruff on the neck, spun and bent over the table, the wind slammed out of his lungs as he crashed against the table.

"What?" Merlin gasped and got no response. The hand pressed his head down and dragged him to the edge of the table.

"Perfect, I can have this end."

"Careful, he might bite." Another voice announced.


Merlin felt himself shoved back across the table, so his feet met the floor again.

"When you're done I'll have him."

Merlin blinked, looking up stunned. His eyes met those of one of the people that Arthur had been with, when he had dismissed him. Then Merlin gasped in shock as his trousers were ripped down exposing him, and his cheeks were pulled apart. A finger slammed into him and Merlin yelped.

"Just stay still, we won't be long, we brought payment."

Merlin jumped again as a bag of coins landed by his head. It hadn't been tied properly and Merlin saw the glitter of silver and one gold coin. The gold looked almost obscene against the rest of it.

"Come on, it isn't like you're not used to it."

Merlin wasn't and shock made him unable to react for a moment and he also had to be careful, no one could see him do magic. His eyes flared gold as he tipped a rack of spears. The rattle echoed around the room and the weapons scattered everyone, no doubt to be cleared up by him afterwards. The man holding his neck relaxed his grip. Merlin tried to rise but the grip tightened again and shoved him down.

"Ignore it, people have been dumping stuff here all day," the man behind Merlin announced. Merlin gasped, trying to work out a way out. He probably had plenty but if anyone saw anything. Tears filled his eyes, he couldn't do anything. He could pull Camelot out of it's foundations but he couldn't stop two people who…


The pressure was gone from his backside and there were sickening thuds. The grip on his neck released and as Merlin looked up he flinched away as someone ran past him and again the sickening noise occurred. Merlin blinked and tensed again, sliding back off the table to sit down on the floor, huddling against the table leg as he watched.

Arthur pounded his fist into one man's face and as the other recovered to get up he spun and slammed the same fist into this man's gut. It was no small thing to take on Prince Arthur of Camelot. Most of the people that said so had learnt the painful lesson. Uther had instilled it from the moment he could walk, talk and understand. Arthur had to be the best at everything. Absolutely everything. His mind could not take anything else.

He pushed the man to the floor and slammed his fist into him. Arthur was going to kill him. Merlin crawled forward and grabbed the material of Arthur's trousers. His hand grabbed hold and latched on, yanking hard, trying to pull Arthur back to himself. Merlin reared back as Arthur stood up and turned, his fists clenched.

Merlin's head connected with the edge of the table and he slumped down again. He blinked, trying to remove the disorientation from his mind. He could deal with powerful beings and sorcerers, to name a few. Two men he could handle, surely. Merlin thought that as he tried to pull his trousers up, and failed, not getting them quite where he wanted them. The intimacy had rattled him.


The voice came gently out of the fog and hands touched him, where he didn't want them. He tensed but then realised who it was, but Merlin still struggled, he was powerful, and strong he could manage on his own.

Even as he struggled he was lifted and moved, put over someone's shoulder and gently carried away.