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It was early in the morning when Cho got a call from the hospital, Jane could be released today. Cho was surprised at how well behaved Jane had been at the hospital, no trying to leave, no complaints about the food, and the nurse's loved him. This was not the Jane that he and the team knew. Cho left a message for Lisbon where he would be and started for the hospital. He drove past the extended motel that Jane had been staying at, when he remembers the motel. During the time that Jane was in prison everyone forgot about the motel room. He pulls into the motel and parks in front of the office, and goes inside. Just as he figured, the motel boxed up all of Jane's belongs when the rent was a month behind. After three months everything was given to charity, all his suits, all personal belongs were gone, except for the suit that he had on when he was arrested, and Cho now had in the back seat of the car. Cho wasn't sure what Jane's finances were like, but he would need some socks, underwear, and shirt for today. He pulled into a Target store and went inside to get the items, also a brush, toothbrush, razors and other items. While he was in the store it finally came to him why Jane was so good in the hospital. He probably had no plan on where he was going to be staying, and Cho really didn't think that Jane should be alone after what had happened to him. He had an extra bedroom; Jane could stay with him until he was on his feet, for a couple of weeks or more. With that plan in his mind he paid for everything and went to the hospital.

When he entered Jane's room with the packages and the suit on a hanger, Jane was asleep. He eyes were no longer swollen, but both were still very bruised. He had a cast on his broken wrist that went up to his elbow, and he knew that Jane was still very sore from all the other bruises over his body.

Opening his eyes Jane looked out the window and saw that it was raining; he looked around and sees Cho reading a book in a chair by the bed. Cho looks up and puts the book aside.

"How you feeling?" Cho says standing up by the bed.

"I guess well enough to leave the doctor said" Jane said with a small smile. He had been thinking about that all morning…leave to go where. He was pretty sure that he was not going to be welcomed back at the motel, he could go to another hotel, maybe he should go to the house. He just wasn't ready for the memories of what had happened there. Since he killed Red John he hadn't had any more nightmares, and wasn't sure if they would all come back once he went home, no not home…the house.

"I thought maybe you would like to stay with me for a couple of weeks, you know until you figure out what you want to do."

"Thank you Cho, that's very thoughtful of you, but I don't want to have you go out of the way for me. I could go to a hotel, if you wouldn't mind taking me to one." Jane says

"You won't be a problem Jane, I have an extra bedroom and you need a place to stay so end of conversation." He puts a couple of bags on the bed. "I got you a set of sweats if you wanted to wear it to my place, probably be more comfortable. Other stuff in the bag that you will need, unless you want to wear your suit. I'll go get a nurse to let her know that you're ready to leave, while you're getting ready." He walks over to the door to open it.

"Thank you Cho…for everything." Jane says quietly, Cho see's tears in Jane's eyes. He nods his head and leaves the room.