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Ruki's voice was shallow, her breathing heavy and labored. The man at her side gave her hand a squeeze before going back to work. The woman let out a yelp, and Jenrya's teacher, the town healer, instucted him to give Ruki another wave of comfort.

"The child is here," The old healer whispered, just so Jenrya could hear.

The man stood and took the small baby. He listened for breathing, hardly finding any signs. He concentrated on his healing power, willing the child in his arms to live. Slowly the child's breathing became steady, and the infant began to cry. Someone touched Jenrya's arm, taking the child from him. His next task was the woman in the bed.


He knelt on the ground beside the bed and took her hands once more.

"J-Jen i-is the-the c-child. . ."

"The child is fine Ruki-san, don't worry." He rubbed her fingers, gazing into her violet eyes. "How are you feeling?"

"J-just fine." Ruki managed to choke out, but her eyes betray her.

Jenrya closed his grey eyes, holding her hands tighter.

'Please live Ruki-san, I don't know what I'd do without you.' The man thought.

He dug down deep inside himself, calling for all his power to aid him. All sounds of the world were shut off, all he heard was Ruki's broken breathing. Jenrya willed his strength into her. She had to live.

Ruki felt Jenrya's power flood her body. The cool tingle spread through her in waves. Gradually she began to feel better, although still exhausted. Finally Jenrya was convinced she'd be okay. He squeezed her hand and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you Jen-san."

Ruki's violet eyes fluttered closed as she rested. The child would need her later. Jenrya left the room and followed the cries of his new child. The old healer sat in the kitchen, bathing the infant and checking it over. Rumiko was lighting a fire, her gaze rising when Jenrya entered.

"Is she . . ."

"Ruki will be fine."

He took a seat next to his teacher.

"Congratulations, it's a girl. She'll be quite healthy I think, with proper care. Same with her mother. I want you to stay here for a few days and tend to them. I'll check in, but they're your family." She handed Jenrya the baby girl. "Take care of them. We'll continue your training when the mother is well."

"Thank you." Jenrya held the child, wrapping her in a small pink blanket. "You're a miricle" he whispered to the sleeping baby. "And we're blessed to have you." The man kissed her tiny nose, resulting in a squeal from his daughter. Jenrya smiled.

'It's funny how things turned out in the end. Not even two years ago I met Ruki, now we have a child and I'm being properly trained. Back then, I would have thought this life was the pits, but I really am blessed. Father, Mother, Shuichon I miss you dearly and will never forget you. Kenru, I wish we could have worked things out. You were my brother, I respected you more than you'll ever know. And Migra, where ever you are, I love you sister.'

Jenrya gazed around the dimly lit room. This child, Ruki and Rumiko were his family now. He looked back at the child.

'And you I love as well.'

His daughter stopped crying and giggled. Jenrya could only give her a loving gaze because he knew this was only the beginning for them all.