A Day Away (Sequel to "Bridges")

DJ Dubois

September 2011

Notes: The characters from "Captain America" and Tony Stark belong to Marvel. Please send comments to .

Chapter 1 [SHIELD Complex—Times Square, New York City]

Deep within the confines of the midtown complex, activity continued round the clock. Analysts pressed to get data for Colonel Fury and the highers up. Labs had their projects cooking up. Agents and certain heroes prepared for whatever the next mission was.

Like the city around it, the place never slept either…..

Peggy sat at her computer screen typing away on her latest endeavor. In the four days since her return, she'd already cracked a key case involving one of Steve's old enemies, Baron Zemo. She cleaned up the entire requisitions process. Now she had wrapped up another case too. Rather than being stuck in the retirement home, she felt renewed energy.

The other analysts knew of course that there was a certain blonde haired inspiration too….

She didn't really care what the others thought. She knew that she was building a life with Steve. That was all that she wanted anyhow. Of course she was pleasant enough with her peers and occasionally did coffee with them. However the younger folks acted in ways she really didn't understand. Accordingly she kept a professional attitude with them.

Maybe Steve will be able to do lunch at Moe's? She recalled the little diner in Brooklyn. For some reason, it hadn't surrendered to time's onslaught as the others around it had. Let that sit for a minute. Finish this and get it to Fury first. She typed a few last key strokes and hit enter on the keyboard. "There." She stood and headed for the door.

"Going somewhere, Agent Simmons?" Fury supposed.

Peggy stood at attention almost instinctively.

The other analysts turned their backs on the scene knowing their boss wouldn't take kindly to them rolling their eyes among other reactions.

Still the Colonel made a mental note of these things through his one good eye. "At ease, Agent. How's that report?"

"It should be in your email as we speak, Colonel Fury," she informed him.

He produced a blackberry and accessed his account. Seeing the message there, he nodded ever so slightly keeping his expression neutral the whole time. "I'll check this out. Thank you for doing this. By the way, he's in the gym. Maybe you might get him some lunch?"

She sighed. "Captain Rogers never was good at allowing himself slack. I'll see to that."

"You do that, Agent. See you in a few hours," Fury instructed albeit with a bit of warmth in his voice. "Dismissed."

She headed out the door and down the hall toward the workout facilities therein.

Fury observed, "Wish we'd brought her over sooner."

[Workout Facility]

Meantime Captain America tested his reflexes and honed his skills. Thanks to Tony Stark's latest facility, he could simulate specific sequences and stratagems. He'd fought beside the Howling Commandos once again. He'd even faced off with the Red Skull to study the adversary more closely. Nazi bullets sprayed ineffectually against the star spangled shield. He moved like greased lightning. His fists found enemy chins and faces. The red boots struck out in others' midsections.

A fling of the shield finished the barrage off. Metallic caroms echoed against weapons shattering against it. A few thuds came from the last enemies to go down.

As he waited for his weapon's return flight, he heard a hissing sound coming from the corner. He leapt into the air and grabbed the monkey bars above himself.

Barely a second later, a stream of fire cascaded through the air where he'd been standing.

Where does Stark get these ideas? He frowned and leapt back down to the ground. His hand stabbed to its left, grabbed the shield, slid into position and held it up within a heartbeat.

A second flame burst rained down upon the barrier.

He held his shield up to block the continuing attack and charged forward. He ignored the heat coming through the shield's handhold and through his glove. He pressed on, slamming the shield into the flame thrower's nozzle and breaking it.

"You really know how to cut it close, don't you?"

He turned to see Peggy watching him from the doorway. "One minute." He leapt over to the console and pressed the red button on it. "There." He walked toward her. "How's the report going?"

"Colonel Fury's been reading it for the past ten minutes." She arched an eyebrow at him and motioned toward her watch. "You're late again, you know."

He turned toward the analog clock high on the south wall and saw it was five after two. "Stark threw in some surprises." He grimaced and kissed her cheek on the way out. "See you upstairs! I'm going to shower and change!"

She chuckled to herself. She knew of course the simulation would run until then. Still she couldn't resist a little jab with their shared joke. She eyed the busted flame thrower and shook her head. "Tony's going to hear about this." With that, she left the area.