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"I don't get it," Edna finally said.

"Course you don't," Hyde said, walking towards the table.

"This isn't possible," she stammered to herself. "Right?"

Hyde sniggered and shook his head. He wished it wasn't possible, but somehow…somehow this insane, ridiculous plot was real.

In the background, Donna stopped herself at the doorway and quietly watched. Now she knew why her boyfriend had run upstairs, completely bypassing her.

"What are you doing in town? You left," Hyde pointed out.

"What are you doing-like-like this?" A fair response. Hyde shrugged. "Steven…?"

"Yeah?" Hyde answered. "You got a question?"

"Yeah. How is this crap possible?"

Hyde shrugged again, and Edna sighed. "You remember my friend Kelso?"

"The cute, dumb one."

"Yeah. The second half. He's a dumb ass."

"Alright. What does that have to do with this?"

Donna cleared her throat awkwardly and walked in. "What Hyde means is, he and Eric were playing with an old chemistry set, and-"

"Kelso added a bunch of shit to it," Edna's son added.

"Right. And then Hyde, uh…" she tried to phrase it in a way that didn't seem like Hyde had huffed the mysterious blue stuff like a drug. "He smelled it. Then he blacked out-"

"Hey!" Hyde barked.

"And then this," Donna finished, waving him off.

Edna paused to think this story over a few times. "Okay, I ain't no genius or nothing, but how the hell do chemicals do this? Scientists have been trying to make something like this for years and still can't. What are the chances some dumb kid would get it right, huh?"

"I don't know, Ma. Maybe Kelso's a secret genius." He smirked at his own quip. Laurie, who was staying silent in order to not make things worse for once, rolled her eyes and smiled with him.

"When did this happen?"

Hyde looked at Donna and Laurie. He hadn't thought about the date since stupid Valentine's Day in February. Donna took the cue and tilted her head up while she did the math. "About four months," she said uncertainly, before looking stunned at the revelation. Huh. So it had been four months in absolute hell already, Hyde thought. That seemed like not nearly as long as he thought it had been.

"So what were your plans, kid? Freeload of the Forman's for another thirteen or whatever years?" Freeload?

"Hey." It was Red. Red to the rescue. Red the angry, annoyed guy with his worried wife and awkward, twitchy son in tow. Hyde was both relieved and embarrassed, sort of like a kid who'd be pantsed by a bully only to have an older kid tell off the bully (which, coincidentally, had happened to Forman before). Or, even better, like a new Foreign kid who was strung up on a hook saved from bullies by new friends, but who had to be seen by his new friends stuck on a hook. He was glad he wasn't on his own, but wished he could've handled it on his own nonetheless.

"What are you doing here?" Red asked curtly.

"Just came to see my kid. My right, ain't?"

"No," Red said, cutting through the crap, "not after you abandon him. What kind of parent just leaves their kid totally on their own? A shitty one, that's it."

Edna stood up. "Well excuse me. I didn't know you were his keeper now." Keeper, my ass, Hyde thought. He didn't have a friggin' keeper.

Edna went on to tell Red why she got the idea to check up on Hyde, how'd he'd run into her by her old house. And, after that, how none of this made sense to her. How her innocent visit turned into something unbelievable. Also, she insisted, he was her kid, and she had a right to know about him. Too know when things happened to him. To take him back.

Red took a few long breaths, never breaking his intimidating eye contact with Edna. He was deciding whether to kick her out, or explain things to her and then kick her out.

Kitty slowly leaned towards Hyde and suggested he leave the room (after Donna already dragged Eric out), but he refused. He was sick and tired of people telling him what to do. He could make up his own mind. He didn't have a damn keeper. And if he did, it was himself. This was about him and he could handle it himself.

Everyone was always trying to make things into big deals. If people would just chill out and not turn things into a fight, it would be a lot faster to resolve. Then everyone could bitch and brood about it afterwards.

If he told his ma that he wasn't going anywhere, he'd sound like a petulant kid. "No, Mommy, I don't want to go!" He could just picture some little kid screaming at an amusement park. Yet, he couldn't just sit back, either. Man, since when did he think this much about telling people off?

There were so many things he could say; you can't just ditch me and then take me back, since when do you give a fuck about me, you sure you want just ditch me again in a few years? But Steven Hyde was a man of few words. So instead, he started with what he had long ago written on an SOS message in crayon; "hey Edna; fuck off." He wished Red and Kitty weren't there, making him want to watch his words. "Why the hell do you suddenly give a crap about what I do?"

She looked taken aback. She had been arguing with Red, and then her kid just mouths off to her; it made her stop. For a moment, they both wondered if Edna really came back for him, and if she really wouldn't just re-abandon him later. She wanted to think. And while she thought, she didn't want Hyde around. She wanted to leave him there.

Edna Hyde looked around the room. She stood up. "you know what, stay here. But you're still my kid." When Red gestured to the door, she complied and left.

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