Okay, so most of you read my last story, 'Cinderbones' correct? Well, this story is sort of like the last one that it is based on an old fairytale, 'Beauty and the Beast' but with two twists. The first is that this story is going to be modernized, as in present day. It'll be off in some made up city/town but for the most part, it will be completely realistic (except for the singing teapots and other inanimate objects). And the second is that the roles will be reversed. Brennan will be the beast, while Booth will be the Beauty (A manlier term has not yet been found). It will follow much of their real background stories from the show but with slightly different careers and such. There will still be a Parker and a Max and definitely a Jared (You'll see why I say definitely soon enough). Anyway, here is the first chapter of Beauty and the Bones: A Modern Fairytale. Enjoy!

Chapter One

There once was a great city, full of tall buildings and fast cars, big businesses and firms, hospitals, labs, schools and universities that specialized in all sorts of fascinating studies, such as osteology.

One such Osteology professor, Dr. Temperance Brennan, was renowned worldwide for her groundbreaking work with diseases involving bones. She cured many people of otherwise incurable diseases, such as Bone Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Osteomyelitis. She performed miracles, won awards and was honored by many world organizations with prizes for her achievements. She was the leading osteologist in the world and welcomed the fame greatly, almost greedily. Newspapers called her 'saint' and 'angel' and everybody who knew her and knew of her called her Dr. Bones in affection for the young scientist.

But, there were things that many people did not know about her, past the many diseases she cured and the awards she won. Such as the fact that when she was younger, her parents abandoned her, as did her brother, and she was left to fend for herself, being teased mercilessly by her classmates for her social awkwardness and living conditions. In a way, these students gave her the ambition she needed to be successful in every single thing she did, as she vowed that one day everybody who teased her would be sorry. And she was right.

Everybody that knew her in high school was incredibly sorry about how they treated and tried to tell her so when they saw her, but she coldly snubbed them and cursed them when they did, or completely ignored them, treating them as invisibles.

They usually brushed it off as hard feelings, not thinking twice about it. But what they didn't know was that she did this with nearly everybody she came into contact with, except those who could offer her something that would help boost her career. But, except for one truly loyal friend, named Angela, who was also one of her maids, she was as cold to everybody else as her classmates had been to her.

But one day, she was working late at the hospital, when a little old lady knocked on her door. Temperance barely looked up, before sneering at the lady. "What do you want?" she asked, coldly. "I'm very busy right now."

The little old lady, shaken by the woman's cold attitude, spoke in stutters. "H-hello, D-d-doctor. I-I w-was just w-w-wondering i-if you c-c-could-"

"Speak already!" Temperance hissed. "I'm very busy at the moment."

The old woman began to cry. "P-please, D-doctor! Th-they've only given m-m-me til the e-e-end of th-the m-month to l-l-live! I've g-g-got the B-bone C-c-cancer. Th-they s-sent me t-to you hoping y-y-y-you c-could h-help!"

Temperance narrowed her eyes at the little old lady, showing no sympathy. "The treatment cost half a million dollars up front. Do you have half a million dollars?" she asked, already guessing the answer.

The little old lady shook her head. "N-no, b-but if y-you gave me a l-l-little time, m-maybe I c-could-"

"You don't have much time, do you?" Temperance asked, coldly. "You're already half dead as it is, without the disease eating away at you. You've lived a long enough life, now go home. I can't give you the treatment. Certainly not for free."

"B-but-" the little old lady stammered.

"Goodnight." Temperance said, dismissing the poor old woman.

Looking completely shocked at the doctor's cruelty, the little woman turned on her heel and began to wobble out of the office, whispering something under her breath that Temperance couldn't quite catch.

Not that she cared, anyway. After all, it wasn't the first time that'd happened to her.


Later that night, Temperance was driving home, going sixty miles an hour, her radio blasting and her car window opened, with her arm sticking out. She was singing softly along with the radio and checking the time every few minutes to see what time it was. Angela usually locked the door after a certain time and Temperance didn't want to have to go through unlocking all six locks, nor did she want to wake up Angela.

Angela was dangerous when she was woken up, and Temperance did not want to have her lecturing her for the next half hour. Hopefully, she was still awake.

Temperance was so busy checking her watch, in fact, that she didn't notice the eighteen-wheeler turn on to the road until the last possible second.

But by then, it was too late.


Temperance woke up to the steady sounds of monitors beeping and a dull thudding in her head.

She opened her eyes to a dimly lit hospital room, and her tearful best friend looking down over her. "Oh, Tempe!" she cried, covering her eyes as she plopped back in her chair.

Temperance tried to smile, but failed. "Angela, relax. I'm fine. Just a little bump on the head." She assured her, a slight slur in her voice. She supposed it was probably from the heavy painkillers they used. But Angela was not reassured.

"Sweetie," she sniffled. "You're not fine. Just look at you!"

Temperance looked down at her arms, which were pretty scratched up, long scars ran down her arms, starting from her elbows to the casts over each wrists. Probably underneath too. Temperance also eyed her feet, which poked out from beneath her blanket. Neither were in a cast, but both were stitched up and slightly blood-stained. But, other than that, Temperance felt fine. No other visible lacerations or breaks.

But, yet, Angela was still crying. "Angela, what's wrong?" Temperance asked, becoming annoyed.

Angela, sobbing, pulled out a mirror and showed her the reflection. Temperance was horrified to see her face, all scratched up and scarred, her hair cut off so that it only went to just above her ears and one blue eye was slightly swollen and bruised.

Temperance had always prided herself one her looks but now…Now she was a monster.

She threw the mirror at the floor, expecting to hear a crack as all the glass shattered, but surprisingly didn't. Instead she heard laughing. Giggling, really.

Temperance looked up and saw the old woman took the place of her best friend and was now laughing, not maniacally, but like she'd heard a good joke.

"Breaking the mirror will not change your hideous looks, Dearie." She said. "I'm afraid you're stuck with them."

Temperance glared at her. "Where did you come from, you old bat?" she hissed.

The lady just chuckled again. "Oh, Sweetie, let's not forget what got you into this mess now. Your cruelty was the reason I had to do this in the first place. And only your kindness will get you out of it." Her stutter was gone, just like that.

"You did this?" Temperance growled. "You bitch! I'll sue you for every penny your worth. I'll have you locked up for doing this to me!"

The lady chuckled again. "Oh, Sweetie, nobody else can see me except for you. Not even your friend here can see me. But, I am willing to help you get your life and your face back to the way you were. But you also have to be willing to help yourself."

"Of course I'm willing to help myself, you lunatic! What do you think I am? Stupid?"

The woman tsked at her. "Now, now. Relax, Dear. That's exactly how you're going to help yourself. By being kinder. And until you learn how to be truly kind and are able to find somebody who loves you for who you are in every way, you're going to stay like that. And, a word of advice, nobody wants anybody who's ugly on both sides."

And with that, she was off. When Temperance turned to look at her friend and explain to her what she was just told, she found her missing once more. "Angela?" Temperance called.

"Sweetie!" A voice came from down below, and Temperance looked over the side of the bed, seeing a small, round, pink teapot with brown eyes looking up at her. "Why the hell did I just shrink?"

Temperance had to suppress the urge to laugh as she picked up the mirror and showed her friend her new reflection.

"Oh my God!" Angela exclaimed. "I'm fat!"