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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Jenrya Lee smiled and stood.

"There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He asked the little boy beside him.

The child grinned. Slowly, he raised and tested his arm.

"It works again! Thank you sir!"

The child bowed and took off running through the streets. Jenrya laughed softly. You had to love those street kids. They were so sweet. The dark- haired noble took a sip out of his water flask. Healing was hard work sometimes. That boy's arm had been pretty scraped up and Jenrya was amazed at how quick it had been to fix.

Jenrya made his way down the crowded market streets of his chinese city home. People bustled about, buying food for the day and dragging along small children. Every once in a while he caught sight of a street kid, poor and hungry at the edge of the crowd. Some were good friends of his and knew they could trust him - even if he was a noble.

"Darn it!"

A sweet, femine voice caught Jenrya's attention. A girl his age stood in an alley way, wiping blood from her hand.

"Hey, are you okay?"

The girl's violet eyes looked up in surprise. They narrowed as Jenrya took a step towards her.

"What do you want noble dirt?"

Jenrya wasn't intimidated. Most street kids didn't trust his type. The nobles were rich and powerful and never had time for the poor.

"Did you hurt your hand?"

"So what if I did? It's not like you'd care."

She took a few steps backwards. Jenrya sighed.

"Listen, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to help fix your-"

"There she is!"

Jenrya turned to see city guards coming at him. The girl took off in a mad dash. The guards ran past, waving their swords in anger.

"What's going on?"

One guard stopped. "Are you that Lee kid who helps the street rats?"

"So what if I am?"

"Just stay away from that girl. She's trouble. You'd best get back to your house. Something big is going to happen soon, and you won't want to miss it."

With that the guard took off after the others. Jenrya stared. Something big? What did that mean? And who was that girl? Jenrya shook his head. Too many question. Maybe he'd get time to talk to his father tonight. Taking off at a light jog Jenrya ran home. He was greated by a squeal.

"Jenwya!" Shuichon Lee jumped at her brother and clung to his leg. "Where were you? I was getting lonely!"

Jenrya laughed. "Sorry Shuichon. I was at the market and got sidetracked."

"The marmet? Someday Shuichon will be big giwl and go wif Jenwya to the marmet too!"

"Someday." Jenrya replied with a grin.

He lifted the little girl up and walked into their large house.


"What is it Jenrya?"

"You know when Father's getting home?"

The children's mother appeared in the hallway.

"No, I'm not sure. He seemed really worried this morning though. . . I wonder what's wrong?"

"Father hasn't been the same since Kenru left."

Another figured came into the hall. It belonged to Jenrya's older sister, Migra. The girl was dressed in a kimono, her hair pulled back.

"Hey! Is that for. . ."

"You bet!" Migra replied with a giggle. She twirled around. "How do I look?"


"Migra, hold still for a minute. Your obi isn't tied right." The children's mother informed the girl. "And where is the haori I got you?"

"Mother. . ."

Shiuchon giggled. "Migwa getting mawied soon, right Jenwya?"

"Right Shuichon. Migra's all grown up."

"I am too!" Shuichon replied. She stuck her chin in the air.

"Of course darling." Her mother said, gracefully moving around Migra to tie the obi.

Jenrya set Shuichon on the floor. "Well, I'm going to my room for a bit. I'm exhausted."

Leaving the girls to do well, whatever girls do, Jenrya padded down the hall. He slid open his door and walked over to his small table.

"I'm so tired." He moaned, setting down the water flask and a few other objects. The boy rubbed his temples. It wasn't even the noon hour yet! Plus, he still wondered about what the guard had said, and who that girl had been. . .

"What's wrong?"

Jenrya turned to see Migra in his doorway.

"Nothing, just tired."

His sister put her hands on her hips.

"I'm your sister, you can tell me. I know something's wrong Jen so spill already."

"Really, it's nothing. I don't want to bother you. You're busy these days and don't have time for my problems."

"Sure I do. Just because I'm getting married, doesn't mean you can't talk to me. I feel like an outsider in my own home! No one wants to share with me in case I get depressed."

Jenrya grinned. "Well, this is a special time for you Migra. We don't want to ruin it."

"You know, after I'm married mother will try to get you a girl to marry." Migra commented queitly. She kneeled on the floor and motioned for Jenrya to sit with her.

"I know. I wish Kenru was still here. Mother misses him so much, and father just isn't the same. . ."

Migra lay a hand on her brother shoulder.

"Is that's what bothering you?"

"No. I was at the market today, helping some of the street kids."

"Again? Jen, you know mother hates when you do that. Soemday one of them won't be nice and rob you or something."

"I know, I know. Anyways, I saw this one girl who's hand was bleeding. I was trying to talk with her when soem city guards came runnign past. They chased the girl away, but one guard stopped and asked if I was the Lee kid."

Migra nodded. "Then what?"

"He wanred me to stay away from he girl, then said I should get home. He said something big was going to happen and I wouldn't want to miss it." Jenrya finished.

Grye eyes flashing, Migra rose. "I need to talk to mother, and so do you."

"Why?" Jenrya stood and followed his sister into the hallway. "What is it Migra? What aren't you telling me?"

"Mother?!" Migra's voice sounded stressed. "Mother, where are you? Shuichon?"

There was a crash from down the hall. The two teens stopped and exchanged looks.

"Mother?" Migra called again, more softly.

They crept down the hall and peaked into the room. Both gasped.

"Mother! Shuichon!" Migra screeched. She ran to the two figure laying in heaps on the floor.

Jenrya searched the room, but didn't find anyone.

"Migra, what do you think hap-"

His sister turned and screamed, "Jenrya! Let him go!"

Six large city guards had appeared in the doorway, one of which held Jenrya. The boy kicked the man as hard as he could. The man dropped him, cursing angerly. Jenrya ran to his sister's side.

"What do you want?" He demanded. Migra was shaking beside him.

"We have orders to kill all of you. Don't give us any trouble and we'll let you die peacefully." The largest guard replied.

"Why?" Migra asked. "Who wants to kill us and why?"

The guards didn't answer.

"Do you know who are father is?" Jenrya asked.

They laughed. "Oh we know. That's why we're here to get rid of you."

"Jen are Shuichon and, and mother. . ."

"They're dead. Now all that's left is you two. We thought maybe you weren't home and were going to come back later, but we got lucky." The head guard sneered.

They began to advance on the two teens. Jenrya stood in front of Migra.

"Leave her alone. She's to be married to Fenja Ti and you won't want to deal with him."

"Fenja Ti hm? Too bad that will never happen. She won't be around to marry anyone."

"Leave them alone!"

"Father!" Jenrya and Migra cried.

Janyu stood behind the guards, glaring at them.

"Don't kill my family because of my mistake. Please, they're just children!"

"Forget it Janyu. Your youngest daughter and wife are already dead, and these two are next. You should have let Kenru go peacefully."

"Kenru?" Migra breathed. "They don't mean. . ."

She was cut off as her father yelled, "Get out of here, both of you!"

"But father. . ." Jenrya started.


Janyu was giving the guards a pretty good fight. Migra grabbed her brother's arm.

"Come on Jen!"

They raced out of the house, but Migra tripped in the yard. The guard who had been chasing them grabbed her.


"Jen, run! Don't worry, we'll be fine!"

She was yanked back inside, the door slamming behind the guard. Jenrya swallowed. He was torn between listening, or going in after his sister. An unconcious guard flying out the window told him to run. His family could take care of themselves. Jenrya sprinted back to the market place, making sure to dodge city guards. It was hard, as they all seemed to be everywhere waiting for him. During one chase, a hand grabbed his arm as he rounded a corner. He was shoved against a wall, a hand clamped over his mouth.


Blinking, Jenrya saw the girl with the violet eyes. She watched the guards run off before releasing Jenrya.

"Thanks," Jenrya managed to say between gasps.

The girl shrugged. "What'd you do noble? City guards don't usually chase your type."

"They killed my mother and sister, and they're trying to kill my father and other sister. Now they're after me as well!"

"What'd yah do?" The girl asked again.

"I don't know." Jenrya winced as he felt the start of a headache. "Everything happened so fast. . ."

"I've been listening to the guards. They're following the orders of someone who wants to overthrow the government. You're a Lee, right?"

"Yah." Jenrya replied gloomily. "It seems everyone is asking me that today."

The girl snorted. "I'd imagine. Your father is in pretty deep."

"What does that mean?"


Jenrya sighed. "Fine, don't tell me then. By the way, my name's Jenrya. You are. . .?"

"Ruki," The girl answered. "Ruki Makino."