First fan fiction xD so don't hate on me for how terrible and short it is. I promise the next one will be longer. I noticed that there weren't many stories for oresama teacher so I decided to make one. This story is filled with adventure, ninjas, demons, samurais, and romance! I'm trying to include all the characters from oresama teacher in my fanfic so you'll have to read to find out who she'll end up with. Please review, enjoy ^_^

Mafuyu walked against the dry, coarse road tired and hungry. "Where the hell is that stupid village!" *Rumble* "Nngh. I wish I had saved some food to eat before. When I get there I'm gonna eat some ramen and katsudon and meat buns and ...Whoaa!" Ow! What the heck?

"Hey what the hell? Watch where you're going." Mafuyu stared at the man who was speaking to her. Apparently they had collided and fell.

"Sorry I was kinda spacing out cuz…" *Rumble~~~~* She started blushing a deep crimson red.

"Here eat this." The man threw her an onigiri. Mafuyu was speechless, she just looked at the food in her hand. "I don't need it anyway and by the way, why is there a little guy like you traveling by yourself," The man looked her over and said, " That sword won't do you any good if you can't use it."

So he thinks I'm a guy? Well that's no surprise. He's not the only one to do it, pretty much everyone I've met has. " So little boy, what's your name?"

"My name is Kurosaki Mafuyu and I'm not little, I'm 16." I doesn't really matter if he thinks I'm a guy and he seems pretty nice. Mafuyu took a bite out of the onigiri.

"Really! That's how old I am. Hmmm." Suddenly a large grin grew on his face. Crap I don't like the way he's smiling at me.

"Fight me."


"You heard what I said, fight me," Mafuyu had this dumb and confused look on her face. "You may look small and weak but you're carrying a pretty good sword that looks like it's been used often and there's this mysterious aura coming from you. Before I had felt a huge ominous aura strong enough to kill not long ago so I decided to come check it out and ended up bumping into you."

Dammit it must have been from when I was hungry.

"The killing intent has disappeared but I can't shake off this feeling that you're actually a pretty strong guy."

"Are you sure you want to fight me?"

He gave her a smirk and said, "Absolutely. Oh and I forgot to tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"The name's Hayasaka" *Whoosh* Crap! Mafuyu barely brought her sword up just in time, escaping what could have been death. This guy is serious.

"I knew it! You are definitely not normal." We both jumped back and prepared for our next attack. Hayasaka dashed forward and came in through the side. Mafuyu swiftly blocked it and countered. He seems like the type that would keep going no matter what. I don't want this battle to drag on for too long. I have to end this quickly before I get hungry again. The girl picked up her speed and charged forward.

It won't be so easy to defeat me by heading straight on!" *Fshh* She disappeared. "Shi…," Whack! Hayasaka fell unconscious.

"Good now that that's over I can leave."


"My lord shall we attack?"The demon king looked at the man kneeling before him and sighed. "I don't wanna do this crap anymore. It's as fun as it used to be."

"But my lord..."

"I'm tired of this. i don't even get to do anything. All I do is sit here and give orders. It's pissing me off. I want more action. That was the whole reason I took this role. This is so boring." The demon king stood up and started walking towards the door.

"Wait, where are you going my lord!"

"Where do you think?" the demon grinned, "I'm gonna go get some action."

Hope you like the first chapter! In the next chapter Hayasaka, Mafuyu, and the demon king will meet. Will they be enemies or friends? Also who is the demon king? read the next chapter to find out xD