Chapter 20: Wake

Thirty-two minutes had passed.

Megan leaned into the hot oven, wincing at the heat but pushing through it just long enough to grab the cookie tray from the top rack and telepathically grab at Robin's pizza from the bottom. The kitchen was filled with a variety of different aromas. They intertwined strangely-sweetness from the cookies blending in with the spicy smell of Artemis's chili and the combined presence of Robin's own creation-but it was a pleasant blend.

The Flash had attempted a failed batch of brownies, but the teens had found that despite any other amazing abilities the Flash had, cooking was not among them. The smell of burnt chocolate had thankfully dispersed and given way to the new mixture of pizza, cookies, and chili. At the moment, Flash was handing ingredients to Artemis.

"…Where do we keep the jalapenos?" Artemis called, standing over the pot of chili. It'd take a few hours to cook, but the smell of it was mouth watering already.

"Artemis, you already put in three other peppers." Robin pointed out. He didn't mind a little bite in his food, but Artemis seemed determined to send at least one of them to the hospital with all the spice she was pumping into it.

The blonde archer simply shrugged not even turning to the Boy Wonder as she asked, "Your point?"

Robin paused in return, and then reluctantly pointed a wavering finger over to a cabinet to the left of her head. Artemis grabbed a container out and then began to pour in the contents to the chili quite liberally. The room crept into silence again, thick with relief but also with the tension of waiting. Of wondering. Until Artemis broke through the wall of silence, speaking what everyone was thinking-though it surprised them that she would be the one to do it.

"I hope Wally's okay." She murmured, shelving the nearly empty container of dried jalapenos.

"He will be." Robin said instantly, the white's of his mask narrowed with certainty. He was slicing through his pizza carefully, the task keeping his mind preoccupied.

"He's a trooper," Barry commented, "Besides, Kid's a pretty easy-going guy. He'll be back on his feet in no time-literally." The older speedster said lightly.

"…I don't think he's going to like the wheel chair." Artemis observed finally, a sly smile creeping onto her face.

"We're going to start having to do a lot of villain's dry cleaning." Robin noted, and then he looked up to see the faces of confusion that had turned his way.

"What?" Megan asked, cocking her head slightly and causing her fiery hair to spill over her green shoulder.

"Well," Robin explained, taking on a tone that indicated that there was some thought behind this, "After KF runs them over in his wheel chair, we're going to have to remove the tire marks."

The room paused, and then was filled with a hearty laughter that belonged to Barry-not because the thought was so funny, but because it was the first moment where not even a hint of worry clung to the air, not even a taste of misfortune gripping onto them. After a moment, everyone was laughing.

Until Megan stopped, her hand jerking up towards her temple. She threw her eyes towards the ebbing chuckles of her friends, her eyes wide with happiness.

"He's waking up."

Flash grinned a smile that was wide enough to rival the other speedster in the mountain, "I'll send an alert to Bats, Manhunter, BC, Fishstick, Little-Supes. Then let's go!"


The first thing that registered was not the pain that laced his legs, or the multi-colored bruise splotches that played on various patches of his skin, but instead the searing migraine that made his skull throb like the booming bass in a club song. Wally smashed his eyes closed as his senses returned to him, his hand flying to press down against his forehead as though that would stop the pulsating headache that raged inside of him. Wally groaned a sound that was much healthier than the previous grunts he had been managing to spit out. His stomach rumbled, and the redhead grimaced, his hand removing itself from his head and instead grabbing at his stomach.

What had he been doing? Running a marathon while smashing his face in with bricks?

That's when the speedster's eyes flew open with a sudden awareness-what had he been doing?

Wally pushed himself up, propping himself into the air with his elbows to view his current location. He was in the…Med Bay? What? On instinct, Wally began to try and shift his weight out of bed, but paused when his feet didn't move with him. Wally froze, throwing his gaze down to view his legs, only to find them heavily wrapped-each leg in a spate prison of white. That's when he noticed the protest shooting up through his shins and he stopped moving. The speedster gasped in horror, his green eyes wide as he stared at his damaged appendages.

"Wha-?" Wally began, but then memory stopped him, striking him like a baseball bat.

His mind flashed, images lighting up like a flare shot off in the dead of night. A steady slideshow memory suddenly coursed through him, making his headache worse. Wally grabbed at his head once again, still finding the motion as ineffective at pain relief as the first time.

Suddenly, hundreds upon thousands of old memories resurfaced from somewhere inside him, being dusted off like old trinkets, along with new ones that Wally flinched at.

Instantly, the sounds, the smells, the very events surrounded him. In his mind's eye, he saw overpowering lights and felt the cool of linoleum floor on his back. A hand reached out and grabbed him, hoisting him onto wobbly feet. When he had turned to view who'd helped him, he'd been greeted by Artemis-but for some reason in he, couldn't quite place. Another memory of him and Robin in the souvenir room assaulted him, one where his friend was taking off his sunglasses. And another, of Aunt Iris holding him so tightly that breathing was an impossible feat. And more-a crowbar landing harshly against his skin and the sound of an unbearable crack that made Wally flinch. A single word floated to him, one thing to grasp onto in a sea of recollection-Amnesia.

"Holy crap…" Wally breathed, glancing around the room with wide, green eyes as he gained his bearings.

Wally gasped, more images assaulting his mind, making even hunger take back seat as half a life's worth of memories returned to him, connecting with the last few days like a puzzle being completed.

He didn't know long he sat there, watching and recalling events that had for some reason been previously hidden by a shadow in his mind. It could have been minutes, but just as easily it could have been hours, maybe even days. It wasn't a speed lapse that distorted the time either-this felt different. This was a total mind lapse, totally dissimilar, not at all alike. However long it had been though, he was jarred from his thoughts by the sound of the Medical Bay's door sliding over, the orchestra of footsteps breaking away the images that rolled through his mind-as well as the smell of food.

Wally blinked, turning to face the crowd-literally. His Uncle Barry was stepping through the door, along with the entire Young Justice and the Batman, not to mention Black Canary, Red Tornado, and Martian Manhunter.

Megan flew in first, a large smile on her face as she enveloped the speedster in a quick hug before floating back to join the others, who had advanced to surround his bed-but Wally hardly registered the action. Only a few seconds passed, but it felt so much longer as he glanced from face to face, a light trickle of still-coming memories flowing through him. But even through that, Wally could tell that the heroes around him were waiting for something, for him to talk.

"Hey, guys." Kid Flash mustered up brightly, wincing at the sound of his own voice, noting how scratchy it was.

"How do you feel and what do you remember?" The voice belonged to Batman, but the questions belonged to all of Wally's visitors.

Wally looked down, eyeing his white hospital sheets and tracing the lightning bolt on his shirt "I feel fine. Y'know, for being beaten senseless by a crowbar while managing to be nearly starved to death. And, memory wise, I think I'm all caught up." Wally said jokingly, though truth hung in his words with a dead seriousness.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Batman asked, assuming the role of doctor as he flicked an observant eye at Wally's heart monitor and his other measured vitals. Like usual, the teen's heart was beating faster than average due to his speed, and his blood pressure was a little higher than usually acceptable-but he was doing well physically for a speedster.

"Umm…Megan saying something about restoring my memories. Then a headache." Wally recalled, turning his narrowed eyes towards the ceiling as he concentrated, "I've had amnesia for…three or four days now, right?" the teen asked, cocking his head curiously, readjusting himself into a comfortable position.

Batman gave a quick nod, "But it appears that you have regained all of your memories. You said you were hungry?"

Wally smiled brightly, a vigorous nod taking place, "Dude, I know for a fact I haven't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm starving."

"Good." Robin spoke up, and then shot Wally an apologetic look, "I mean, not that you're starving. But Miss M, Artemis, Flash, and I have been cooking since Megan got you back to normal." The little bird explained.

"The word 'normal' being a relative term." Artemis stuck in, but her voice held no malice, and Wally found he didn't mind the light insult…or the kind smile that accompanied it.

The speedster moved to hop off the bed, but was reminded of his two thick casts as his legs thumped together, only clumsily clunking together.

"Uh…" Wally murmured embarrassedly, gesturing to the white prisons around his legs. His cheeks flushed a bright red, but somehow managed an even deeper shade as he saw Artemis disappear behind the Med Bay entrance…and return a few seconds later with a wheel chair.

Flash then wheeled the seat over top Wally, carefully lifting his nephew into it and placing him carefully inside. Wally couldn't ignore the wry twinge Robin's face as he tried to bite back laughter at his friend's obvious displeasure.

"Hey Rob-just remember chicks dig the guy with wheels." The speedster inserted indignantly, shoving his hands against the metal rims of his wheels and then giving them a quick shove, propelling himself forward a little.

"Whatever you say." Chirped Robin, a small portion of his chuckle accompanying his words.

Wally's stomach replied before he could, a sharp and demanding grumble sounding like a disgruntled gaint.

"Come on, Kid Appetite-let's go gruntle your stomach."

"Gruntle?" Wally asked, the Flash grabbing onto his chair's handholds so he could push his nephew to the kitchen.

"Disgruntled with the 'dis'." Robin explained half-heartedly, already darting off to the kitchen, "Race you!"

"Dude!" Wally protested his voice light and airy.


Four slices of Robin's pizza, three dozen of Megan's cookies, five glasses of water, and a jug of soda later, Wally leaned back in his wheel chair, a content sigh being heaved from him.

"Could it be you're finally full?" Robin asked, sitting to the left of him. The whole team was seated around the coach, plates balanced carefully on their knees. Wally had wheeled himself to the end of the coach, and team following suit. Artemis was seated by Robin, followed in order by Megan, Conner, and Kaldur. Flash had been with them for a while, laughing and talking with them while rivaling Wally for food consumption-but he'd decided it was time to let Iris know of Wally's status and he'd left.

"I'm never full." Wally answered in a serious tone, "But this is the most food I've had in a really long time. I feel like I could run a marathon." He finished happily, patting his torso contently with a wide grin on his face.

"We're glad to have you back," Kaldur stated, leaning forward to view his teammate. The guilt-so heavy and burdening-was gone. When the speedster turned to look at him, recognition was there. The scared and confused teenager that had replaced him was gone, and the Kid Flash they knew had returned to take back his rightful spot. As a leader, he promised himself that he would never allow something like that to happen again-to Wally or anyone else, "It was strange not having you know us. It was unpleasant."

"You're better this way." Conner added-but he didn't add anything else. Wally, though his legs were broken and would take at least a week to heal, was himself. He wasn't that quite teenager who was uncertain and timid. He was back to himself-alive and moving and confident. But if anything remained of the kid he'd met-it was the connection they'd formed. Wally knew it, Conner knew it. And that spoke for itself. Nothing else was needed.

"I'm just sorry I couldn't get back sooner." Megan added, bowing her head slightly in sadness before shooting it up and aiming a smile at the speedster, "But I'm glad we got your memories back." She grinned. She hadn't liked the Not-Wally that the speedster had been. He had been so much more confused and scared. That wasn't who someone like the redhead ought to be-they should be moving and care-free. Which was what Wally was. Megan didn't know a while lot about Earth, or people in general, but there was something as true on Mars as it was on Earth-everyone needed that person who could see the bright side. She was certain that most people would point their fingers at her when other's asked for the optimist, but Wally had a certain way of handling the rough patches that she didn't-he made the big stuff laughable. The team needed a speedster.

"Aw, don't sweat it, Babe." Wally said, flashing the Martian a suggestive glance, "Whenever you show up is soon enough for me, gorgeous."

Artemis narrowed her eyes, shifted to where she could lean over Robin's head, and then swatted Wally upside the back of his head before returning to her seat, a smug look spreading deviously across her features as she crossed her arms.

"Ow!" Wally exclaimed before glaring at Artemis, "I can't believe you would hit a kid in a wheelchair!"

Artemis glanced over at him, "Believe it."

But it wasn't the same and both of them knew it. Somewhere along the line, the taunts and insults had changed. Whether anyone else noticed or not-both of them knew there was something to confront between the two of them. After all, something so small affecting the two of them like this? Stupid. But maybe it was the little things that counted…and maybe the small smiles meant more than they used to. But here, in front of the team, was not the place to talk about emotions that neither one of them fully understood. So instead, Wally slumped into his seat, and muttered, "Jerk."

"Kid Flash, how are you handling your recent amnesia?" Kaldur asked, killing the light hearted mood.

The question caught Wally off guard. Handling it? So many different feelings surrounded it. Mostly, embarrassment. He'd acted like a moron, and when he hadn't been making a complete fool of himself, he'd either been using up all his energy, making the team carry his useless butt to the Med Bay or getting kidnapped by the Rouges. The thought still made Wally cringe-passing out during training. That was pathetic in and of itself-but giving yourself amnesia by running into a wall? He'd never live that down. His cheeks flushed at the thought, but thankfully it returned to the correct color before the team noticed. He was handling it-but that was for the team. When he got home tonight, if he survived the hug Iris was sure to snare him in, he would most likely spend the entire night watching the embarrassing incident in his head. Instead of saying that though, he gave his leader a reassuring smile.

"Everything's good on that end. The only thing that's got me is that I have to wear these for a while." Wally cheerfully replied, rapping his knuckle against the cast.

Kaldur could tell that the words were not entirely true-but he also knew that Wally would not be delving into the topic any further and he returned the grin with a respectful smile, "We are all thankful for that."

Robin was on the same page as Kaldur-but he could read the speedster like a book. It came with the years of patrolling together, the years of forging the closest thing to brotherhood the two could come close to without sharing the same blood. Kid Flash was embarrassed and angry with himself-but he'd accepted it. Barry was right-Wally was easy-going. He went with the flow-no matter how rough the current got. Right now there was a patch of unsettling waters, but calmer streams were ahead. Wally would literally and figuratively be on his feet in no time.

Robin stood up, stretching, "Well-Gotham calls." He said, in perfect timing as his phone vibrated, "And, apparently so does the Bat. Catch you guys later." He got up to go to the Zeta-Beam teleporters, "Talk to you later, KF."

"See ya, Rob!" Wally called, and waved as his friend faded to yellow.

Robin faded from sight, leaving an empty Zeta-Beam platform, and Wally returned to the conversation . He noticed that Artemis had scooted closer to where Robin had been, and he found he didn't mind it so much.


As the night had worn on, the rest of the team had slowly faded, Megan to her uncle, Conner following , and Kaldur to his king, Wally had lost track of where Artemis had disappeared to, but at the moment, the speedster was actually hoping she didn't show up.

He had wheeled himself into the kitchen, his unsatisfied stomach demanding the spicy scent that lingered from the marinating chili. Sitting in the chair, Wally managed a staggering height-which placed his shoulders almost completely even with the countertops. Just enough height for him to reach up onto the granite counter tops and make a grab for the pot. However, he found that it was literally just out of reach, aloowing only the very tips of his fingers to gently sweep across the glossy silver of the crock pot the chili was in.

Wally scrunched up his face in concentration, his tongue hanging out a little as he concentrated on extending his arm even more than it already was. The movementgave little improvement to his situation, and he only succeeded in pushing the bowl farther away from himself-which his stomach reprimanded him for with an almost sarcastic growl of disapproval.

"Oh, shut up." Wally hissed, glaring down at his talkative tummy. He knew very well that he was hungry again, per usual-he didn't need a glorified hunger pang to tell him that. Besides, it wasn't his fault the chili smelled so good.

The redhead huffed, and made on final lunge for the bowl-unsuccessful. Though he did manage to slap his chin down against the countertop and cause a shooting pain to fleetingly pass through him. He jerked back to cradle his chin in his hands, when he heard a laugh from the opposite side of the room.

It wasn't Robin's laugh, high and chirpy like a Robin itself-this one was heavy and light at the same time-sweet but with a hardened edge around it. He only knew one person like that.

"Artemis, it isn't funny." He whined, not intentionally sounding so pathetic as he pushed himself away from the counter and grabbing onto his wheels to turn himself around to face her.

She was leaning against the over, only the kitchen island separating the two. Her hair was in its usual style, arching down her back like liquid gold. And her eyes-they gave absolutely nothing away. He still hadn't decided if he liked that or not. He was going to wait until he knew where he stood with the green archer until he decided.

"It was hilarious." Artemis declared, the sentence taking on the tone of fact, "So, do you want the chili or not?"

Wally shifted in his seat, his eyes going straight to the pot-though only half if his thoughts were hiding there. The other half were circling the blonde. He didn't know how to handle this. He felt like he was on the top of a mountain with no sure footing-sure, for now he was safe, but one wrong move could send him toppling down to an uncertain fate.

He was uncertain-should he act the way he had been, or should things change? He wanted them to change-some strange part of him did, anyway. But…but did she? The feeling inside him battled multiple others-which was odd because many of the emotions he battled seem to cling to their destroyer, creating a monster emotion that made no sense. A monster that was more than willing to push him from his unstable perch at the top of the metaphorical mountain.

So the speedster went with the safe answer-deciding to be honest, "Yeah, chili sounds good."

That answer was safe-if she wanted to push the subject any further, she was free to. If not..he still got a bowl of chili and the ability to deal with this headache alone-letting whatever happened to happen. An approach to females he had never tried before. Maybe this one wouldn't have to be forced.

Artemis moved, saying "Fine." As she glided past him and to the counter in front of him, gracefully reaching up for a bowl from the cabinet before ladling two heaping piles of chili into the designated bowl and handing it to Wally.

"Thanks." He murmured, the smell drifting up to him and making a smile crawl onto his lip.

"No problem-we were making it for you anyway." Artemis shrugged, leaning against the counter and eyeing Wally. She paused a minute before adding, "For when you got out of the Medical Bay."

Wally set his spoon down, a tone in her voice suggesting that the discussion would happen now. Which suited them both really-him with his speed and Artemis wanting an immediate handle on the situation.

"Yeah? That was nice of you guys." Wally replied, staring Artemis with the same look she was giving him-willing her to be the one to start.

She saw exactly what he was doing, and she groaned before muttering, "Fine-I'll go first."

"You know me so well." Wally joked-but the look she shot him demanded silence and attention.

"Okay-so here's the deal. I, uh," She began clumsily-a word that the young speedster had never associated with Artemis, "Okay…Listen-I realized something. Now, when you were in the Medical Bay, all passed out on the bed because you just had to go and get kidnapped and beaten up, I felt something I shouldn't have. I felt worried…and I shouldn't. Not for you."

"Aw, geez, Arty," Wally inserted, just as surprised at himself as Artemis was with the unintentional nick-name, "I didn't know you cared."

"Remember what you said that day in the training room-when you had amnesia? And I know you did, because Megan fixed your head."

Wally swallowed hard-yeah, he remembered, "Yeah." Wally said quietly, the bowl in his hand silently searing his skin with the heat.

"You said you wouldn't be an idiot after you got your memories back. So tell me right now one reason why we don't like each other. And not even in the relationship way-even as friends. One reason." Artemis demanded-and there was something in her voice. He could hear it. She was actually asking for a reason. One that made sense. One that would satisfy both of them and make things normal again. Well, he was looking for a reason too…and he had bad news for them.

"I…I can't."

"Well," Artemis sighed, sinking further against the countertop, "So what happens now, huh, Baywatch?"

Wally looked down, finding his bowl of chili incredibly interesting before he lifted his eyes to view the blonde that stood before him.

"I don't know." Wally faltered. He felt like an moron-he was usually so good-at least in his mind-with situations like this. He could whip out a pick-up line almost faster than he could run, and he could be quick with his mouth when he needed to be. But not with Artemis. And it bugged him.

Artemis stared at him a moment and then laughed again, a slightly harder sound this time, but an amused glint still hid inside it.

"You're so helpful." She laughed sarcastically, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

And Wally noticed once again, in the small handful of times he had allowed himself to, how pretty she was. She had a slender but firm build with muscles that rolled like gentle waves beneath her perfect skin. And her hair was soft-as he had learned from the mission in Bialya when it had been playing across his face when he had held her light form in his arms. She was so different from the airheads he knew as well-a brain to match the beauty. She'd been able to slip into his lingo during the Doctor Fate mission-science and electronics most people didn't even know about, and she'd been discussing them with him like a pro.

"Well…what do you want to happen?" he asked, and he blushed at the look she gave him.

"I don't know what I want-I mean, I didn't even know I might even possible like you until a few days ago." She admitted. She liked the cute smile of hop that flashed across Wally's face.

"Oh good." The speedster replied in a voice that sounded more like his own, "Then we're both on the same page."

Artemis smiled, a sudden rush of instinct pushing her forwards as she breathed, "Then let's find out what happens next-together." She herself didn't believe it even as she pushed her lips against his-but she didn't pull away. And he didn't either.

The kiss didn't get carried away though, and she pushed back, forcing herself away with one hand an grabbing the counter to hoist herself up with the other. She wanted to get out of the room, or go in again, or maybe talk about what had just happened, but when she faced Wally-she giggled. A stupid grin was dreamily spreading across his face.

"Th-That," he smiled, "Makes me want to get sent to the Med Bay more often." The speedster managed to sputter out before a strange hiccup-laugh shook his chest a couple of times.

"You wish." Artemis said, her sly eyes alive with an emotion she wasn't quite sure of.

There was silence for a minute or two…before Wally destroyed it.

"So…are we dating now?" he asked.

"Do you want to?" Artemis asked back, her voice soft.

"…I know I do." Wally decided with the deepest sincerity he had ever used with a girl. He didn't even force it out-it just came.

"Good, because I know I do to." Artemis said, but she was interrupted by the now familiar rage in Wally's stomach-which seemed to announce that it had waited long enough.

"Eat-your stomach's ruining the mood." Artemis smiled. Wally didn't hesitate, and shoved the spoon in his mouth before his eyes lit up with surprise.

"It's hot!" Wally yelled, dropping the bowl in his lap before shaking his hands wildly in front of him.

Artemis rolled her eyes, a tilt on her lips still arching upwards as she sighed, "Yeah-I like it spicy."

Suddenly a flash of red broke between the two, a Barry appeared before them-only Wally having been able to trace his movements.

"Hey, Artemis" Barry greeted before placing his attention on Wally, "Come on Kid. I've got Iris all caught up. She's not taking it very well, but you know how she is. She's put a strict ban on all things hero related until you die-but I think I can cut that down until your legs are healed. Besides-I think I may be able to allow you to have some friends over. But we have got to go now, or she's going to blow the one fuse she has left." Barry said, his voice blurring into gibberush.

But Artemis had understood the tone, and she hopped off the counter easily, smiling at Wally before she departed with a "See ya, Baywatch."

Wally barely had time to wave before Barry had grabbed ahold of the wheelchair and pushed it over to the Zeta-Beam teleporters.

As the beams whirred up, Barry glanced down at Wally, a warm look on his face, "It's good to have you back, Kid. All of you."

"Thanks-I like it better as Kid Flash anyway." Wally announced brightly-before his skin turned to the color of the sun, glowing like it as well.

And then he faded away-ready to contend with the most formidable thing he had ever faced-as Kid Flash or Wally West- a worried Iris Allen West.



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