The Lion King: Darkside of the Circle

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High in the sky thunder roars loudly as lightning flashes fiercely across the sky as if splitting it as more thunder rumbled but this time a loud painful roar sounded from all sides as a large figure can be seen collapsing but then struggling to get up, it was a Lioness.

She had pearl color fur and big green eyes, like emerald or jade, as it looked like she went through a lot limping with something in her mouth as she collapsed once more and never moved again.

Three figures came close to the body of the lioness their identities hidden by the darkness of the storm.

Suddenly before they could do anything they hear a couple of roars as two fully grown lions, one with a chestnut colored mane, muscular, and yellow fur while the other is thinner, brown fur, black mane and a scar over his left eye.

It was both Mufasa and Scar charging towards the scene as the same figures fled the scene Mufasa went after them, Scar went to the collapsed lioness.

"Hikari!" Scar called to the lioness while nudging her gently fearing for the worse.

"Taka…is-is that…you?" Asked the lioness now identified as Hikari looking up at Scar weakly calling him by his real name.

"Yes…it's me…"

"My son is he..?" asked looking at her old friend pleadingly as Scar looked and saw the thing in her front paws was a newborn cub with brown fur, black nose while his eyes have yet to open as it still squirms in his mother's paws alittle.

Scar looked to her and nodded.

"Yes…he still lives…" Hikari let out a sigh of relief as she looked down, holding on as much as she can while murmuring some things to her cub lovingly as she looks up to Scar again at the same way her eyes looking pleadingly to him.

"Taka…Please…take care of him."

"I will, but my name is Scar."

Hikari chuckled gently as she looked back to her old friend smiling sweetly.

"To me…you….will always be…my dear…friend…Ta..ka…"

Rain began to pour onto the land as Hikari's head dropped and stayed very still. Scar lowered his head, his body shaking, not from cold of the rain, but from pain for losing someone who knew him and who he cared about as he did not hear his older brother approaching form behind.

"Scar how-"

"She's gone Mufasa…" Scar replied to his older brother's interrupted question as the rain hit harder and Mufasa sad for his brother's loss decided to return to pride rock and tell his queen about the sad news while walking back he heard a loud painful roar from where his brother was mourning for Hikari.

Some time passed and still no sight of his brother which has Mufasa worried as is Sarabi, she like many of the other Lionesses could not believe that her dear friend Hikari is dead.

She and her friend Sarafina were close to her, but neither could ever guess that Scar would be suffering the most of her death.

Then finally Scar returned before the storm outside could get any worse, carrying Hikari's cub by the scruff of its neck as he got closer, they can see that his eyes had gotten colder than they usually were.

Author's note: Here it is one of my first fanfictions and I'm sorry for the delay since I first logged on, but I finally got one of my stories down and I hope you all like it.