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As always, it is I, Flamegaruru, with a continuation of the 'Goggle-head' series! It took forever, but I had my muses lead me into the plot continuation, so…all that begins well will end well (Takato's dream about Ruki). Yes, alas, I am using the silly American names because I forgot the last names for some of the Tamers, hem hem, Juri, Hirokazu, Kenta…yadar yadar yadar. Now this is just a teaser; prologue if you may. *rubs hands together deviously* Now let's see what an insane author like me will get our Ruki and Takato into. *laughs insanely* Oh, I am listening to the love theme from Attack of the Clones, so, be prepared for my insanity…^_^ This story is dedicated to all Rukato fans everywhere! Power to Rukato!

Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon, Taiora would've come true and Rukato will have happened sooner.

Note: This takes place right after Calumon's story in This is pathetic, goggle-head!

*********** What is ^ with the title? Well, you'll find out soon enough *************

" Catching some flies, goggle-head?"

Takato blinked drowsily as he finished his humongous yawn. His girl-friend, Rika Nonaka- better know as the Digimon Queen among card players- just teased him a little and was now laughing with the rest of his friends. He ran a hand through his shaggy chocolate brown hair and shrugged his shoulders, giving Rika the best puppy dog eyes, staring at her with his round amber ones.

Rika's laughter died down as she started staring at Takato. The so-called leader of their little group, Takato had a heart of gold and had proven it more than once. Now, as she peered into the amber pools of Takato's eyes, she heard nothing, pray tell for her own heart beat. Takato stopped giving her puppy eyes and grinned. Rika couldn't help but grin back.

" Takatomon, why is everyone laughing?" Guilmon, Takato's partner in "evil-crime-butt-kicking", scratched his red snout, trying to keep the incessant growling in his stomach down.

Takato laughed and patted his friend on the head. Guilmon happily swished his tail, glad to not be left out. A creak of armor was heard and Takato looked up.

" I think this has been a big enough night for all of us," War Greymon, the golden armored Digimon, commented. His brother, Black War Greymon, stood up also.

" I agree. We had better return to the Digital World," Black War Greymon stated.

Henry, a tan boy Takato's age with blue hair, stood up and brushed his pants off. " We may have a problem there."

The Digimon and rest of the Tamers looked at Henry in confusion.

" What do you mean?" War Greymon asked.

" Well, it looks like the digital gate between the two oak trees is short-circuiting," Terriermon, a bunny-like Digimon who was Henry's partner, stated and pointed his paw to the trees.

An audible gasp escaped Takato's lips as he saw it was true. The full moon shone brightly on the ground between the two oak trees, allowing everyone to clearly depict the action that was taking place there. A rainbow of colors flowed between the two towering trees, flickering on and off every once in awhile.

" I think it would be best not to go through the gate until we've figured everything out," Renamon, Rika's fox-like Digimon partner, said.

" You don't say," Terriermon wisecracked. Renamon glared back at him.

" The thing is, where can we put these two gigantic dragon Digimon up for the night?" Henry raised an eyebrow, thoughtfully stroking his chin.

" I think Guilmon's shack has enough room!" Calumon piped up, eager to be a part in all the action.

" That just might work," Rika said.

" The let's go for it!" Takato enthusiastically jumped up.

Henry stretched his arms a bit further and Terriermon puffed out his ears and hovered in the air beside Henry, doing his latest impression. Henry just groaned and started off towards Guilmon's shack. The two Greymons followed suit.

Rika was about to get up when a hand was thrust into hers, pulling her off of the ground. She looked up at Takato and grinned, quickly reaching up and snapping his goggles and dashing off towards the shack. Takato gasped in mock surprise and ran after her. Calumon giggled as he, Guilmon, and Renamon went after their friends.

" You're really slow goggle-head!" Rika called over her shoulder. "I can't see you anywhere!" Realizing what she just said, Rika furrowed her brow and turned around, not seeing Takato or any of her other friends. She puzzled; she was right in front of Guilmon's shack, where could they be?

" Gotcha!" Takato snickered with glee as he heard Rika squeal as he grabbed her by the waist.

Rika scrunched up her eyes. " I can't believe I fell for that, goggles. I'm losing my touch."

Takato took Rika's hand into one of his own and squinted at it. "It feels the same to me," he joked while Rika rolled her eyes.

" You will be the downfall of me, goggle-head," Rika sighed.

" You mean ARE," Takato sub-consciously corrected her.

" Whatever," Rika rolled her eyes again and nestled into Takato's arms.

" I could get used to this," Takato murmured as Rika nodded in agreement.

Rika closed her eyes. Today had been a rough day. Well, this whole week in fact had been. It's not everyday you regain your friendship with your first friend, find the love of your life, get kidnapped, find out you're a princess, and have to put up with Calumon's constant snuggling. Then, Rika had to keep reminding herself to be nice and a little girlish, for Takato's sake. She gave a shudder at thinking of wearing dresses for fun. That's what most girls do, her mom told her. Rika just rolled her eyes at that comment. Ordinary girls may wear dresses and make-up, but not the Digimon Queen.

Takato unconsciously tightened his grip around Rika. He liked having her close. After liking her for six years, his dream; one of many, had come true. Rika liked him back. If it hadn't been for Karusimon kidnapping Rika and finding out that his past life was so tragic, it would have been a perfect week. At least it's all over.

Takato shifted his head so that he and Rika were face to face. For a moment their eyes locked on each other and they relived the joyous times spent together. Rika slowly blinked and brought her head towards Takato's, who did the same in turn. Inches apart, Takato felt himself get light-headed from Rika's own scent…

"Takatomon!" Guilmon cried and flung himself at Takato, thus knocking the two teens into the shack.

Takato and Rika fell closer down to the gravel, but somehow, didn't hit it. Blinking in wonder, Rika looked down to see the ground where they should have hit, but, to her surprise, there was none!

" I thought the Earth was solid, unless Guilmon tried to dig all the way to America," Takato quipped as they started to float in an endless pool of pitch-darkness.

" Ha ha," Rika said, turning her head around, looking for some way out of this fathomless place.

" I feel really dizzy all of a sudden," Takato commented as he saw Rika faint and start falling. " Rika!" He cried, but found he could not reach her.

Takato tried moving every which way, but still could not reach Rika. He watched as her body slowly started to vanish from his eyesight. Takato suddenly felt very tired all of a sudden and his eyelids felt like ten-pound weights each. It wouldn't hurt to close my eyes just for a few minutes…and close them, Takato did.


Ow…Takato moaned a little. His whole body felt like it had been run over by a truck. A very large sushi carrying truck to be precise. Takato felt like he needed to sleep for another ten hours, minimum. His position was so comfortable, the smells so intoxicating, Rika so warm, the covers so…! Wait a minute! Takato's forehead scrunched. Rika so warm!? How do I even know that Rika is here? His amber eyes shooting open, Takato quickly scanned his surroundings, his eyes immediately falling on Rika, lying asleep, on his…bare…chest! Takato instantly felt his face grow hot. What the…?

Rika didn't know why she felt so warm right now. All that she cared about was sleeping some more. Feeling content, she snuggled up closer under the covers, her hand brushing against Takato's ribs…Hold on a second. Rika arched an elegant eyebrow. Something doesn't fit. Soft covers…Takato's ribs…Rika's eyes shot open to Takato's bare chest. Feeling her face turn red, Rika whipped her head around, her reddish-brown hair flying all over her face. Sputtering, Rika pulled off the covers…and quickly encased herself in them again. Her heart pounding very hard, Rika turned her head over to Takato, whose face resembled a very ripe tomato.

" Okay, Takato; what's going on here?" Rika asked, slightly hysterical.

" Your guess is as good as mine," Takato replied, his voice slightly lower than Rika remembered it.

" All I remember is Guilmon running into me, the two of us stuck in that big, murky place, and you fainting, myself falling asleep, and waking up here…" Takato trailed off, scratching his face and immediately withdrew his hand.

" What's the matter?" Rika inquired, leaning over.

Clearing his throat and resisting the temptation to look down, Takato managed to squeak out an answer. " I have hair- short hair- all over my face!"

Rolling her eyes Rika said, " Takato, you need to shave. Although it is kind of weird how you got that stubble. Come to think of it, it is kind of odd that we are in a bed, like this…" her voice trailed off, her eyes narrowing.

" What is it?" Takato whispered as Rika put her hand to his lips to silence him.

" Do you hear it?" Rika breathed.

Takato furrowed his brow, straining to hear what Rika could. Then, he heard it, too. Little thumps, grower louder and more intense. Takato put his left arm around Rika and braced himself, for he heard someone fiddling with the door handle…

" Good mowning!" Takato and Rika's eyes contracted as a little brown blur hopped onto their bed, crushing each of them into a bear hug.

" Huh?" Takato managed to gasp out as two tiny little arms retracted from his neck and attached themselves to Rika's.

After releasing Rika, the blur started jumping on their bed, finally stopping to sit and gaze at the Tamers.

" No…way…" Rika said, dumbfounded.

Takato merely gazed in shock at the little boy at the foot of the bed. It's an almost exact replica of him…The little boy had a huge mound of dark chocolate hair strewn all over his face, giving it a cute look. His deep brown eyes peered with child-like innocence at Rika and Takato. He was wearing little teddy bear pajamas and atop his head proudly sat a pair of blue goggles. For, with all of that, the little boy looked exactly like…

" Tai!" Rika exclaimed.

" Yes, Mommy?" Tai looked at Rika with probing eyes.

" What are you," Rika started, but stopped herself. " Mommy! Me!" Rika coughed.

" Wenamon's downstaihs making bweakfast," the child said in a toddler voice, unable to pronounce his R's. With that said, Tai flashed the "parents" a big smile and raced down the stairs, making a huge ruckus.

Takato just continued to stare at Tai's point of departure. " That was…different…"

Rika just moaned and threw herself back onto her pillow. " Too many goggle-heads!"

Takato shakily smiled and lay down next to her. What the heck is going on here? Takato mused.


What is going on indeed?

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