Too Many Goggle-heads!

Part four: Save us all!

By: Flamegaruru

(JK! I really don't know what the title should be for this chapter!)

Ruki: Kami-sama! I can't see a [BLEEP] thing!

Takato: I'm sure the fuse just blew Ruki. Not like some evil ax-raider cut the wires and is now menacingly creeping towards us to slit our throats.

Ruki: Oh, gee, thanks for setting my mind at ease.

Takato: But of course! ^^

Rei: Czzzxxkkkkkk….Z.Z *head on W.H AP book*

Evile cackling voice: Mwreeeheeeheeee!

Ruki: *blanches*

Takato: '.' This is so weird.

Mena: Ta-daaaaa! *flicks flashlight on under her face giving it an even MORE creepy appearance*

Ruki: Noooooo!!! I can't take having two of you! @.@

Takato: ^^;;;;;;;;

Mena: Y'know, I think I should make myself a permanent addition to the 'Goggle-head' saga! I'll call it "Goggle-head: Mena mode"!

Ruki: *whams her head against the wall…or was it Takato? Too dark to tell*

Mena: Awwwww! Ain't I kawaii? Fell asleep studying with that hunky pic of Yami-sama taped to my…ooof!

Ruki: *hurtles Mena out*

Takato: Eh, Ruki? We still don't have any lights.

Ruki: Just save me!!! *starts blindly punching the air*

Takato: …!! Rei! Wake up! Your speech!

Rei: SPEECH????!!!! GAAAAA!!! I didn't use ethos, pathos OR logos! No rhetoric! EEE!!!…*blink blink* Oh. I don't have speech anymore. But I've gotten a B in World History!! GAH!!!! *starts throwing herself against the wall*

Takato: It's just the first month-er, now second! Next test you should try studying! Ruki-help me stop her!

Ruki: Why? It's amusing. ^^

Takato: --;;;;;;

Okay! If this just isn't posh! Goggle-head has hit its one-year anniversary! *throws confetti* I feel compelled to shed some tears!…too bad I've already run my eyes dry! ^^ Never, in a million years did I think that goggle-head would still be moving along after one year! It may be at the pace of a decrepit, arthritic sloth, but it IS moving nonetheless! ^^ A brief history, thanks, and you FINALLY get to the story!

Hurry up, goggle-head!- After seeing the grandee premiere of Tamers, I was captivated by the ever-kawaii goggle-head and our now infamous Ruki-chan! Seeing that dream pulled me into captivation- by the ear. The 3rd of October I cracked my knuckles and started the first installation based on my glorious Rukato dream! HUG (wow! Cool acronym!) was the teaser, our Tamers still being young, not yet old enough to fall in love, but old enough for crushes (and torture from yours truly). As Ruki and Takato's friendship grows stronger, both get bolder around the other. The series ends with the two being quite hospitable to each other. :p

This is pathetic, goggle-head!- 6 years have progressed and Takato and Ruki are now flirting- which is quite enough to give anyone cardiac arrest. ^^() They have a past life (whoa), they smooch, Ruki plans to disembowel Terriermon, Ryou hasn't turned up and all is right with the world…or so we thought…

Too many goggle-heads! - I was, er persuaded into writing a sequel. o.O Quite a weird story…I was too lazy to do homework (what else is new?) and was randomly typing with my muses when Chibi Taichi Chan popped into existence! Thus I chucked a non-too-happy Ruki and confused Takato into adult situations- going to work, and raising a kawaii, hyperactive chibi! ^^() To add some 'fun' and to make my cousin's story work, I added Mena-or me-in!

Okay, that about does it! You shall all see a special preview for the final installment at the end of the chapter, which I could change. Big up to my pals I met through Rukato- y'all know who ya are. And this is dedicated to all you Rukato fans out there!

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Ugh. My head hurts. And why is that? I can't seem to remember…Takato wearily opened his eyes.

" About time, goggle-head," Rika half-heartedly grinned as she sat next to him.

" Huh?" Takato's head slowly started to clear up. He was sitting on the couch at his house.

" You know Takato, considering you've known Rika this long, I would've thought you were smart enough not to say that entire phrase," Henry guffawed.

Takato blinked as he remembered the last words uttered out of his mouth [Yami-sama's note: Read the previous chapter and review, mortal, if you wish to know]. He felt his cheeks heat up as Rika started glaring at him. "Sorry…"he mumbled.

" A hit like that would leave anyone feeling sorry," Terriermon quipped as he sat atop Guilmon's head.

Takato sat up and the view of the three Digimon came into view.

" Terriermon," Henry warned.

" Momentai," the little bunny laughed.

" Back to business, genius," Rika swiveled her head to meet Henry's gaze. " Did you find us a portal?"

" Well, uh…" Henry edges his chair back a few feet from Rika.

" Aaaa! Useless!" Rika threw her hands in the air as Takato slunk back onto the couch.

" Bwana extends his condolences," Terriermon mumbled as he struck up his old genie impression, following Henry as he headed towards the door.

" I can always keep looking," Henry said and went outside.

Rika put her fingers on the bridge of her nose. " It pains me to say this, but where's that cream puff of a Digimon?"

Takato straightened up. " Calumon? He's here?" He incredulously cried.

" The big deal being about?"

" Calumon can travel through time! He told me that when we first met!" Takato grinned as Rika's eyes widened.

" If I weren't so upset at you, I would kiss you!" Takato pouted as Rika turned to Renamon. " Where's the phone?"

Renamon looked a bit perplexed at this question but said "This way," and went out of the room, Rika trailing behind her.

" Hey, Takatomon, do you want some Guilmon bread?" Guilmon chirruped as he bounded over to Takato's side.

" I don't think I should eat anything, boy," Takato sighed. " After what Kazu and Kenta did today, I don't think I'll ever eat-unless it's my dinner before my untimely demise."

" What'd they do?" The Rookie innocently inquired.

" They made a game that is the concoction of evil, perverse minds."

Guilmon blinked. " What was it about?"

" I'm too scared to say it aloud. If Rika knew about it, I might as well slit my wrists."

" Hear about what, dearest?" Rika asked as she leant down next to Takato's head.

" Uh, oh," Guilmon inserted his classical line.

" Rika!" Takato yelped in surprise. " What did you do?"

" Told Henry to track down that fluff ball. Now," Rika imprisoned Takato in a headlock. "…what was this stuff that I shouldn't know about?"

" Uh…" Takato sweatdropped as Rika's grip became tighter. " Nothing! Eh, how's the weather? Uh…heh…heh…ow…"

Takato's eyes bulged. Guess that changing the subject isn't getting her off my case. Takato fervently hoped that he could find a way to sneak out of this mess…

" Taka-daddy!" Tai cried jovially and enthusiastically nose-dived into Takato. " Hello, Wika-mommy!" He grinned sweetly at Rika.

" Don't think I'm letting you off that easily," Rika whispered as she let go of Takato.

" Whew," Takato sighed with relief.

" What was that about?" Tai asked.

" Uh…"Takato pulled at his collar. " Grown-up stuff," he smiled as he ruffled Tai's hair.

" Oh…" Tai nodded. " I'm supposed to go outside and play with Wenamon and Guilmon until you come out and say it's okay to come back in!"

Rika and Takato's faces turned as bright as freshly made tomato sauce.

" I see you've already changed," Takato spoke to Rika, desperate to change the subject.

Rika snorted. " Of course! Did you really think I'd spend another second in that accursed outfit?"

" Of course not!" Takato laughed away his density. " C'mon, Tai, let's go upstairs."

" O'tay!" Tai clambered onto Takato's back. " Diddyap, Taka-daddy!"

" Here we go!" Takato smiled cheerfully as the two bounced off upstairs.

Rika rose an eyebrow at the sudden departure. She slowly cracked a smile as she dropped onto the couch.

~ Oh, crikeys! This could only mean…!~

" Whaddya mean Rika Matsuki isn't here?" Mena roared furiously.

The nurse blinked. " I'm sorry, young lady, but Mrs. Matsuki has already checked out."

Mena growled something about inept people who always seem to be there when you don't need them and she stormed away from the desk, Calumon snug atop her head.

" Now what?" Calumon mournfully asked.

" Well, we find that dummkopf," Mena muttered, taking a look at the little family picture she held securely in her hands.

" I saw him when we came in! Maybe he heard where Rika was going!" Calumon pointed to a man jabbering away in Spanish to a little girl.

" Worth a shot- A Spaniard in need is a Spaniard indeed," she snickered and walked over to the guy. Wow- he looks like Luis! " ¡ perdón, seňor! ¿ Hás visto una baka pelirroja incompetente? (Yami-sama's translations deluxe: Excuse me, sir! Have you seen an inept, red-haired cow?)"

The man blinked as the four stood in silence. Mena bit her lip.

" Uh…¿Hás visto una bruja pelirroja incompetente? [Yami-sama's translations deluxe: Uh…have you seen an inept, red-haired witch?]"

The man's eyes lit up. " Ah, sí, señorita." ("" Ah, yes lady)

Mena grinned. " De dónde vive? ("" Where does she live?)"

" Calle 13. (""Street 13)"

" ¡Gracias!"

" De nada." ("" Thanks and you're welcome)

" Yay!" Calumon cheered as he and Mena went outside of the hospital. " Where are they?"

" 13th street," Mena informed.

" Why do we have to find them?" Calumon gripped Mena's hair tighter as she looked for her cousin.

" Well, you belong with our saintly Rika and her man, and I know she'll want this back," Mena flashed the picture momentarily.

" Where to?" Mike asked as Mena hopped into his car, Calumon in tow.

" 13th street."

" The chowderhead again?"

Mena smiled. " Yeah, again."

~ Rika's in for a surprise!!~

Rika tugged at a loose strand of hair. Why are those goggle-heads taking so long? I can't wait to get home. As much as I hate to say this, I'm even starting to miss Terriermon!

" Ta-da!" Takato and Tai chorused as the former flopped down next to Rika.

Rika sulked. " And might I-huh?"

Takato waved his hand to cut her off. " I thought this to be an apt time for nostalgia! Tai! Hit play!" Takato gleefully grinned.

Tai pushed play on the VCR and scrambled up to sit on a non-too-enthusiastic Rika.

" Takato, what are we watching?"

" My proposal!"

" Momma mía," Rika sighed.

~ Tape POV~

Darkness. Pitch black darkness obscured all view, cutting off the innocent from the light.

" Takatomon, I can't see anything," Guilmon's voice whimpered.

" Ah, no! I told Dad we should've gotten a new camcorder instead of a throw rug!" Takato's voice groaned.

Some shuffling was to be heard.

" He should've gotten a digital camcorder so we could take the pictures and send them over the Net."

" Terriermon…"

" Momentai."

" Aha!" Takato cried triumphantly as he came into view- only kiddy-whumpus.

" Takatomon! You did it!" Guilmon cheered, bouncing around, thus the view changing in accordance.

" Guilmon, just hold it steady," Takato's arms shot out and steadied the view. " Now listen. Keep focused on Rika-or me- at all times, okay?"

" Takatomon, are you hungry?"

" No boy, I don't want anything to eat," Takato wrung his hands.

" He's starving for something else," Terriermon giggled.

A thwack and an outcry of 'Momentai' were heard as the view remained on Takato's beet red face.

" I hope Rika hurries up. Ryo can't stay here for long. Thank goodness," Takato muttered.

(A/N: Okay! This is way too hard! Too much thinking! Yami-sama's note: That is because you had a stressful day, Rei-chan and were forced to think in math. Rei's note: Of course, Yami-sama! ^^ Now, this is from Author's POV!)

Guilmon swished his tail eagerly as two of the original Tamers, one lop-eared bunny included, stood around him outside of his shack.

" The Queen is coming," Terriermon pompously announced as the forms of Rika and Renamon came up the pathway.

Henry's eye twitched. " I'm now adding 'The Princess Diaries' to your list of movies you're not allowed to watch."

" Hey! How'm I supposed to stay in character for my Princess Pretty Pants routine?" Terriermon retorted.

Henry rolled his eyes as Terriermon's ears flopped down into his face. " You know Susie doesn't do that to you anymore."

" Hey, Dinoboy, what's with the camera?" Rika strode up to the group, Takato quickly swooping down to give her a quick peck on the cheek.

" Taping Rika!" Guilmon laughed as he shoved the camera up to Rika's face.

" Nice," Rika gently pushed Guilmon away. " Oof!" She grunted as the infatiguable Calumon crashed into her. " And what are the rest of you doing?"

" Why, we're your cheerleading squad!" Terriermon took two pawfuls of cards from Henry's pants and danced atop his Tamer's head. " Rika, Rika, rah rah! Rika Rika rah rah! If she doesn't beat Ryo, it's gotta be a glitch, if it isn't, she'll be a bi-MOMENTAI!!" He screamed as Rika threw a punch at his head.

" Watch it," Rika growled as she walked into the shack, Takato, Renamon, Calumon and the camera-toting Guilmon in tow, Henry preparing to drop kick his partner.

" Hey there, babycakes," Ryo smirked as the group entered.

It may have taken a strenuous effort by all parties present, but Takato was eventually restrained.

" No smart remarks, or I'll let goggle-head carry through with his threats," Rika's eyes narrowed as she and Ryo sat opposite of each other.

" Sure thing," Ryo agreed.

[A/N: Okay, I'm going to skip the card battle…Yami-sama's note: DUEL!!! Which mortals dare duel in the presence of Yami no Yugi? *GLOMP* @.@;;;;;; Rei's note: --()()() Digimon Card Battle, Yami-sama. I only know how to play it in Digimon World 3, so…!]

Takato's eyebrows weren't the only ones up throughout the card battle. Rika's every move was concise, all strategically planned out and expertly executed.

" I concede," Ryo threw up his hands.

" Hmph," Rika smirked triumphantly.

" yay!" Rika's entourage cheered.

" Good game, Rika," Ryo grinned. Rika partially nodded. " Well, I need to get back home. See ya!" Ryo exited, brushing past a peevish Takato.

Rika gathered up her cards and stood, turning towards the door and smacking right into Takato. " Ouch! Takato," Rika exasperatedly bent down to pick up her cards.

" Let me help," Takato bent down on one knee.

" Thanks, goggle…" Rika froze during mid-pet name calling as she just realized Takato was in the proposal position.

In came Henry, Terriermon, and Calumon all dressed as Mariachi singers. Henry was strumming away on a guitar, Terriermon tooting away on a trumpet, and the tiny Calumon shaking a tambourine. Guilmon started jiving to their tune, keeping the camera steady, and Renamon stood to the side, trying to suppress her extreme amusement.

"Rika, I've got something I want to ask you," Takato licked his lips as Rika visibly gulped.

" He's got something to ask you," the 'band' echoed.

Rika grinned along with Takato as he pulled a little black box out of his pants pocket. " Miss Rika Nonaka, would you bestow upon me the honor of being my wife?"

Slowly blinking, Rika smiled with both her eyes and her face. " Indubitably."

" Really?" Takato jumped up.

" Of course!" Rika seemed near giddiness herself.

" Oh, gosh!" Terriermon sobbed into his sombrero. " This is the most touching thing I've ever laid my eyes upon! Reminds me of 'Beauty and the Beast', except the roles are reversed."

Rika just threw her arms around Takato's neck and kissed him passionately. The crickets incessantly chirped and Terriermon cleaned his spit valve.

" Takatomon? Are you alive?" Guilmon inquired, careful not to move the camera.

" Crikey, they've been goin' at it for ages," Terriermon impatiently huffed.

" Let's see if you're brave enough to brake them off."

" I'll bet they're going to Maui for their honeymoon," Terriermon smirked devilishly. " Most likely to the Seven Sacred Pools. Seems to me that they're both the kind of people who would enjoy the sensation of a giant tongue licking them over."

" Terriermon! No 'IQ' either!" Henry swung his guitar at his partner.

" Aw, nuts!"

" Hey, Terriermon," Calumon innocently piped up. " What's a honeymoon? A moon made up of honey?"

" Nah, it's something a married couple get to go on after they're hitched. I'm sure that once Rika and Takato are there, they'll start going at it like two mice in a wool sock."

The world seemed to cringe, for that was the moment Rika and Takato let go of each other. Then the screen went back.

~ it is done…~

" I should start my own support group," Rika muttered as she comforted a sobbing goggle-head on each side of her.

" That was the most gripping thing I've ever laid eyes upon,' Takato wailed.

" I agwee," Tai cried, clutching Rika's shirt even tighter. " Wika-mommy, what did Tewwiewmon mean by 'going at it like two mice in a wool sock'?"

Takato and Rika's bodies went entirely frigid. " Remind me to clobber that bunny next time I see him."


Mena and Calumon hopped out of Mike's car. "Thanks, Mike!"

" No problemo, mi prima. Are you going to be all right?"

" Yeah. I'll find the place. I'll remember the house, but not how to get there," Mena sheepishly laughed.

Strolling down the street, Mena quietly whistled one of her favorite tunes.

" What'cha whistling?" Calumon asked.

" 'Across the Stars'," Mena dreamily answered.

" Pretty," Calumon began to hum along.

" Oh! There is it!" Mena broke into a run.

" yay! Rika! Eskimo kisses!"


" So what Tewwiewmon said was a diffahwent way to say 'nuzzling'?" Tai blinked his naïve orbs.

" Hhmmm-hmmm!" Rika and Takato fervently nodded.

" Wight," Tai skeptically answered, His eyes widened as the doorbell chimed. " I'll get it!" He remarked and rushed away.

" Perceptive, isn't he?" Takato wiped some sweat away.

" Unfortunately so," Rika sighed.

" Mena!" Tai's cry of jubilation echoed throughout he house.

" This is all just a nightmare," Rika hoped as she and Takato ran to the door.

" Hey, squirt," Mena chuckled as Tai grasped her hand and started shaking it exuberantly.

" What are you doing here?" Rika heatedly demanded.

Mena rolled her eyes as if it were the most obvious reason in the universe. " Why, to make sure you're all right, bitsy pookums," she cackled and actually pinched Rika's cheek.

Rika impatiently batted Mena's hand away, glaring all the while. She was about to snap back a very snide remark when the white fluffball formerly known as Calumon flew under her chin.

" I missed you lot and lot, Rika!" Calumon fervently nuzzled Rika for all it was worth.

" Calumon!" Takato breathed with relief. " C'mon inside. We've, uh, got some cream puffs for you!"

" Whoppee!" The minuscule Digimon cheered and flew after the departing goggle-head.

" tai, go with your father. Mena and I have some matters to discuss," Rika's eyes shot venom.

" O'tay," Tai said and went inside and shut the door.

Rika glared harshly at Mena who actually grimaced. " Okay, missy. I've got questions and you've got answers, so spill! What made you think you had to check up on me?"

Mena pouted indignantly. " The way you were out, it's a good thing I got there when I did!"

Rika cocked her eyebrow. " You're not telling me you got delusions of grandeur while Margie and I raided the place?"

" I was just having some common sense. Something didn't feel right, so I thought I should just check on you guys to make sure everything was all right. When I got there, Margie was going into labor and there was a pretty large scuffle from upstairs…"

Rika grabbed Mena by the shoulders. " What were you thinking? It was dangerous in there! You could've gotten seriously injured, or worse!"

Mena averted her eyes. " I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to be hurt. Margie too," she quickly added.

Rika sighed. " Still…"

" Hey, if Calumon and I hadn't gotten in there when we did, Margie's baby probably wouldn't be alive and you would've been mince meat!"

Rika's eyes widened in surprise. I remember before blacking out…I thought I saw Calumon head-butt that creep… " Thanks, I guess," she reluctantly stuttered.

Mena smiled. " Just repaying the favor!" She cheerfully said. " Anyway, I thought you might want this back- I know how much it means to you," Mena placed something in Rika's hands and shut them.

" Uh…" for once, Rika was at a loss as to what to say.

" Oh, and next time be sure to take out all the thugs. I might not be there to save your hind end!" Mena winked and raced off down he street.

Rika's eyes flashed fire. " Wait a sec! You took out a thug? Why I oughta…!" She shook her fist, but Mena was too far down the street to do anything but blow a raspberry.

Rika opened up her hands to reveal a picture- a family picture to be precise. Guilmon and Renamon stood to the far left and right of the picture while Rika and Takato were in the middle, sitting on a stone wall, holding a happy Tai between them.

" hey," Takato came out of the house, wrapping his arms around Rika's waist and resting his head on her shoulder. " Calumon says if we go back to the shed, we can get back home. What's that?" He peered down at the picture.

Rika softly grinned. " Something that evokes deep feminine emotions from the bowels of my throat and allows you to be in that position."

" Ah…" Takato smirked and the pair stood in that fashion for several more minutes.

^*~ Bedtime~~~

" And that's how Gallantmon saved Sakuyamon," Takato grinned as he finished the story.

" So the score of saves is Gallantmon-1, Sakuyamon-10," Rika smirked from the other side of Tai's bed.

" Then they lived happily ever after, wight?"

Takato chuckled. " More or less, yes."

Tai merrily clapped his hands and then squeezed his Guilmon plushie. " Night, Taka-daddy," He said as Takato gave him a good, long hug. " Pahting is such sweet sowwow, Wika-mommy," Tai buried his head into Rika's stomach.

" Indeed," Rika ruffled Tai's hair as he released her.

Takato quietly closed the door as he and Rika exited. " Calumon, let's go home," he whispered. Calumon flew out of Guilmon and Renamon's room and followed the pair downstairs…

The trio walked in silence as they made their way to the old shed in Shinjuku Park. Takato wasn't the only one who exhaled a sigh of relief as they entered.

" Okay, Calumon, let's go home!" Takato said as he and Rika each held one of Calumon's paws.

" Here we go!" Calumon chirped as his triangle glowed and a brightly-colored portal opened in front of them.

Rika felt the wind get knocked out of her as the trio leapt into the portal, but she still maintained her iron grip on Calumon, As she heard Takato utter her name, Rika could no longer control the overwhelming urge to black out. Neither could Takato.

[Yami-sama's note: Thus ends the chapter, foolish mortals. Now while you go and lead your pointless, irrelevant lives, I shall be glomped. Good morrow! Uhh…?? What is going on? Rei's note: I dunno, but we can blame it on Bakura-baka. ^^() Yami-sama's note: Bakura-baka??? HE DARES TRIFLE WITH MY WORDS AND BEING IN REI-CHAN'S PRESENCE???? DI—uh! Rei's note: *GLOMP* Here is the preview of the next chapter in the new series! Enjoy and glomp someone! ^.~]

" C'mon, Rika, wake up!" Calumon incessantly whined.

" Go 'way," Rika groaned, batting at the little annoyance.

Calumon pouted as he hovered along with the others in a dimly lit area. To the back, front and right were three Guilmon shed openings, and to the left was a swirly, colorful portal, which must lead to the digital world. Takato stirred and eventually opened his eyes to Rika curling up on nothing, yet hovering the middle of the air.

" Oh, boy," Takato scratched his head. " Hey! These are our original bodies!" He fondly patted his goggles. " I guess they were just frozen in the space time continuum! But that makes me wonder what happened to the brains of the future us?" Takato sweatdropped as Calumon impatiently bounced around.

" Rika isn't waking up! I was just about to use my superly-duperly, funky-wunky, wakey-upey spell to awaken her!"

" Okay," Takato drawled. " This may be totally lame, but I think it'll do the trick. Ehem," he coughed. " Why, Miss Nonaka," he said in a high, squeaky voice. " you are, like, the best in the whole, like, world! What is, like, your secret? Is it, like, you only wear dresses or is it, like, because your whole body is always covered in pink?"

Rika's eyes shot open. " Die!" She screamed as she blindly lunged for the source of the voice and clamped her hands on poor Takato's throat.

" Gak! Rika! I was just kidding!" Takato yelped, successfully tearing Rika's hand away from his windpipe.

" If you ever do that again," Rika ominously shook he fist.

" Let's just go home!" Calumon cried.

" Okay, yeesh, have a cow," Rika irritably snapped.

" Which shed do we go through?" Takato asked.

" Well, we came out from the one behind us," Calumon said.

" Just choose a darn door!"

Takato pointed to the one straight ahead and all three flew to it.

Rika felt the cold concrete of Guilmon's shed. She felt Calumon's ears flopping on her face, felt a bright light shining through her closed eyelids. " Hunh?" She reluctantly sat up, body sore from all this falling.

" Henry? What are you gaping at?" Rika cocked an eyebrow.

Henry stood at the opening of the shed, flashlight clutched in his right hand, which was violently shaking. " Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Makino Ruki-chan," he breathed, unsteadily pointing to Rika.

" What the heck did you just call me?" Rika couldn't fathom why, but she just loathed hearing that 'chan' word. It made her want to perforate something, namely Henry.

" Ruki-chan,' Henry strode up to one foot in front of Rika's face, almost fearful of getting too close. " The Zenith of female perfection who's every molecule is like a coveted, priceless jewel!"

Rika did a quick double take. " Excuse me? You know I'm with goggle-head!" She indicated to the heap at her feet known as Takato.

Henry cocked his head.

" Ouch," Takato complained as he stood up, rubbing his head.

At the sight of Takato, Henry went absolutely rigid. " Matsuda! Gomen nasai, gomen nasai, gomen nasai!" Henry cowered behind his hands.

" Look, brainiac, stop muttering gibberish and acting like a fraidy cat," Rika spat, annoyed by the fact that Calumon was snoring up a storm in her arms.

" Brainiac? She acknowledges my achievements in the intellectual field!" Henry's blush was clearly evident. " Would you kindly address me by my name, Lee Jenrya, or Jen?"
Rika did not have idle time to ponder for she chucked Calumon up onto her head and cursed as Takato fainted into her arms.



o^.^o And thus ends the portion of 'Too Many Goggle-heads'! Check back eventually for more updates and the final part, 'Goguru Atama'!