Memories of an Amnesiac

By Inscriber

Summary: Wally blinked up at her in confusion, "Who's Kid Flash?"

Chapter One: Blank

The sounds of the room drifted up to him lazily, gently forcing him awake. The first thing that shook him from his lethargic sate was the severe headache. It felt like he had been run over by a fully loaded cement truck-multiple times. His eyelids pried themselves open to escape the confines of his thoughts and he was instantly dazzled by the intensity of the bright lights shining above him fiercely. The sheer sense of bright stunned him for a moment, leaving him gasping for a second or more until he realized that the insane overload of light had ebbed, and his eyes were adjusting sluggishly. The room was still slightly out of focus, but he could already feel his eyes trying to correct themselves, and he ignored the disjointed movements of the out-of-frame room as his eyes began to take in his surroundings-something they did automatically. He blinked a few times, and found himself in a dimly lit room with lights that hummed to themselves quietly, blissfully unaware of the damaged brick walls and old cement floor that they hung above diligently. Thin, narrow windows were evenly spaced nearer to the ceiling than the floor, and only a few were broken and allowing thin beams of moonlight to pour into the room. The floor was freezing, and unfortunately the cold seemed to have seeped into his skin, chilling his bones. He shivered unintentionally and sat up, trying not to take notice of the rush of blood that rushed to his head.

Geez, where was he? The last thing he remembered was going to bed last night at Uncle Barry's. He vaguely recalled being really excited for something, but he couldn't put his finger on it…Regardless, it had nothing to do with waking up here. Where ever 'here' was. Suddenly he was reminded of his headache as the pain flashed violently once again through his head. Squeezing his eyes as though he'd been hit, he put his hand to his head as if that would ward away the onslaught of murderous pain that racked him. However, just as his hand had begun to reach for his aching head, another hand shot out, grabbing his wrist and jerking him forwards, forcing him to his unprepared feet. This caused him to wobble, stumbling from one foot to another awkwardly before he regained his balance. After he was able to distribute his weight properly, he looked up to see who had disturbed him and had just now released their strong grip on him.

He blinked in mild confusion when he saw a blonde in a revealing, skin tight green outfit staring, her eyes twinkling ruefully, in front of.

"Nice move, Kid Crash." She told him, a slight half-smile tingeing her words with unmistakable smugness.

She had unbelievably long hair tied back into a pony tail, the deep blonde mane framing her head before hiding away into a green mask with wide-open slits for her gray eyes. Besides her green costume and army boots, her most puzzling accessory was the large bow she clutched in her hand tightly, and the sheath of arrows hanging accessibly from her back. However, the bow and arrows were only the most confusing parts of her outfit-the absolute strangest thing about this chick was this feeling that he knew her from somewhere.

Then from out of nowhere, a boy with ebony black hair melted out of the shadows, flipping down from some unseen perch above their heads. Wally cocked his head at the boy's sudden appearance taking notice of his domino mask and flowing cape, but was even more thrown by the pixie laugh that bubbled out, causing the young looking kid to cover his mouth with his hands in a futile effort to stifle his giggles.

"Sorry, KF," the boy mustered through small fits of control, "But knocking yourself out by running into a wall? Nice." The kid said, emphasizing 'nice' by dragging out the 'i' sarcastically.

Suddenly, without a moment of warning, Wally felt a hand wrap around his shoulder, the action accompanied by a strong voice asking, "Do you feel well enough to continue?"

Wally instantly took his eyes off the archer and the ninja and glued them to the webbed hand that had just now begun to let go. Now, Wally liked to think of himself as fairly comfortable with fear and surprise, but he couldn't help it.

"Whoa!" he yelled loudly, pulling away from the hand swiftly-much faster than he had intended to move, but he didn't notice in his rush to escape the strange appendage-and causing him to accidently collide with a hard surface. At first his brain had told him he had hit yet another wall, but when Wally looked up, he found himself staring into a large red "S" outlined by an equally red shield, and then into two eyes that sparkle a luminous blue in the faint traces of moonlight-they didn't look happy with him.

"S-sorry, dude." Wally choked out to the teen to whom the shirt belonged instinctually, and then backed up slowly-noting that the teens formed a half circle now, leaving him cornered against a wall.

"What's wrong?" the dark skinned owner of the webbed hand asked him , and Wally shook his head, trying not to stare at the eel tattoos that coiled themselves around the guy's arms-oh, geez, where those gills?

Then he could almost feel the click in his brain. He'd seen these guys before! They'd been on the News a week or so ago. They were the Justice League wanna-be's that had been running around for the last few months.

Mentally he checked off each member of the merry band of side-kicks, the girl with the bow was Artemis, Green Arrow's latest rip-off, the black haired kid with the domino mask was Robin, the Batman's Boy Wonder, the guy with gills was Aqua-something-or-other, and the tall muscular teen with blue eyes was Superboy, Superman's kid. He felt himself relax. Okay, this wasn't so bad. In fact, if you were going to be far away from home, this was probably the best luck you could have.

"Well, I really need to get home," Wally said, answering Robin's question, "My name's Wally West, by the way."


Author's Note: Some of you may have noticed that Miss Martian isn't in here, and that is intentional. We find out about where she is next chapter. Other than that, please insert clever disclaimer and dignified review requests here.