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Elena and Evelyn were just two months old when they were separated. Miranda and Grayson had been so worried that one of their two adopted baby girls had just disappeared. They spent their entire lives looking for her... But that obviously ended when they died in 2009. They told everyone in the town that Evelyn Gilbert was not to be mentioned to Elena or anyone that could possibly tell her... Little Evie had been kept a secret for a very, very long time. Everyone thought she was dead.

They were wrong.


Today is Evie's eighteenth birthday.

Normally she would be overjoyed at the fact... But not today. She is alone; completely and utterly alone with her Father's last words running through her mind.

If I am not back in a couple of the weeks then... Then I will probably be dead.

Those words had terrified her so much. The tears still blur her vision two months later. How could he have just left her and gone off to meet death like this? She does not know what to do or where to go. Who killed him...? What killed him? Was it her mother; she has always seemed very odd to Evie. Too secretive and almost sadistic; when she would visit she would always boss Jonathan Gilbert around and Evie hated her for it.

Despite that, she does not believe that her mother would kill her father. She made Evie's sixth sense more alert but she would not have killed him. They seemed to be a team of some sort; Isobel kept Evie a secret and John did what she asked. Why Evie had to be kept a secret from somebody she does not know. She wanted to ask but she had only found out about it as her Dad was arguing with a neighbour as he left.

The lonely Gilbert lets out a half-sigh, half-sob and rakes her hand through her chocolate brown hair. This summer vacation has made her feel so isolated from reality – she needs to get out and find her friends... if they still want to be her friends, that is. No - what she really needs is some closer on her Dad, but where did he go? She stands up and heads up to his bedroom. Maybe searching around for the fifty-seventh time will help her discover something – anything – that will point out where he may have died.

She goes through the usual ritual now; starting off at the drawers and then the wardrobe. She proceeds to the bed and then the two side tables on each side - she even tries the floorboards to see if any are loose, to no avail. After over an hour of searching every little piece of the room from top-to-bottom she collapses on the bed in another wave of tears. She is crying to release all the confusion and anger and pain and disappointment she has received throughout her life. Confusion of why her Father kept running off every few months to 'go back home.' Disappointment as to why he would never take her or tell her exactly where that was. Anger because he is dead and she has no idea how or why... And pain because she has always felt a nagging sense of pain from a young age; almost as if a part of her was missing.

And finally, once the crying stops, she sits up and sets the bed so it looks perfect once more. On her way out she catches a glimpse of the familiar picture her Dad had on his chest of drawers ever since she can remember. She smiles slightly at the memory as it floods to the surface.


"Daddy!" the beautiful four-year-old calls happily as he walks through the front door. Jonathan Gilbert catches his youngest daughter in his arms and spins her around; which sends her in to fits of giggles.

"Hey, sweetheart! How are you?" He laughs happily.

"Much better now!" She beams

"Hey, John." A seventeen-year-old Jenna steps out of the kitchen with a pleased smile on her face. John sets Evie on her feet before heading over and placing a soft kiss on Jenna's lips.

"Has she been good?" He asks once the kiss is over.

"Of course she has, isn't she always?" She grins.

"Daddy, I made you a picture! Come see!" Evie bounces up and down excitedly as she tugs at her Father's hand.

"Why don't you go and bring it to me?" John asks with a smile – he watches as she races out of the room to retrieve her drawing. She did not know of the conversation that took place before she got back.

"John, this isn't right-"

"It's the only way, Jenna. I need at least one of my daughters... I thought you understood?" John asks; irritated by her bringing this up again.

"She is so different to Elena... But they lookexactlyalike. Normally twins have some sort of difference that helps you tell them apart but they have none."

"It's probably because we have never seen them together," John shrugs her examination off and smiles again as Evie returns with her picture.


Jenna was her Dad's girlfriend for a while before she left to go back to Mystic Falls (where she grew up) and head off to College. She was still there, the last time Evie had spoken to her.

And then the idea sinks in.

It's a long shot, she thinks immediately. What if she's moved away... What if she is at college and is not there anymore... But she will know where my Dad's birthplace is. She weighs out the pro's and con's for half an hour before she pours the majority of her closet in to a suitcase, locks the house up and rushes to her car. She heads to the nearest electronic store, grabs a GPS and punches in an address she had found in the cupboard about two weeks ago. She knew it would come in handy and she finds herself getting excited when the route pops up.

Maple Street, Mystic Falls – here I come!


The air is crisp and cool when Evelyn steps out of her Dad's car. It is around eight-thirty when she arrives at the address she had found and the sun is casting a pink-and-orange dark glow across everything in sight. Sunset has always been her favourite time of day... But right now she feels too nervous to enjoy the beauty of it. She has not seen Jenna in a long time. Will she still remember her? Will she send her away like she did her Father?

A lot of questioning if this was a good idea runs through her mind but – eventually – the need to know just what happened to her Father wins over. She throws open the car door and marches up to the front door. She knocks and waits impatiently for a response.


Maybe Jenna doesn't live here anymore? Maybe she is at college? Maybe she—

"Elena? Aren't you supposed to be at the party?"

Confused, Evie turns around to see a woman stood on the lawn that belongs to the house next door. She has no idea who Elena is but she decides to play along... Maybe this will help?

"Uh, oh yeah. The party... I just came to check if Jenna was ready."

"Elena... Your aunt has been dead for the past two months... Is everything ok?"

Dead!Evelyn finds her eyes widening in shock; despite her huge disappointment, sadness and disbelief she shakes her head.

"Yeah, I... I'm sorry. I had a dream... Never mind. Well, have you seen John Gilbert anywhere lately? I've been looking for him."

"I can't say I have, not for a month or so..." The woman looks slightly fidgety now – she has sensed that something is wrong. "I am going to go now – happy birthday."

"Wait-" but the door closes before she can get another word in. "How the hell did she know it's my birthday?" She speaks to herself before heading back to the car. She is about to drive back home when she remembers that the woman said something about a party... Hang on a minute! She called me, what... Elena? She wished me a happy birthday AND she called Jenna my 'aunt'. Something is very wrong here... But what do I do now?

What can she do? Jenna is dead; there has been no sighting of her Dad... But the woman knew who he was. She had said she had not seen Jonathan Gilbert for a month now. Evie feels her lips tug up in a sort-of smile whilst the tears fall down her cheeks. She is getting closer and she knows it... But right now she needs to get out of here – maybe find a quaint little hotel and get some more answers in the morning.

Like just who lives in Jenna's house?