Hello. My name is Thorn. I got bored and started writing this with my friend's encouragement. You probably know my friend, Codiak.

Anyhow, I put a bunch of time into this chat and have been thinking of new things for it constantly. I think it's good and have Codiak read it once in a while. I am so glad i finally got this up.

Well, I'm not really sure what else to say. So, yeah enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom just the OCs.

Raven Nekila to Danny Fenton said, "Why are we on this pointless website?"

Danny Fenton said, "Cause I've got blackmail on all of you! :P"

Sam Manson said, "What's he got on you Raven?"

Danny Fenton said, "I have a picture of her…"

Raven Nekila said, "They don't need to know Danny!"

Tucker Foley said, "No please go on."

Destiny Nekila said, "Would you leave my evil little sis alone."

Dean Wesson said, "No I want to know what my future sister-in-law is hiding."

Destiny Nekila said, "What are you talking about?"

Sam Wesson said, "He is intent on marrying you and me marrying Raven."

Raven Nekila said, "Why do I get roped into his idiotic fantasies?"

Dean Wesson said, "Cause you're evil. ;)"

Danny Fenton said, "SWEET! Now I have another thing to blackmail Rae with!"

Raven Nekila said, "How many times do I have to tell you? DON'T CALL ME RAE!"

Danny Fenton said, "Rae Rae Rae Rae Rae Rae Rae RAE"

Destiny Nekila said, "You shouldn't have done that."

Sam Manson said, "Why?"

Danny Fenton said, "Raven no get away!"

(Danny's internet has been disconnected)

Sam Wesson said, "And Dean wants me to marry her lucky me."


Zeke Norton said to Raven Nekila, "Why are you making me be a part of this?"

Raven Nekila said, "Cause you're my friend and I can use my powers on you."

Zeke Norton said, "Oh right."

Tucker Foley said, "Who are you?"

Raven Nekila said, "He is one of the few people that don't irritate me unlike you."

Danny Fenton said, "I see a great friendship coming."

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Danny Fenton said, "Really?"

Jazz Fenton said, "Haven't you learned not to say something stupid to Raven?"

Sam Manson said, "Please don't hurt my boyfriend."

Raven Nekila said, "Fine. (sighs)"


Dean Wesson said to Destiny Nekila, "So, how are my girls?"

Destiny Nekila said, "I'm great now that you're here."

Raven Nekila said, "I AM NOT YOUR GIRL!"

Dean Wesson said, "Sorry, I meant my brother's girl."

Sam Wesson said, "SHE IS NOT MY GIRL!"

Danny Fenton said, "This is so entertaining."


Zenon Zelfman said, "Hi peoples."

Raven Nekila said, "Hey Z, how's training going?"

Zenon Zelfman said, "Great, I'm almost done with this lesson, and then I get to come to your dimension."

Danny Fenton said, "You seem nice I hope."


Zenon Zelfman said to Zeke Norton, "Hey Zeke."

Zeke Norton said, "Hey Zenon."

Tucker Foley said, "Hi there Zenon I'm the guy of your dreams."

Zenon Zelfman said, "Really? You're headless with a knife through your heart?"

Tucker Foley said, "Umm no."

Zenon Zelfman said, "Well, do you have powers?"

Sam Manson said, "NO!"

Danny Fenton said, "NO!"

Jazz Fenton said, "NO!"

Zenon Zelfman said, "Then Tucker, you are so far from my dream guy."

Raven Nekila said, "I love my friends."


(In private messages)

Dean Wesson said, "Talk to her."

Sam Wesson said, "No!"

Dean Wesson said, "Remember Sammy, the weapons are in my room. ; )"

Sam Wesson said, "Oh right."

Dean Wesson said, "Alright she just got on go Sammy!"

Sam Wesson said, "Don't call me Sammy!"

Dean Wesson said, "Whatever. GO!"

(Out of private message)


Sam Wesson said to Raven Nekila, "Uhh hi Raven."

Raven Nekila said, "Hey Sam."

Sam Manson said, "Hi Raven."

Raven Nekila said, "No, other Sam."

Danny Fenton said, "Hola peeps!"

Sam Wesson said, "Dear God."

Raven Nekila said, "(grinds teeth) What do you want Danny?"

Danny Fenton said, "I got bored do do do dooooo."

Sam Wesson said, "I gotta go fight a demon."

Raven Nekila said, "Gotta feed my snake."

Sam Manson said, "Have to help my grandma."

Danny Fenton said, "Aww man I'm alone."

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Danny Fenton said, "Aww come on!"

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