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"No, man, I think you should add this," Hyde suggested, pouring a beaker into the glass flask that came with Eric's old "My First Chemistry Set," recently dug out of the attic after Laurie found it up there looking for her old hair dryer.

"Hyde, it says you shouldn't mix the ace…ty…the blue one, it says don't mix the blue one with that," Eric announced, fumbling over the words in the now fading instruction manual.

Hyde shook his head. Was Eric really going to listen to some know it all toy company? The guy who wrote the instructions probably couldn't pronounce the words himself!

"Nah, man, if you do that-" Hyde's voice was interrupted by Kitty calling them up for dinner. The boys ditched the set and marched upstairs, eager for whatever feast Kitty had prepared tonight.

A few moments later, Kelso came through the basement door, only to find that nobody was down there. He walked over to the stairs, entranced by the smell of warm pot roast. Before he could go up the stairs, though, something caught his eye.

"Whoa, what's this?" Kelso asked, picking up the box to the chemistry set. "Ch-em-istry, oh, like mystery! Ch-eh-mystery set. Cool!" He shouted, looking at the plastic test tubes laid out. Well, if it was supposed to be a mystery, then shouldn't he add stuff so Eric and Hyde wouldn't know what was in it? Yeah, because then it would be a mystery!

"Awesome!" Kelso yelled, dumping whatever he could find, including a few drops from each of the laundry products, into the flask. Dude, it was all bubbly! It looked like one of those potions that witches and sorcerers make! Oh, man, Eric and Hyde would definitely have to figure out the mystery now!

After dinner, Hyde and Eric decided they might as well mess with their "potion" until Saturday Night Live came on. The bubbling had dyed down, so they didn't even notice the difference as they added a packet of pink, dusty looking stuff into the mix. Kelso was laughing, but they figured it was just at whatever cartoon he was watching on TV

Eric leaned forward ever so slightly, trying to smell the chemical creation. Hyde rolled his eyes, and sniffed it, getting close enough to actually smell it. "No! Hyde, you remember what our chemistry teacher said? Waif, not waft? Or something like that…" Eric warned him.

"Man, do you have to be such a baby about everything?" Hyde asked, leaning in closer, just to watch Forman flinch, much to Kelso's amusement.

"Hyde, I'm serious, man." Eric said nervously. Really, they didn't know anything about chemistry, this stuff could be poisonous!

Hyde tried to ration that it wasn't that different from what they did at the circle, anyways.

Eric, finally catching on that Hyde was joking, laughed awkwardly. That is, until Hyde took a real sniff, and before Eric realized what happened, Hyde had crashed onto the hard cement floor.

Hyde blinked. Man, had he passed out? OK, so maybe their science teacher had a good point about not smelling chemicals. Oh, God, not to mention that Eric and Kelso had seen him pass out! He was going to have to…punch them, or something, if they teased him about it.

Wait a second…why did everything look so big? And why did Eric look like his eyes were going to explode out of his head?

"Dude, it looks like somebody put Hyde in the dyer too long!" Kelso was giggling.

"What the hell are-" Hyde started. Whoa. What was wrong with his voice? It sounded really…high pitched, and…young.

"Hyde, don't freak out, but, Hyde…you're…you," Eric stuttered.

"YOU'RE A LITTLE KID!" Kelso yelled, a stupid grin plastered to his face.

Hyde laughed. Maybe he was right about it being like the circle and he was just high, or dreaming, or something. Yet, when stood up, his friends suddenly became giants to him. Even Eric. He turned around. The couch stood a few inches taller than him, and his shirt went down past his knees and-

"OK, this isn't funny anymore," Hyde said, the Zen leaking out of his now tiny voice. But, as Eric handed him a mirror from some shelf by the shower, he saw it was true; the Zen Master looked like a kindergartner.

Hyde just stood there, dumbfounded, when suddenly feet came booming down the steps and the furious voice of Red Forman rang out; "what did you dumb asses do?"

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