One year later...


"I swear to God, if you stick one more pin in me, I'll turn into a proper voodoo doll on your ass," I growled as the lady in the store blanched at me.

"MAM," Tallie called me from the floor, causing Nate and Lottie to start as well.

Honestly, they sounded like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

Mine, mine, mine!

"Esme, could you give them some of those teething cookie peg thingies from my bag?" I said as I smiled at my babies.

They were a year old now and were causing havoc in this high end wedding shop.

Tough luck, if they wanted my money, they'd have to deal with my babies.

Simple as that.

Edward had proposed to me in the most perfect way for us, but I was making him wait a year before we did the deed.

That year would be up in a weeks' time.

I wanted to wait until the babies were older and weren't feeding from me so that we could enjoy a real honeymoon, sans breast milk.

It had worked out well, weaning them a few weeks ago and although they weren't too impressed with me, the babies took fine to bottles full time.

"Bella, will you hold still, the poor woman is going to have a heart attack if you keep on moving," Mom chastised me as she picked up Tallie from the floor.

"I need to pee, it's not my fault," I whined.

I blamed Edward actually.

He was randy as hell!

Oh yeah, now would be a good time to tell you that I was currently three months pregnant.

We're still debating about where the baby was conceived, but Edward insists it was when he went away with his dad on a golfing weekend and I snuck onto the golf course and had my way with him.

I disagreed and thought it was the time we set up the pool in the garden and we accidentally on purpose fell in and christened it.

Don't worry, we couldn't look at it again in the same way after that and told Lizzy that it had a hole in it and bought another one to replace it.

Either way, I was 'glowing' according to Edward.

Not so much to Emmett.

He gave us a huge lecture about falling pregnant so soon after a C-section and to make me suffer, I had to have weekly checks that the incision site was holding together.

I did feel bad about it though.


"I am not spending the night away from him," I growled out as I clasped my fingers tightly around Edward's left wrist.

"It's tradition," Alice hissed as she clamped his right wrist in her hand.

"He is staying with me. We haven't spent a night apart since his golfing weekend and I don't want to go through that again..."

"He is having a night away from here to spend it with his male bonding group, aka, the idiots of his family, for a stag night..."

"He is right here and will continue to stay here until the wedding tomorrow," Edward let out his own growl that set the hairs on the back of my neck on end.

I loved it when he growled.

Damn pregnancy hormones.

"But it's tradition!" Alice wailed this time as she let go of his wrist with a pout.

"Alice, when have we ever done anything by tradition?" I laughed as Edward wrapped his arms around me.



Last night, we spent all night making love until the sun started to poke up in the sky.

I would have said that it was sweet and romantic, but it was far from that.

It was carnal.

We would have the rest of our lives to do the romantic side of things.

Now we just wanted to share what time we had together before the kids woke up.

To be honest, I couldn't wait to make Bella my wife and just the thought of her saying 'I do' brought out the animal in me.

I totally blame her.

And her pregnant body.

At least there was only one baby in there this time.

Put in there by yours truly.

Bella made sure to make Emmett scan her for ages, checking every 'nook and cranny' for another one.

There wasn't, thank God.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the babies fiercely, but God they took it out of me.

"Edward, you have to head over to the church," Mom said as she walked in the bathroom while I was half dressed.

"Mom!" I cried out, covering my chest with my shirt.

"Dear Lord Edward, you're a full grown man, grow up," she smirked as she pulled the shirt away from me, making me blush.

"I just wasn't expecting you to walk in, that's all," I muttered as I took it back and started to put it on.

"As I said, you need to hurry up," Mom muttered as she started to rummage through my things.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Looking for hairpins,"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because Lizzy's locked herself in the bathroom out there and we can't get the door open," she said hurriedly as she picked out some of Bella's pins and then walked back out of the room with no other words.

My daughter, on our wedding day, was locked in the bathroom.

I laughed and laughed hard.

You see, this was us.

If something could go wrong, it did and it was perfectly normal.

I finished getting ready and then went out to see if they had freed her yet.

They hadn't.

"Lizzy, you okay in there?" I called out and she gave me her happy reply.

She was perfectly fine.

"Are you going to escape before the wedding?" I chuckled as she shouted out a 'yes'.

I gave Bella a quick kiss before I left.

"I'll see you soon," I muttered against her lips, desperate to see what she had on under her dressing gown.

"I'll be the one in ivory," she giggled.

"I thought brides wore white?" I was puzzled.

"White, Edward? That stands for virginal," she giggled as she pointed at her tiny bump.

"Very true, I'll see you soon," I chuckled against her lips and then dragged myself away.


She was walking towards me.

In ivory.

The dress was perfect.

She was perfect.

I could have told you that I knew what songs we were singing, what prayers were said, but I couldn't.

All I could tell you was that she was breath taking and I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Our vows were said, we kissed as husband and wife and then walked back up the aisle.

We danced, we laughed and Bella cried when it was time to say goodbye to the kids.

The whole time I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

We finally made it to the car that would take us on our honeymoon and I couldn't wait.

I put up the privacy screen and pulled Bella gently onto my lap.

"What's got into you?" she giggled as I fought my way through all the satin and lace.

"I want you, right now," I growled out against her neck.

And I had her, there and then, before we even pulled out of our road.

And once again before we got to the hotel.

We weren't going anywhere fancy, just a hotel in Seattle.

Bella didn't want to fly and I didn't care where we went as long as we were together.

And we were.

I thank the Lord daily that she fell into my life and demanded my sperm.

Okay, so not the most romantic way of meeting and falling in love, but this was us, we never did things the right way.

Or maybe we did.

The right way for us.

And that's all shoe wrote... kinda. I have an outtake around here somewhere that I need to find, but I'll have it up as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm sorry for all the mistakes, but I was pretty new at the writing thing when this happened.

See you all soon! ;)