The Lost Prophecy

Chapter 1

POV: Moonkit

"Where's Shinefeather?" Moonkit asked Heatherstorm, Shinefeathers sister.

"Yeah she's been gone for two days now!" Foxkit complained.

"She takes really long walks" Moonkit meowed

Heatherstorm looked at the kits. Sadness in her eyes. Moonkit sensed something was wrong.

"She's not coming back is she?" Moonkit asked her.

"What?" Heatherstorm meowed pretending to be shocked. "She will come back" she meowed "You will see her in your dreams"

"Good" Foxkit purred. "That's when I'm the least tired!" she meowed and pounced on Berrykit's, Heatherstorms only sons, tail.

"Hey! Stop!" The black and cream kit meowed playfully and knocked Foxkit off her paws.

"Ouch!" She meowed. "I'm going to get you!" she told him and bounced on his tail.

"Kits! Stop!" Heatherstorm cried and rushed the kits into the nursery were Rainkit and Ravenkit were.

"Why?" Foxkit meowed "Were just playing" She told her.

"Just please come in" she meowed. Moonkit could see her gaze set on Stormstar, who looked at Foxkit with great curiosity. There was something else there though. Was it…Regret? Why Would Stormstar show regret towards Foxkit? Moonkit thought.

"Hey Rainkit! Hey Ravenkit!" Moonkit meowed to the older kits. "Are you excited for your kit assessment tomorrow?"

"Yeah!" The two kits meowed at the same time.

"What happens in the assessment anyway?" Foxkit asked

"When kits reach the age of 6 moons" Ravenkit started

"We have to go on an adventure!" Rainkit meowed interrupting his sister. "We have to go by ourselves to High Maple and grab a piece of bark from the tree and return it here by Sunhigh" He meowed.

"Each one of us must go in our own direction to get there" Ravenkit finished.

"Cool!" Moonkit squeaked.

"What happens if you don't get back by Sunhigh?" Foxkit asked, her amber eyes glowing with curiosity.

Ravenkit and Rainkit gave each other a look. "They don't come back"

"What do you mean they don't come back?" Moonkit asked. "They have to come back!"

Before they could answer Heatherstorm put her tail over the two kits mouths.

"Kits don't scare them!" She meowed. Even though Rainkit and Ravenkit weren't her kits she always treated them like her own

"Sorry Heatherstorm" The two night black kits meowed

"It's okay" She purred. "Now go to bed! It's nearly sunset."

"Yeah I can hear Hazleleaf snoring!" Foxkit squeaked.

"That's so mean!" Moonkit told her.

"I was just joking around!" Foxkit purred and playfully pounced on him before she crawled into her nest and tried to go to sleep.

Moonkit walked over to his nest and curled up next to Foxkit. He liked her black and ginger fur in the night. It looked so cool!

"Goodnight!" Heatherstorm meowed and curled up next to Berrykit.

"Goodnight!" All 5 kits meowed at once.

The sun rose to full height as Moonkit woke up. The sun blazed his tortoiseshell and white fur. He got out of the nursery with Foxkit behind him. He saw Rainkit and Ravenkit talking to Stormstar in the clearing. They were about to leave for their assessment!

"Come on!" Moonkit meowed to Berrykit and Foxkit as he ran into the center of the clearing by his friends.

He padded up to Stormstar giving instructions to the two kits. "..Remember now" he meowed sternly "You know what happens if you don't come back by Sun high." He told the kits.

"I don't understand why they have to do this" Honeyflower, the medicine cat and Moonkit and Foxkit's half sister, rolled her eyes. "There just kits! They don't even know the territory!" She meowed.

Stormstar looked at her. The anger in his amber eyes burned to flames. "How dare you say that to your leader!" he snarled and cuffed her by the ear. "You know the rules! Show your father and Clan leader with some respect!" he growled "Or I will rip your pelt off right now you small mouse brained she cat!"

Honeyflower backed away slowly into the medicine den. Tears' streaming from her eyes and her ear was bleeding from where his father clawed her. Moonkit was terrified. Did his father really just claw his own daughter for something as comment he didn't agree with? Moonkit looked at Foxkit who was probably thinking the same thing. On his other side he saw Heatherstorm wrapping her tail protectively over Berrykit, fear in his blue eyes.

"Now where was I…" Stormstar meowed acting like everything was normal. How mean was his father?

"Oh yeah" he remembered looking down at the kits who were trembling with fear "Stop Shaking!" he hit them with his tail "Applefrost and Featherdtorm will be watching you the whole time" Stormstar meowed. "They are only there to watch you. So remember not to get hurt because they will not help. Ok?"

"Y-Yes Stormstar" The kits meowed trying not to show their fear.

"Good" The leader meowed "Follow Applefrost and Featherstorm now" he told them "Hopefully you will both come back"

Ravenkit took the lead with Ravenkit behind her. They followed the two warriors out of the camp.

Moonkit watched with fear. Would he ever see his friends again? And when it was his and Foxkit's turn, would they be successful?

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