Authors Note: Helloz there! The great hedgehog has a present! An AWoG oneshot! Horray!

Gumball's mom, Nicole, who looked like Gumball, only she was taller and she was a woman. But anyways, she baked a cake for Darwin's brithday party, and Darwin invited his friends, (basically, Iron Mam, Lisa, Dayzee, Banana Joe, and Tobias.) they were looking at the delicous choclate cake Nicole made. "!" Lisa cried out, very drooling at the sight of the delicous cake.

"I gotta have it!" Lisa said, then trying to pluck a piece off of it.

"NO! My mom would be furious! You know what happeneds when she's mad!" Gumball warned her.

"Come on! Just a little bite?" Tobias said, his mouth making a river of drool at the sight of it and a guy rowing a boat on it.

"No!" Gumball said, smacking his hand.

"Ugh. Fine!" Tobias exclaimed rubbing his hand.

"Good, now how about we play some v- THE CAKE!" Gumball yelled out, seeing that Dayzee took it.

She ran out of the house like a speeding bullet, and trying to find a safe place to eat the chocolate cake. Too bad Gumball and his other friends were chasing her. She then tripped which got the cake into the hands of some triangle guy, which then he tried to eat it, but Gumball then kicked him in the jaw, releasing the cake out of his hands into some stickman, good thing it wasn't Logic Editor's OC Matt. He then went to eat it then the thumbprint robber snatched the cake.

"AFTER HIM!" Iron Mam exclaimed with the group chasing after Darwin's cake.

Gumball and CO. was at a dark alley, seeing that the thumbprint guy, had it. Then, sent a punch at Gumball, which then Iron Mam sending another punch, which sucessfully hitting him.

Lisa then blared loud music at the robber (It was Justin Bieber music.) which making him die from the excruciating wrath of JB's songs. Which then, Gumball got the cake, then seeing that his friends betrayed him. Because of that delicous cake, "You know what? Maybe if I eat it, no one will attack me!" Gumball said to himself, then cramming the ultra epic cake into his gullet!

"NO!" said Gumball's buddies. They were sad after what Gumball did, then with Gumball walking home happy, while the others grieving at the thought of the cake being gone, and being killed by Gumball's stomach acid.

"THE CAAAAAKE!" screamed out Nicole. She then began looking for it everywhere since they were gone! Gumball is in the soup now!

"Hi, Mom!" greeted the blue cat, seeing that his mother was furious.

"GUMBALL ATE THE CAKE!" BJ (or Banana Joe) blurted. With then Nicole being furious, no, not furious, she was so mad that the devil in Heck couldn't top that.

"GUMBALL WATTERSON! GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" Nicole screamed, making Gumball completely lose his colors. He then walked up to his room, with the others seeing that Nicole brought a spare cake. Darwin was there now, after they sang the Birthday song, they then cut out the cake. With Gumball in his room crying that he didn't get to be there at his best friend's/brother's birthday party.

Also, kiddies! The moral to this story is, is not to listen to Justin Bieber music and to not steal completely epic frick'n awesome cakes. So that ends our one-shot.