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Oh yeah... Jane thinks in Italics as well and the bit that is in Italic is a flashback.

"Maura I'm telling you this thing was the coolest thing ever!" Jane blew a loose curly strand of her dark hair out of her face. The popcorn in the microwave was half done and she was waiting impatiently.

"Jane," Maura sighed "your house is currently full of the 'coolest things ever'. You have approximately 54 boxes of excess items that you bought while in recovery. Your mother has called me several times and requested I convince you to clean up your 'crap'."

Jane raised an eyebrow as she leaned around the corner of Maura's kitchen wall. The Medical Examiner sighed exasperatedly, "Her words not mine Jane." Jane shrugged and rolled her eyes.

"She's worried about you…I…we're all worried about you." Maura's voice softened but she knew the stubborn woman in her kitchen heard her.

Jane leaned over and placed her hands on the counter to watch the popcorn in the microwave turn for a few seconds. "Shit. I buy some stuff off the shopping network and the next thing I know you people are about to throw me in the loony bin." She clenched and unclenched her jaw. "I always thought you and Ma wanted me to go shopping more often, can't get it right can I?" Jane's tone was light but Maura heard the insecurity. She had learned a lot about human interactions from Jane and was pleased that she picked up on the unspoken message.

There were soft footsteps behind Jane but Maura didn't approach the other woman, she could see the tension in her body from across the kitchen, instead she leaned against a counter and crossed her arms in front of her. "Jane…" Maura realized there wasn't much more to say, Jane wasn't 100% yet and she needed more time, buying trinkets and useless items wasn't the worst behavior in the world.

I could think of several studies that show that individuals who have survived a trauma turn to substance abuse in order to numb the pain and sedate themselves in order to sleep through a night.

The blonde knew there was no way to convince Jane of anything once the dark haired woman had made up her mind, the best course of action was to drop the subject for now. "So…what was this item you wanted to buy?"

The popcorn was popping every few seconds, Jane silently took it out of the microwave and turned around with a grin on her face. "Get this Maur, it's a wand."

"A wand?" Maura tilted her head in confusion, trying to understand why Jane would need a wand.

Jane shook her head, "Yeah, but it's also a remote!" Jane's smile was growing, which was always a welcome sight given how rarely it came around after the shooting.

Maura scrunched her face slight, "The only thing that comes to mind when you combine a wand and a remote is some sort of sex toy Jane…" Maura chucked at Jane's mortified expression, "But given your reaction that's not what you are taking about. Could you be more descriptive?"

The detective had the good grace to blush at the mention of sex toys and made a face that was a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. "No Maur, it's a remote for the TV, but it's a wand!" When Maura still didn't appear to understand Jane continued. "You program it to recognize thirteen motions and it controls your TV, DVD, DVR and all that stuff! How cool would that be? That's like magic or some shit." Jane's excitement was evident as she described her newest obsession.

Maura loved it when Jane got excited about things, Jane's enthusiasm was infectious. "Language Jane." Maura reprimanded the taller woman absent mindedly. "Did you know wands used to represent power? Government officials would use them for ceremonial purposes. The bigger a wand was the more important and powerful an official was."

"Big surprise. Men have been comparing their dicks since the beginning of time." Jane rolled her eyes and laughed.

Maura frowned slightly. "Language Jane. The Egyptians put wands into the tombs of the deceased along with their worldly possessions, they believed the wand enabled the ka, or in our vernacular, the soul to have access to their former possessions. I find it intriguing that most people today think of witches and wizards with wands, most common lore refers to a staff instead of a wand…" Maura was fully prepared for Jane's usual response of sarcasm and teasing about letting her 'Googlemouth' take over.

But Jane Rizzoli was full of surprises. "Really? That's actually pretty cool." Jane pondered the information for half a beat. "Alright enough edgumicating. Let's get our nerd on! And I still wish I had that remote…"

"Well it would be especially relevant tonight since we are watching the latest Harry Potter installment. We could always wait until you buy the wand remote to watch Harry Potter and instead watch the documentary on wolves I mentioned earlier." Maura took a few steps closer to Jane and smiled innocently even though she knew the answer already.

"Watch…later? Wolves?" Jane looked at Maura like she was speaking a different language. "Oh I get it you're joking right?" Jane laughed as she opened the popcorn and put it in the bowl Maura had pulled out earlier.

Maura frowned slightly, "Jane I happen to be very fond of wolves, such fascinating creatures. Did you know wolves run on their toes for speed and agility, it prevents their pads from wearing down and they can swim up to eight miles! Also pups are born with blue eyes but when they are eight months old their eyes turn yellow…" Jane's disapproving glare put an end to the mini lecture in record time.

"We're watching Harry Potter tonight. I came to your house on the promise I'd get to pick what we watch." When Maura nodded Jane tilted her head and asked, "What would your Patronus be?" Jane tried to eat a handful of popcorn but failed and a few pieces fell to the ground where Jo-Friday eagerly scooped them up.

"Jane Patronus' aren't real…" Dark eyes narrowed and Maura quickly continued, "But if they were real, and magic existed and I was a witch who had been taught the spell, mine would certainly be a tortoise."

Jane's jaw dropped, "Seriously, a tortoise? I don't think the Dementors would even flinch if Bass the Patronus turtle was coming at them…" She herded the blonde out of the kitchen and to the couch.

Jane flopped down on the couch and patted the spot next to her, "Come on Dr. Isles, this movie is so awesome, you'll forget all about the wolves." Maura sniffed, clearly not satisfied. "What do you want Maur? I've been looking forward to this all week! This is your first night off in a while and I miss spending time with you…" Jane's raspy voice lowered for the last half of the sentence.

"You missed me?" The question was accompanied by an excited grin.


Jane flinched when she saw Maura's face fall. "Well yeah of course I missed you Maura, I hate being cooped up in my tiny apartment with all the shit I've bought. I miss our nights together when you would lay in my arms while we watched a documentary, I miss the nights when we got drunk while watching a game and yelled at the TV and I miss our sleep overs when you 'accidently' fall asleep meditating. Hell, I even miss you telling me to watch my language…Life isn't quite the same without you in it Maura Isles." Jane grinned crookedly at the Doctor whose hazel eyes looked a little teary.

"I missed you too Jane." I always miss you. Maura leaned in and rested her head on the taller woman's shoulder.

"Sooooo….can we watch Harry Potter?" Jane asked cheekily, she turned and flashed her infamous smile at her friend.

Maura playfully hit the dark haired woman. "Yes, fine let's watch your movie." She nuzzled the other women's shoulder in what the blonde hoped was a stealthy manor. They were best friends, however, they were unusually touchy feely with each other, but there seemed to be a mutual understanding that the subject was not up for discussion.

"Thank God. I was running out of arguments." Jane reached for the remotes to get things started; she worked the three remotes like a pro, knowing the correct combination of buttons to get everything started quickly.

Maura looked skeptically at the detective, "You? Out of arguments?" She chuckled, "I'll believe that when I see it. I have a hypothesis that you have prepared arguments for just about anything." She laid her hand on the dark haired woman's knee in a soft touch to let Jane know she was kidding.

"Well my next argument was going to be that you needed to re-watch part one before part two comes out, it would be like not reviewing before a final test." Jane's raspy laugh was soft but it traveled down Maura's spine and sent shivers throughout her body.

Maura grabbed the blanket and pulled it over both of them, Jane leaned back and Maura rested more of her body on Jane's. "I've always thought you'd make a great lawyer."

The random comment seemed to catch Jane off guard, "Hell no. I'm not going to call anyone 'your Honor' that often unless I'm talking to God himself." Jane scoffed.

Maura giggled and snuggled into Jane who was now practically horizontal, Maura draped an arm over a firm stomach and rested her head in the usual spot on Jane's shoulder. After many reassurances from Jane that Maura would not suffocate her, the pair often fell quickly and comfortably into this intimate position; Jane laying on her back with an arm around the Medical Examiner's waist, Maura half on top of her and half on the couch, an arm across the detective's lean stomach.

As the movie progressed Jane thought about the elephant in the room, the night before she shot herself Maura had spent the night, the friends fell asleep talking about a case they had just wrapped up.

The light was so bright, so bright it was making it impossible to remain asleep. As Jane slowly made her way to consciousness she noticed five things.

First, she had slept amazingly, the last time she slept this well was before she knew who Charles Hoyt was. Secondly her right side was considerably warmer than her left. Third, there was warm breathing on her neck and a whisper of pressure from something soft. Fourth, her arm was asleep and she couldn't feel her fingers. Fifth, it was really fucking bright.

Jane opened her eyes and several blinks started to look around. Jo-Friday was in her usual spot on the end of the bed but she was bathed in light. The detective realized she must have forgotten to shut the blinds list night before falling asleep. Jane stared straight above at the ceiling as she came more into consciousness.

Shit, when Maura and I get talking we can go all night, I don't even remember her leaving.

Suddenly there was something moving against her side. Jane's heart began to race until she realized that Maura was the cause of her left side being warmer, the breathing on her neck and the numbness in her arm.

Maura must have fallen asleep while we were talking too…

Jane looked at the blonde woman sleeping on her shoulder, she couldn't see much, the honey colored hair splayed out over the pillow. Maura's soft breath tickled Jane's neck every so often, Maura's arm tightened around her every time she tried to move.

She's so peaceful…

Before Jane knew what was happening she felt her lips connect with the doctor's cheek, just shy of her lips. Jane pulled away quickly, shocked by her own action, the movement was enough to stir Maura from her slumber.


Jane's eyes were wide and her body was tense while she waited for the woman in her arms to freak out at being kissed. Instead Maua blinked sleepily and squinted into the brightness, when her eyes didn't adjust quickly she buried her face in Jane's neck and mumbled.

"What's that Maur?" Jane asked softly.

Honey blonde hair moved and suddenly Maura's face was inches from Jane's, close enough for Jane to see the freckles sprinkled across the other woman's face. Maura cleared her throat daintily, "I said 'that's a nice way to wake up', though your sudden movement was quite jarring. Why are your orbicularis oculi so wide?"

Jane was suddenly grateful for Maura being more clueless than usual about reading people early in the morning. "My what? Maura it's too fucking early in the morning for medical terms." She relaxed and let her head flop back down on the pillow, squeezing her eyes shut she pretended not to know Maura was staring at her.

Fuck. She knows. She knows I kissed her. Why did I do that? What the hell was I thinking? I kissed my best friend, why would I do that? Other than she is unbelievably smart, gorgeous, funny, adorable, sweet, caring-

Jane's thoughts were interrupted by Maura's lips on hers, she tensed up momentarily but then relaxed into the kiss. Just as Jane started wrapping her arms around Maura their phones started ringing and Maura pulled back, her small shy smile was replaced quickly by embarrassment.

The Medical Examiner reached for her phone, "Dr. Isles."

Jane followed suit "Rizzoli." While Jane was listening to location Korsak was giving her she put her hand over Maura's hand and gave her a small smile. Maura looked down at their hands and smile shyly at Jane.

Everything will be alright…

Alright was not a word Jane would ever use to describe the events of that day.

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