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Lust and Love are Compatible

Harry frowned at the man in the great hall. He was one of the best experts in the world on wards. But he also seemed one of the most unpleasant individuals Harry had ever met. Considering how many people the Boy Who Lived had been introduced to, that was a lot. The man seemed to think the world of him, well, sort of. He also seemed to think that he was a helpless child as well. Harry wasn't sure where either notion came from. He was the defense against dark arts teacher for Hogwarts, he had defeated the Dark Wizard of their time and this person wanted to know if he needed help on his dark detection spells? Harry knew he was a bit oblivious, but not about that.

He sighed at the other reason for his instant dislike of this person. His utter hatred for the potions master of the school. Severus, the deputy Headmaster, was definitely on his hate list. A fact, that usually wouldn't bother the silent man, but he had looked forward to discussing wards with this person. Severus's wards were some of the best in the world, thanks to his previous occupations. But the man had all but sneered at him. Harry hadn't liked that alt all.

When Minerva had offered Harry the position at Hogwarts, he hadn't realized that Severus was still there, much less as deputy headmaster. The two of them had kind of stared at each other in befuddlement in her office his first day. Apparently she hadn't warned him Harry took the position. With his two best friends married and Ginny off pursuing a quidditch career and in a relationship he really didn't have much he wanted to do.

The first year or so they had stayed out of each others way. Then sometime in the second year, around Halloween, Severus had simply shown up in Harry's room with a cup of tea, on orders that he drink the blasted thing. Halloween was the one night that Harry wasn't the nicest professor in the school. As far as the students were concerned he was the favorite, but on Halloween he hid himself in his room and paced. It wasn't really anything in particular, though he might have blamed it on his parents' death. It was more that every single Halloween, something had happened and he hated the holiday because of it. It was just too stressful.

Apparently the holiday wasn't the reason because a week later he showed up again with the tea and told him he wasn't budging until he drank it. Harry hadn't been able to get out of the stiff man who exactly was sending him tea, even several months later. Harry would just shout at the stoic individual, down the tea in a single gulp and send him on his way. Near about Chrismas, he remembered, just before the students left was when it started changing.


Harry was sitting in front of the fireplace when Severus knocked. Harry released his wards, knowing the man would tear them down if he didn't. Severus set the tea on the table next to him and stood there waiting. Harry didn't look at him. He had indeed tried ignoring the professor before and if he did so too long, Severus would start to rearrange his room. He wasn't ignoring him this time, but more distracted. He looked at the professor. Over the past two months he had screamed a lot of things at him, some he didn't mean, but some he had needed to scream. He had tossed abuse about his fame, his grades, his family, even his friends over the last few weeks at the man as he stood there. The only thing he was angry about that he hadn't screamed about was his hatred of himself. Or rather he wasn't sure how to scream about that.

He picked up the tea gently, it was still hot for the first time since this had started. He didn't drink it, but he just stared at it before looking back at the professor.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me why you're doing this if I ask you politely, will you?" The question was rather redundant, though Snape indicated the affirmative. Harry looked at the fire. "I hate all that." He didn't look up. "Everyone has always done what was best for me, but no one has ever asked what I actually wanted." He gazed into the cup before smirking slightly. "Of course, this may not be for my benefit as much as some other devious scheme." Sevrus's eyebrow rose.

"Then why, pray tell, do you down the tea every week?" Harry gave him a confused look.

"Because you brought it." Severua's eyebrow rose as Harry took a drink. He didn't drain it this time. "Is this for my benefit or someone else's?" Severus stared at him a moment.

"It is someone else's selfish desire." His murmur was low as Harry finished of the tea.

-End Flashback-

Harry hadn't known how to take that. But after that day Severus brought two cups, one for Harry and one for himself. Harry had asked once if this was some sort of joke that Albus left them. Severus had sneered the negative. They had talked those evenings, turning into twice a week around their patrol schedules and detentions. It had brought them into being very good friends, as Harry liked to think. It was the last week of classes for the year when something solidified it.


Everyone was chattering away, exams in a few days. Harry had switched places with Sinistra to sit between Severus and Hagrid, wanting to ask Hagrid a question. None of them really took notice of a commotion at the entrance to the great hall, who could in all that noise, until a yell caught Harry's attention.

Severus had been about to ask Harry was was wrong, as the man had suddenly gone tense, when he saw the young wizard Harry was staring at. The wizard looking straight at Severus. Seated as he was, there wasn't a simple method of rising as he saw a spell come his way. He needn't have worried as a strong hand rested on his shoulder and shoved him towards the ground. He heard Minerva cast a stupefy as Harry gasped out a finite. He looked up as Harry leaned over to check if he was alright. A gesture for the onlookers benefit as Severus saw Harry's eyes twitch in pain and he labored breathing between his gritted teeth as he withstood the Crutiatus Curse. Severus was on his feet the next moment, reflexes still strong even four years after the war.

The man had blocked Minerva's spell and was screeching at the top of his voice at Severus.

"You killed him! You killed my brother! You watched them torture my parents and you killed my brother!" The man was tossing spells everywhere. Harry and Flitwick had been protecting the children, but in their distraction he had tossed another spell at Severus. Severus protected himself this time, trying to get his head past the accusations the man was making. He didn't recognize him, but that didn't mean much. He had done a lot of things as a Death Eater that he was not proud of, these accusation could very well be true. Unfortunately for him, that thought distracted him enough for another Cruciatus to land, this time hitting him. At the same time Minerva's spell finally landed, knocking the man unconscious.

Harry knelt over Severus as he grunted, trying to relax his muscles away from the pain. After years of enduring, this long reprieve had made him soft on this curse and his body wasn't as young as if had been. He heard Minerva order the prefects to take the students to their common rooms. He wasn't sure how she would get the Slytherins to agree. They were loyal to him first and would want to know he was okay. He really hoped she succeeded though. He didn't want any other witnesses around.

He felt Harry's breath as the man leaned over him in concern. He squeezed his shoulder gently before standing up. Severus nearly cried out at the loss of contact with him. It had been grounding him from the pain. He did hear Harry bark at the students.

"Anyone still in this hall in the next ten minutes will be serving detention tonight with Mr Filch!" The sight of their favorite Professor roaring at them seemed to get them all moving because the room was empty of students and most staff within minutes. Minerva herded the staff out, leaving Harry, Severus and Poppy.

The medwitch clucked her tongue.

"You need your own formula. Do you have any still?" Severus nodded, jerkily. The ghost of the pain still rampant in his body. Harry lifted him easily and nodded to Poppy, guiding them to the hall. Severus distracted himself with the thought of how strong Harry had become. Severus tried to snarl at the younger man to let go of him, but Harry ignored whatever managed to come out of his mouth. They made it to his chambers in good time and Severus let them in.

Harry gently set him on the sofa and went to retrieve the potion. Severus made a mental note to ask how he knew where it was and what it looked like when he returned with the correct vial. The potion cleared away his trembles and let him look at Harry. He lifted his hand for another and it flew silently to his outstretched grip. He handed it over.

"You were hit too." Harry took the potion and gulped it in gratitude, thankfully not arguing. Severus looked at him. He had taken that first one for Severus. Harry had been under the Cruciatus before, many times since he was fourteen Severus was ashamed to say. And yet, he had pushed him out of the way. He had even emptied the great hall effectively. All for Severus.

-End Flashback-

After that incident, They had become much closer. Harry started perfecting his spells in the dungeons near Severus as he brewed and Severus started ingredient hunting near the Quidditch Pitch where he flew. They had tea in the evenings. All through the next school year, this comfortable friendship had deepened. It was in this time that Harry realized something terrible. He was attracted to the Potions Master. No, he wasn't attracted to him, he was in love with him. Swell!


He had hidden it well. Severus didn't suspect a thing for several months. Then one evening, he figured it out.


Harry let himself into Severus's chambers. The wards put up a bit of a fight, but Harry was fine with that. it was a mild game they both played. They were keyed into the dangerous wards, but they found entertaining wards to put up for each other. One, that Harry had missed once, had covered him in blue fuzz and Severus had sported brilliant green hair for a weekend. He had used a glamor extensively those few days. Harry was just sitting down, wondering where the other man was, this was their usual time for tea, when the door opened from the bathroom.

At first Harry wondered if he was dreaming or hallucinating as Severus stepped out of the steamy bathroom, a towel around his hips and another in his hands on his hair. Water glistened on his chest and ran down to where the towel dipped low. It was very cliche. And very hot.

Severus was actually grumbling and had not yet noticed Harry. One of his students had added too many quills and the entire dungeon was covered in hot pink bubble gum, or something very similar. The dungeons included everyone who had been present, unfortunately. That stuff stuck to everything. He wasn't looking forward to cleaning it up either, along with the students whose fault it was. Actually the cauldron should have covered the room in boiling goo, but Severus caught the mistake as it was happening and had added basil at the last moment, causing a cooling effect even as the potion exploded. No injuries, unless you counted pride.

When he looked up at see Harry, the man could see his face freeze in surprise at the presence in his rooms.

"A moment, if you will." His straight-backed answer was predictable as he vanished into his bedroom to get dressed. Harry had sat back down and groaned as he held his head. That image was going to do nothing for his dreams tonight.

"Potter?" Harry smirked. The habit still popped up to call each other their last names when surprised or irritated. And they did indeed still rub each other the wrong way from time to time. Harry rubbed his head sheepishly.

"Well, that was different attire then what you usually wear to tea." He was chuckling, but inside he was panicking. Severus eye's had narrowed in that knowing way.

"Indeed" Harry looked at him as the word was drawn out. He could tell that Severus had caught something was odd, maybe not what, but at least Harry was hiding something. And Harry hiding something was an irresistible puzzle to the Potions master, almost as much fun to solve as his potions experiments. Harry bore his scrutiny as he poured the tea and sat back. And as he drank the tea and as he bid him goodnight.

-End Flashback-

Harry still wasn't sure if Severus had figured it out that night or not. The funny thing was, three nights later the reverse happened. It was almost script perfect up until Severus had spoken.


Harry stepped out of the bathroom, grumbling about Hagrid's propensity for odd creatures with goo on them and said goo's affinity for his hair when another magical signature caught his attention. He trusted his wards, so the only person who could really be here was Severus. He looked up and saw what had to be a mirror image of what he had looked like the previous encounter. Severus swallowed.

"P-Potter?" Harry just stared at him a moment as the man's eyes traveled the length of his body again. Although shy, Harry found himself exhilarated by the feeling. Instead of going to his room, as the other man had done, he walked forward slowly.

"Severus?" His low tone seemed to make Severus even more tense. He placed a hand on Severus's chest, feeling the gasp from the man in front of him. The Slytherin was watching him like a rabbit watched a hawk, wondering when and how it would strike. Harry had to raise himself a bit to brush his lips against the man's.

It was meant to be a light kiss, but with a moan, Severus had wrapped his arms around Harry's bare back and pulled him closer. His long fingers had tangled deliciously with Harry's hair and controlled his head to angle for a deeper kiss. Harry felt the room spin slightly as Severus's tongue ravished his mouth. The stiff fabric of the older man's shirt was playing havoc with the skin on his chest, teasing the nipples into stiff buds. His answering moan seemed to snap Severus out of it.

Harry suddenly found himself bereft his companion. The dark man was standing several feet away, panting, face flushed, looking more sexy then any man had a right to look.

"No." Harry frowned at the word between Severus's pants. "No, you don't want to do this." Harry frowned as his breathing reagained itself and his mind took over.

"What?" He was staring at the flushed professor. "I don't want to what?" He stepped closer, but that only made Severus retreat further away.

"I"m not a good fit for you, Potter." Harry sneered at him.

"I'm not my father! At least call me by name now, of all times. And why the hell would you not be a good fit for me? And if you mention the press or the public I will hex your skin blue!" Severus seemed to be panting too hard to sneer at that.

"Potter! Harry! I"m an old, cranky, ugly, bad man! I am not a good fit for you?" Harry had glared at him with the last name, but regarded him with growing irritation.

"YOU ARE NOT OLD, OR UGLY!" He fairly shouted at the other man. He toned it back at the wince he saw. "I like the cranky part, so I won't argue, and what the hell do you mean by bad?" Severus stared at him in confusion.

"I am a bad man." Harry gave him a skeptical sneer, worthy of Severus himself. Harry remembered a dirty secret he had learned about the Slytherin in front of him. When angry, he had the tendency to give more information away.

"You did not side with Voldie, you did not kill me, you even protected me. I'm waiting to see where you are bad. And don't even bring up my Mum! Leave her out of this." The Slytherin shook his head.

"That is NOT what I meant!" Harry nearly exploded.

"Then what the hell did you mean?"


"NO! What the Fuck!"

"Masocism you imbecile!" Harry stopped, letting the word sink in. Severus had nearly roared it, but now, he seemed to realize what exactly he had said. Harry could practically see him retreat behind those masks of his.

"Masocism?" Harry's question was curious and innocent. Severus had turned away from him. Harry could practically feel the despair pouring off the man.

"Have you ever heard of BDSM?" Harry strained to hear the murmur. He really wished that some day the man would teach him how to talk that softly without actually whispering.

"BDSM? Like the sex practice?" Harry had heard of it. Fascinated by it actually, but he hadn't ever really seen any of his partners as the type. Was Severus saying he was the type.

"Yes! I practice it! You get it, you stupid man! I"m a deviant so-" Harry had strode forward and crushed his lips against the other man's again, gripping him hard enough that Severus would have had to put real strength into gaining freedom.

"I hear you." His whisper quieted the Slytherin. "If its all okay with you, I could practice as well."

-End Flashback-

He had let go of the prickly man at that and gone and gotten changed. By the time he was done, his chambers were empty. They avoided each other for the next two weeks, much to the annoyance of the entire school at large. Most of the staff and many of his students had some up to him and asked if he was alright. He had heard horror stories about Potions classes being borderline nightmarish. It had stayed that way until one night, Harry returned home to find the dark man standing in his sitting room.


Severus looked at Harry, something stirring in his eyes as Harry stared back at him.

"Are you certain?" Harry had cocked his head to one side.

"I've never done it myself, so certain of BDSM? No. Certain of you? Yes." Harry had let himself fantasize, but nothing more. Severus glided forward. His fingers rested gently on Harry's cheek.

"I switch between Dominant and Submissive." Harry looked at him.

"I think I will as well." The finger dragged down Harry's cheek to his throat.

"We should talk." Harry nodded, letting Severus draw him to the couch and sit them both on it. "How much do you know?" Harry shifted uneasily.

"I am aware of most types BDSM takes, I think. I have experienced personal use, but never with another." He was whispering now. This was one of the secrets he hadn't ever shared. Especially with the beating he used to get from his uncle. People would really think him nuts.

"You are aware of a safe word?" Harry nodded.

"A word that communicates the submissive's true feelings in an encounter to the dominant." Severus nodded, pulling Harry back against him. Harry willingly leaned back, enjoying the finger playing with his nipples.

"And what words come to your mind to use?" Harry thought as the hand stroked itself down his stomach and then back up.

"I know red and green are common, but considering my past with those colors, I would prefer something else. Like white for stop." He was breathing heavily now, squirming in Severus's lap as the man continued to play with his upper body, removing his shirt in the process.

"Can you remember those?" Harry nodded as Severus licked the side of his neck. Harry could feel Severus's excitement poking him in the back as his hands grasped the couch. Severus let his hand grace the top of his pants in question. Harry had simply nodded.

He nearly passed out as he felt the hand slip under the waist of his pants to rub the skin there. He bit his lip as he turned into Severus's neck to pant. The man's growl was in his ear as his nipple was pinched.

"Don't bite your lip. I want to hear you. Watch!" The hissed command made his nerves sing as Harry forced his eyes open and on the slender fingers slowly opening his pants. He let out a moan and strained to touch the man under him. Severus collected his wrists with his free hand and bound them to the couch.

"What's your safeword?" Harry panted, bringing his mind under control long enough to answer the man.

"White." Severus kissed his neck.

"Good." Harry's back arched sharply as the man's hand gripped his length in a punishing grip. The other hand rested gently on the nipples as he pumped. Harry could feel himself tighten.

"Sev pant pant Sev I'm pant I-" Severus seemed aware of what he was going to say.

"Cum." His voice resonated in Harry's ear as Harry saw white. He felt he spell lift as he came down off his high. He turned in Severus's lap. The man was regarding him with a nervous blank expression, as if not sure what he expected. Harry smiled and captured his lips in a forceful kiss.

"Shall I return the favor?" Severus just shuddered at his voice. He bent over and covered the man's nipple with his mouth through the fabric, knowing that, once moist, it would provide torturous friction as the man breathed. As expected, Severus gasped at the sensation, hands fisting in Harry's hair shakily. Harry smirked remembering what he had said earlier. He was both ways. Harry threaded his fingers through Severus's and stretched them behind his head, knowing that there was cord ties on the arm of the couch.

"What's your safe word?" Severus eyed him with some trepidation, but spoke quietly.

"White." Harry's heart sang at the acceptance. He kissed the man hard, pulling his arms behind his head and binding them to the couch. He then returned his attention to the man's nipples. The panting was indeed creating that friction Harry had been going for and by the time he was finished with the second hidden bud, the dark man below him was writhing and moaning. He had never though Severus to be the more vocal of them. He scooted back away and down to the end of the couch. Severus watched him with fevered eyes, trying to control his reactions. Harry smirked at him and removed his pointed shoes.

Severus shuddered at the look, but watched in anticipation as first his shoes then his socks were removed by the smirking male. Harry knew he was ticklish, them having talked about tickling during one of their tea session. The bottoms of Severus feet were not just ticklish, as he had inferred when pressed, but very ticklish. Harry didn't touch the bottoms of his feet though, letting his fingertip grace the top to the ankle and then back to where the big toe met its neighbor. Every time it made a circuit of his foot it came close to the bottom, to tickling him without doing so. The effect was unbearably erotic. He shifted as his trousers became very uncomfortable. Harry smirked as he reached up and opened them up, letting his erection spring from them. Severus shuddered as it leaked pre-cum.

Harry eyed him as he leaned forward and flicked his pink tongue out and back in his mouth, a breath away from the straining cock. Severus trembled as he watched Harry tease him.

"What's your safeword?" Severus took a deep breath to focus.

"Whi-white." Harry smiled. Slowly, eyes locked with Severus's he let his tongue graze the underside of the erection. His hands on Severus's hips prevented the bucking motion that most nearly followed. Severus was doing a good job of smothering the moans, but Harry could feel his tension.

"Shall I see how vocal you can be?" Severus gave him a mild glare, quieting, accepting the challenge. Harry smirked and nibbled on the shaft. He saw Severus arch backwards, but kept his quiet. His panting was giving him away though. Harry licked back up the cock again and with a sly grin in the professor's direction his blew across it.

Severus nearly jumped as he let out a pleading sob, pulling hard on his bonds. Harry let his hands reach up and pinch the nipples beneath the fabric, hard and held them as Severus's writhing pulled at them, wrenching another groan from the man.

"Merlin Harry!" His plea made Harry smile as he took the cock completely in his mouth. Severus nearly shot off the couch, choking Harry a moment, before he remembered the control the man's hips.

"Harry Please." He relaxed his throat as he had read and growled. The vibration was too much and Severus came. Harry swallowed and crawled up the man as his trembling calmed. Harry released the hands and smiled as they immediately wrapped around him.

-End Flashback-

That had been quite a night. They had fallen asleep there and the next day had been happy.

Harry shook his head. Now he was thinking about it. Damn. He decided that he had had enough of this meet and greet with other masters in different fields and decided to locate his lover, let him know he would be in Severus's room.

They had been together for several months before Minerva had knocked on Severus's door one morning looking for Harry. Despite the blushes they sported, a week later much of Harry's stuff found its way downstairs. He still had his rooms and as far as everyone not on staff was concerned he slept in them.

Harry smirked. Had Minera been a few moments earlier, she would have seen Harry tied up spread eagle on the wall, begging his master to let him cum. They had found over the last year and a half that Harry was turned on by role play to an extreme and spanking was always a good thing. Severus on the other hand, wouldn't be submissive in role play, nearly breaking down once when they tried it. Calling Harry 'Master' was too much, after what his last 'Master' had done to him for twenty years. He did enjoy being restrained more then Harry. Harry didn't mind his limbs to be bound, but he was more turned on when they were free and he had to keep them still by sheer force of will. Severus, on the other hand got hard just feeling bonds tightening. Gag, butt plug and cock ring could keep him writhing for quite some time. Harry had to admit the sight of his lover writhing with a cock ring nearly had him cumming.

They both had hang ups though. With their past, they had to. Each one they found, each past demon they unearthed, they both healed. Harry couldn't handle a whipping or any truly painful strike due to his uncle. Also, enclosed places were a comfort, but a big no no for intense passion. His cupboard had been his haven from his uncle as well as his prison. He couldn't enjoy being in an enclosed space, even though it calmed him during a panic attack. Severus had cleaned out one of his broom closets for Harry and lined it with soft blankets. When Harry had found out about it, he had broken down in tears. Severus had nearly panicked, thinking something was wrong. Harry had never had anyone accept that part of him before. Everyone either wanted to make it disappear or ignore it until it did.

Severus also had past demons. He needed to be able to see. Not necessarily see Harry anymore, though at first that was needed too, but blindfolds were out. Likewise was his face against the floor or the ground or any surface not Harry. He didn't mind pain, but he preferred Harry's flesh providing it to an instrument. He also didn't like the cold. Heat was good for both of them and an ice cube was used to torture Harry frequently, but Severus didn't like it. He also liked being held, touched. He panicked less when Harry was physically touching him, or at least his magic was, letting Severus know he was there. He had been abandoned too many times.

Harry smiled at the idea of some fun tonight when he realized he had just circled the room twice and hadn't seen his lover. He waylaid Minerva.

"Severus left at the beginning. Mssr Piggney stomped away from him and he left shortly afterward." Harry thanked her, frowning. Severus had left nearly twenty minutes ago. Why hadn't he told him? Harry shook his head, wondering if his lover had simply been too annoyed. He certainly was. There were over twenty masters visiting tonight and he was still the boy who lived instead of a young man with a defense mastery and a muggle relations certificate.

He turned and went to find Flitwick to double check on their meeting the next day, intending on heading to bed after that. He had just confirmed they had canceled for tomorrow, giving him a free day, when he felt a very specific tingle in his magic.


Severus growled as he let himself into his rooms. He hated the part he had played in the last war, but he hated the reputation it had given him even more. He didn't mind the irritable snarky attitude everyone expected. He was irritable and snarky. But he wasn't a cruel man nor had he enjoyed the war by any means.

He sighed and stepped into his sitting room. Hopefully Harry would be down soon and they could drink some tea and cuddle or he could truss Severus up and let him squirm. Severus rather liked the second idea. He always felt wanted, desired when Harry stood, with an erection, and watched Severus writhe. The look of adoration and love he received from Harry was worth everything to him. He smirked. Maybe Harry would appreciate a mild invite.

That the was last thought he had before he felt a stun spell hit him.

He shook the darkness off mentally, keeping any outward sign of his consciousness to a bare minimum. Reflexes from the war hadn't dulled that far. He wouldn't mind knowing who had gotten past all their wards though.

He heard a chuckle off to the right.

"I know you're awake. I used the same ward used in Hospitals on patients." Severus tensed, the man's voice was sure. Severus tried to get up, discovering that he was bound. His hands were behind him and his feet under him. He couldn't speak around the gag in his mouth, but he could feel the lack of clothing on his chest. He also discovered a lack of sight which made him very nervous. He pulled testingly at the spell, but he felt he magic dampening wards around him. He didn't try magic. They could sometime react painfully to wandless magic. This man was good. He rolled to a kneeling position only to have the man's hand push him face down into the floor.

"No you don't. We'll just wait for Mssr Potter, shall we?" Severus felt panic enter him at the thought of Harry returning to this. He hadn't sensed anything wrong with the wards and he had placed them. Harry wouldn't even check, knowing Severus had returned first. He pulled again at the bonds, trying to piece together what magic was used.

"I hadn't expected you to want to play now. Without Harry. Well I can do that." Severus barely had time to think about what that meant when a sting landed on his back. He had felt this before. His father had liked using his belt. He felt a collar keep his head on the ground as the wizard ran a gentle hand up his arm.

"You enjoy humiliating him,don't you? I don't know what kind of hold you have over Harry, but I will save him." Severus gritted his teeth at that. Apparently the man had wanted some sort of response.

"Don't fall asleep now." Severus grunted as cold water splashed on him, causing the marks on his back to sting. The next lashing pulled a pained grunt from him. The collar around his neck was used to pull him upright as he panted against the pain.

"Come on. You're supposed to be enjoying yourself. Like you do when you force Harry to call you Master. Its your turn. Let's hear that name cross your mouth! You could give it to a psycho, let's give it to me." Severus could feel panic unrelated to Harry seep into his mind. He was now actively pulling away from the man who held his collar. The blindfold was ripped off his face as he came face to face with Piggney. The Wards Master. Of course he could break through their wards. He yanked Severus against the wall, bruising his face as his elbow shoved against the back of his neck, cutting off his air.

"Lets hear you call me Master." Severus was seeing spots at this point.

"LET HIM GO NOW!" He felt the man get blasted away from him as all the magic he had performed on Severus dissolved. Severus coughed as he felt himself slide to the ground only to be caught before he hit it. Gentle hands cradled him as he shivered and croaked.

"How?" Piercing green eyes met his in unmistakable fury. Harry pulled him closer.

"Hush. I've got you." His gentle voice soothed Severus in a way he hadn't known it could. He reached up and wrapped his hands around Harry, pulling his lover to him desperately. Harry slide his arms around him, mindful of the bleeding marks on his back as he felt sobs shudder through him.

"Shhh, everything's safe now." That was their phrase. When one of them panicked or flash backed, they said that to help them calm down. Safe. Severus took a deep breath and drew on the strength that had got him through the war.

"We should alert Minerva." He felt Harry smile.

"I did. They are waiting outside for me to let them in." Severus pulled back to look at him in question. Harry looked over at the heap of a man, side-stepping the question. "I need to let Minerva and Poppy in, okay?" Severus felt himself rebel at the thought, but he knew it was necessary. He let Harry help him to a chair and nodded. Harry's patronus separated from him and bounded off. Abstractly Severus wondered when it had changed into a small dragon. A few minutes later Poppy was at his side and Minerva was doing the magical equivalent of hogtying Piggney.

"Use your cream on your back. I"m sure you have some here." Severus nodded. He had designed the cream because his father's marks were always painful. He always had some nearby. She sighed. "The tremors will calm themselves after things pass. You're still staving off a panic attack, aren't you?" Severus glared at the Medwitch, which she ignored as she always did. He hadn't necessarily wanted either Harry or Minerva to know that, as both their tension said they had heard. Harry would have figured it out after they had left, but Minerva...

He was distracted when Piggney woke up. Harry was frowning at him, speaking to Minerva.

"I had actually disarmed him, intending on binding him awake. I guess I used a bit too much force." Severus filed that away for later when Piggney started speaking.

"Madam McGonagal, thank heavens you're here. Harry is trapped. Do you know what that man has been doing to Harry. I had to do something. He's evil. He's a cruel, evil, sinful man-" Harry had leaped for him, forgetting that he was a wizard for a moment and punched him in the face.

"YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" With strength that belied her stature, Minerva restrained Harry from punching the bound man again. "Leave him alone! He is one of the bravest men I know. Just because you idiots can't see that doesn't give you the right to butt into our lives!" He was screeching at the man, who, having recovered from the punch, was screaming back.

"No right? He has no right to tie you up and rape you over and over again. Your life debt to him was paid in full when you kept him out of Azkaban! He has no right to touch you with his hands that are stained wit- hrmph!" Minerva gagged the man, deciding she didn't want to know what else he was going to say. She actually hadn't needed to know what he had already said about her professors' love life.

"I kept him out of Azkaban because he never deserved Azkaban! He has every right to touch me! I give him that right! He doesn't rape me,you sick bastard!" Minerva placed a hand on Harry's arm, stopping his dialogue a moment. He looked at her, incensed beyond belief. She simply pointed behind him at Severus, who was white by now.

"Get this filth out of here!" He growled as he spun away and stalked towards Severus. He gathered the shaking man into his arms as Minerva and Poppy left. Poppy placed the cream Severus would need next to them, having summoned it from wherever it had been. Harry pulled them to the couch, bringing up the wards around them. Severus recognized the wards Harry used when they didn't want to be disturbed. He hadn't ever paid them special attention other then noting a silence ward. Now he did was amazed to notice that it redirected floo visits and house elves, strengthened his wards and sent the portraits off on a walk. They were more effective then his were, for sure. Harry pulled him close.

"I'm sorry." Severus started when he heard that. He looked at Harry in confusion. "I should have been here. This was focused at me, not you. I"m sorry." Severus laid his head on Harry's shoulder, gripping his shirt.

"How did you know?" Harry hadn't answered that question earlier. He felt Harry settle into a more comfortable position.

"I added a few wards." Severus could sense a touchy subject. "When I noticed you reaching out for my magic, I could feel your emotions at that point. You always relaxed when you felt my magic. So I created a ward here of my magic. Its linked to me. Honestly I forget about it most of the time. If you were to reach for my magic and I'm not here it would react. You would feel it to some degree and I would feel you. I felt your panic in the Great Hall." Severus stared at Harry as the man looked away in embarrassment. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I think I forgot." He could see how worried Harry was about this. Severus took his safety seriously. That was why he hated blindfolds so much.

"How did you use magic. I've felt your spells. They wouldn't have stood up to that dampening charm." Harry winced slightly.

"Err.. that's because I didn't use my wand. I kind of forgot about it." Severus looked at him sceptically. Harry reached over and grabbed the cream. "Turn around, I'll put this on your back." Severus glared at him, but complied. Harry continued a moment later. "My magic isn't lessened without a wand, but heightened. A wand directs and minimized my magic, allowing me to cast regular spells at every strength. Wandless magic is hard for me to keep at a minimum strength. That's why I rarely use it." Severus had actually wondered before this evening if Harry couldn't use wandless magic on a regular basis. He wouldn't be the first.

"That's why a disarming spell knocked Mssr Piggney unconscious?" Severus hazarded a guess, turning back around now that Harry was done with his back. Harry shrugged weakly before nodding, still not looking at Severus. Severus frowned, leaning forward.

"Harry?" Those green eyes looked at him warily.

"I can control it perfectly, but it..." He looked at the floor in unease. Severus could see his eyes turning glassy. He placed a finger under Harry's chin and tilted his head up until Harry was forced to meet his gaze.

"But what Harry?" His voice wa gentle, reassuring. Harry swallowed.

"It scares people." Severus raised an eyebrow. An action so Severus that Harry almost chuckled.

"People?" Harry winced.

"Ginny. Molly. Ron. Hermione." He was whispering now. Severus had wondered why the golden trio hadn't gotten together as often as they used to. Sometime just over a year ago it had happened.


Severus was just putting the finishing touched on the Wolfsbane for Lupin for the month when Harry stormed into the dungeon. Casting the appropriate bottling charm, Severus went looking for the young man he had been practically living with for a year. Harry was cooking. He had a small camping stove in Severus's quarters along with a sink and Cupboards, courtesy of Dobby, for Harry to use when he wished. Mostly he made them breakfast. Usually he did most everything the muggle way, leaving his wand on the table. Today he was flicking it around, doing this that and the other thing. Severus stared a moment, determining that Harry was more hurt then angry. He sighed and checking to make sure the Wolfsbane Potion was correctly bottled, prepped and his equipment stowed away he walked up behind the furious young man and wrapped his arms around him.

Predictably, Harry pulled away. Severus merely tightened his grip.

"Let me go!" Severus snorted.

"Not until you look like you aren't going to set fire to the chambers." Harry ceased struggling and slumped down, taking Severus with him. He was shuddering in withheld sobs. Severus, feeling the surrender, moved one of his hands and carded it through Harry's hair. This was one of the most effective ways of relaxing the boy in front of him.

"I hate Harry Potter." Severus congratulated himself on not freezing at that statement. Although they had discussed Harry's annoyance with his life before, this was much more drastic.

"Indeed. And what had Harry Potter done now that has made him so deplorable?" Harry turned towards Severus. Severus could see the fear and sadness in his eyes.

"He doesn't always think." Severus would have made a smartass remark to that statement had his mouth not been occupied with other things, namely kissing Harry back. Harry's fingers grasped his hair and yanked his head back, setting the control of the kiss, dominating.

"What's your safe word?" That was the phrase for who was dominant. If Severus wanted to take over he would have tossed it back, what's yours? If Severus had wanted equal play he would have simply replied none.

"White." He felt Harry's teeth sink into his neck. He closed his eyes, groaning at the pain pleasure sensation. He felt Harry remove his shirt and pants magically before kissing him again. He felt thick bands encircle his knees, ankles and thighs, just below his already throbbing length. Similar bands trapped his arms by his side, hands just out of reach of the erection he felt. He felt Harry caress his back before he felt his wand placed in his hand. He looked back at Harry in question, panting. Harry didn't look at him. Severus didn't have time to ask about this confusing development as he felt a rope attach to the back of the rope around his stomach and hands. It lifted him up, attaching to the loop on the ceiling. His toes were solidly still on the ground and his head hung over, but for only a few moments before another band snaked its way around his chest and attached to the ceiling. He felt the bands around his legs come alive.

The first time Harry had done that it was had startled his so much that he had nearly said their safe word. They slithered in an erotic fashion around until they were wrapped around each leg and then spread them. Now Severus was suspended, legs spread, bent over, with Harry's hand resting on his back lightly. He was panting with excitement, but not so far gone that he hadn't forgotten the wand Harry had placed in his hand. He fingered it nervously. He was very adept at wandless magic. Given his like for gags in his mouth, Harry knew he could knock over a bell or something as a safe 'word'. His mind was pulled out of this thought by the smack to his bottom.

Harry spanked first his right cheek then his left. Severus wiggled, trying to get that delicious feeling to land a bit lower, between his spread legs. Harry hadn't obliged, but rather spanked him harder before running a finger down the under side of his erection. Severus arched in surprise, pulling on the restraints on his legs. He was squeezing his wand so hard he feared he would break it. He dropped it to avoid such an outcome only for Harry to pick it up and place it back in his hands. Harry walked around to the front of Severus. He got out a bell to Severus's excitement. The bell usually meant there would be something in his mouth. Harry set it on the table. Severus then noticed his eyes. They weren't the smirking, mischievous they usually were during these games. They were frightened, unsure. Severus was about to calm himself down to try and understand when he felt the band on his leg move.

He crawled up his leg and before Severus could figure out its destination, it penetrated him. He arched up, shouting in pleasure as the vine pulsed within him, a small piece of it leaving to wrap around his swollen member in a makeshift cock ring. He writhed on the restraints, but even though he had some motion, since the vine was attached to him, it wasn't effecting the uneven rhythm it used to nuzzle his prostrate.

"Harry!" He panted. Struggling against his bonds. "Merlin, Harry. Please!" Harry's hand cupped his chin as the vine stilled a moment. Panting Severus looked up at his lover with fevered eyes.

"You want something?" Severus bit his lip. True he was vocal during sex, but not with words. He knew Harry took perverse pleasure in wrenching words from him. In the light of the challenge, he wasn't going to back down easily. This time, however, Harry might had found his weakness as the vine nuzzled his prostate again causing him to open his eyes in ecstasy. The cock ring in place, he felt his pleasure reach tortuous levels.

"Well, Severus? Is there something you want?" Severus grunted in effort to keep his tongue as the vine writhed within him. Harry nodded.

"Yes, more persuasion then." He was about to wonder what else Harry could do when the bond around his chest contracted around his nipples. He fisted his hands, no longer mindful of his wand, hoping it didn't break. The vine inside him brushed his prostrate again, vibrating this time.

"Yes, Harry! Please! Let me cum! Please! Oh Merlin!" He writhed without restraint as Harry smiled and touched his cock. At that moment the band at its base removed itself and Severus felt wave after wave of pure pleasure assault his senses. He couldn't see or hear, all that existed was Harry and the feelings.

When he came to his senses they were on the couch. Severus's head was resting on Harry's chest, his wand in front of him. He drew in a full shaking breath.

"Why'd you give me my wand?" Harry froze in his lazy exploration of Severus's back, startled. He wrapped his arms around Severus tightly, never wanting to let go, it felt like.

"I didn't want you to be afraid of me." Severus chuckled softly, nudging the wand until it rolled onto the floor. He looked up at his lover.

"I wouldn't have let you be dominant if I was scared of you."

-End Flashback-

Harry had just stared at him and then pulled him into a hug. He had remembered later that evening that Harry had been with Ron and Hermione at the Weasley home. What had happened there that would make a Weasley of all poeple afraid of him? Now he knew. Well, not what happened, but at least what had scared them. He sighed letting himself lay back against Harry. He felt Harry's arms encircle him again.

"What other wards do I not know about?" Harry stiffened. Severus felt a growl well up within him. Just what had the brat been up to.

"Well, there is one right now that I"m testing, it prevents House elves from comeing into the bedroom. Dobby has been working on breaking it, I don't know the results yet. He wanted to make sure we wouldn't be in the bedroom when he tried." Severus could feel his humor as he too chuckled. "There is one preventing type three dampening spells and above." Harry spoke softly. Severus froze. Type 3 dampening and above were the ones that prevented Wandless magic. He looked at Harry as the young man shifted uncertainly. He could have used wandless magic. In fact, just using it would have broken the spell.

"That would have been nice to know about." Harry winced at the dry growl.

"It's been there for over a year. I was testing it, but I found a better testing location and forgot I had put it here until tonight." Severus growled at his lover in jest.

"Just how many spells have you cast on our chambers that you've forgotten?" His glare followed that mocked demand as Harry froze and looked at him. Severus frowned. Harry could usually pick up when he was joking these days.

"Our?" His hesitant question distracted Severus. He could see Harry's vulnerable eyes shining at him. It was true that they were technically Severus's chambers and he had never really called them our any more then he called them his anymore. Usually they were simply the chambers. Harry was holding his breath, looking at Severus.

"Yes, our, brat! yours and mine! I live here to you know." He was purposefully evading the point.

"Mine?" Severus was starting to get a bit worried. What the hell was his brat going on about?

"Yes yours. Yes mine." Harry looked around the chambers. Their chambers as if he hadn't seen them before. Severus noted the tears begin behind his eye lashes as he surveyed the place. He looked at Severus again.

"Home?" Severus felt his heart triple time. Of course, he knew what Harry wanted. Harry had told him himself. All his life he had lived in someone else's house. His uncle's, the school, his friend's, his godfather's, his work, his lover's. Severus leaned forward. What Harry had always wanted was a home that wasn't going to be taken away from him.

"Home. And, if you'd like, Prince Manor is also your home. It always will be. I've already changed my will and the deeds." He was speaking quietly as Harry stared at him.

"But why? Why would you do that? Why accept me into your home. Why would you want a freak always living with you?" Severus shut him up with a punishing kiss. He growled at Harry.

"Anyone who calls you a freak, even you, will have to go through me. Understood?" Harry stared at him. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around Severus tightly as he whispered in his ear.

"Understood." Severus held him, damning himself a fool for not saying it earlier. He had done it last year and hadn't mentioned it, because he had been worried about Harry's reaction. Severus brushed the hair on Harry head down with one hands as he muttered.



Later that evening found Severus laying on Harry's chest on their bed. His back was way too scratched for him to lay on his back. He was toying with Harry's nipple idly.

"So what did you actually do that day?" Harry looked at him in confusion until Severus waved his hands magically. He frowned as he recalled it.


Hermione was humming with Ginny and Molly and playing with Rose on the front lawn when Ron and Harry popped in. They had sat down near the porch and started talking, not really realizing that Rose had crawled away. The little tyke was a speedy little thing. They heard a slight bang.

"That's Fred's jaw breaker bangers. He was trying to get them to stabilize, but they haven't yet. He left them in the garage until he could locate a moment Arresto that worked." Molly's explanation made perfect sense to everyone. They had stared discussing some of the more wild experiments of the twins over the years when Hermione noticed Roses absence. She had yelped as she scanned for her daughter. Harry was the first to spot the child over by the barn. The barn that loud banging was coming from.

A creaking was the only warning before the entire structure started to collapse. Ginny, Hermione and Ron raced towards the structure and Molly leaped for her wand on the porch. They had all set them down there. Harry could see none of them would make it in time. He flung out his magic in a silent levitating charm, shielding charm, binding spell and repairo. The barn organized itself, floating several meters off the ground, the banger, which was the size of your fist vibrated as it resisted Harry's active binding spell and Rose clapped from under the shielding charm Harry had cast. Harry, seeing Rose was unhurt, focused on lowering the barn safely. He didn't remove the shield charm, so that by the time Hermione had made it to her child, her couldn't actually touch her. She couldn't even touch Ron. All three of them had been included when Harry had shielded his friends.

By the time he had finished setting the barn gently back into place and had turned to inspect Roze for damage, Hermione was frantically trying to get to her daughter. Harry didn't think she was even thinking much anymore as he released the shielding charms. This left the binding charm only. He stared at the jawbreaker in confusion as Hermione and Ron swept their child into their arms. He turned to Molly.

"What should I do with this?" He looked at her when she didn't answer. She was staring at him in fear. He shot her a confused look and turned to the others. Hermione and Ginny were shielding Rose as Ron trembled with something. Anger? Fear? Hurt? Harry wasn't sure. He was sure he heard him yelling.

"Get the hell away from my family!"

-End Flashback-

Harry remembered the hurt of that statement. He hadn't ever had it official, but he had felt adopted into the Weasleys. The fact that he hadn't been had hurt more then he had wanted to imagine. He had conjure a sealed, unbreakable jar for the vibrating ball. Summoned his wand, trying to ignore the flinches from everyone present and apparated away.

Severus was seething inside for what those imbeciles had done to Harry. Harry had seen Fred and George several time since, but as far as Severus was aware he hadn't actually visited Hermione and Ron or Molly since. The only time he had seen Rose had been when Minerva had been babysitting and was called away. Mostly writing letters and fire speaking. How irritating.

Harry had started playing with Severus's hair during the retelling. Severus snuggled up close to Harry.

"They were being idiots. You protected their child, your goddaughter, and they were afraid of you. Fools" Harry smiled sadly at Severus's muttering.

"Yeah." Severus sighed.

"So what other wards?" He chuckled as Harry jumped. "Very Slytherin Harry, but YOu can't distract me that easily." Harry sighed. Severus felt the air around them change.

"You can feel them now." Severus sat up looking at him in question, but reached out with his magic. He identified his own wards easily. And the wards Harry had already told him. He felt some basics that were duplicated of his. He felt the hiding spell that kept them hidden, the one Harry was lifting right now. He felt the other. Impressive. One opened the floo between here and the med ward should it sense blood in any large quantity. One was an alarm that was attached to Dobby, he assumed. But then he felt the others. There were a few small things for fires and smoke and gases, probably Harry's concern over his brewing. But there was one that he felt. It was a healing spell. In fact, now that Harry was lifting the hiding spells he could tell that it was active. It was focused on him. Most of the time healing spells work when activated, but in wards where the patient could hurt themselves, there are spells that alerts others to when a patients health has changed and starts the healing process. It doesn't take much magic and it doesn't do much other then track the person and attempt to slow them down. Harry had taken that idea, using his principle of attaching it to his magic and intensified it.

This ward would heal Severus regardless of the injury. It depended on Harry's strength, but Severus could feel the amount of Magic Harry had stored in this room and in the other rooms. It would last a while and was probably enough to completely refuel him should he be drained to exhaustion, several times over. Severus looked at Harry. He had to clear his throat to speak.

"Why?" Harry gave him a questioning look. "Some of these spells would be difficult to remove. If you didn't know this was your home, why?" He stared at Harry as the brunette sat up, face level with his.

"Because I love you." Severus felt a star burst in his chest and fill his entire being with its light and energy.

"What?" He croaked, not sure where his voice had gone. Harry placed a hand on Severus's cheek.

"I love you." Severus stared at Harry as he whispered again.

"What?" Harry smiled slightly.

"I love y-" Harry was interrupted this time as Severus pounced on him, kissing him with for all his worth. He pulled the younger wizard flush against him, banishing every thought from his mind save the man with him. He banished their clothes with a flick of the wrist. He scraped his teeth down Harry's neck hearing his groan in pleasure. He reached between them and tweaked Harry's nipples batting Harry's hands away when he tried to touch Severus.

"I am going to worship you tonight my love." His harsh whisper was against Harry's hair as the male groaned, hand grasping the bed at his side. "Tell me!" Severus could feel the excitement in his lover.

"Yes sensei." Severus smirked. He knew that their former roles were one of Harry's favorites. Harry swore up down and sidewise he hadn't lusted after Severus during school. Severus still playfully disagreed with him. He transfigured the bed end into a desk.

"Take your seat Mr Potter." He purred into Harry's ear, enjoying the delicious shudder that ran down the boys spine. Harry leaped off the bed, scrambling to the desk. There was no chair, but Severus had done that on purpose.

"Tut tut, Mr Potter. Since you cannot seem to find your seat fast enough, you will have to stand." Harry shivered at the hand that barely ghosted his shoulder. "You should keep better track of your seat. Now tell me what is the first step of the Hair Raising Potion?" He smiled as Harry tried to switch mindset to Potions. He was incredible at theory, but his memorization and practical application had proved adequate at best. Most of his theory appeared to be instinctive anyway, not organized thought.

"F-first you use the green base." Severus reached around Harry and pinched his nipple.

"Keep going or this won't be the only detention you serve." Harry bit his lip and continued to the next direction. Severus had chosen a potion Harry knew, but not well. They hadn't covered it since second year and it hadn't been an important one. Even Severus had a hard time remembering it, he brewed so infrequently, doing so from muscle memory more then thought. He slapped Harry's bottom.

"That was incorrect. Start from the beginning." Severus smirked when he saw Harry's breath hitch at the spank. The erection Harry had started to lose when focused on Potions was returning as he struggled to remember with severus caressing different parts of his body. Severus spanked him again.

"Incorrect. I see you need a lesson. Lean over the desk." Harry leaned forward obediantly. Severus spanked him again, hearing Harry gasp as he went up on his toes.

"I'm waiting for the next direction." Harry panted a moment before speaking.

"F-forgive me sensei, I forgot what step I was on." Severus smirked. He leaned close.

"Tut tut you should pay more attention." He nudged Harry's feet apart. He could feel Harry's breathing speed up. "You were telling me how you need to stir five counterclock wise." Severus leaned over him as he ran his fingers under Harry's neck and chin, pulling it up to force him to look ahead. Harry shakily began again from the step Severus had stated as Severus pinched another nipple. He reached behind Harry and rubbed his butt before spanking it again.

"Since you seem unable to recite, perhaps I should teach you some respect and next time you'll study harder." He magically lowered the desk, forcing Harry to lower his shoulders with it.

"Sensei?" Severus breathed in his ear.

"What's your safe word?" He was worried Harry was getting too into the role. it happened before. Severus had noticed and stopped them. In this situation the student would be feeling very real fear. He didn't want Harry feeling that. Harry took a ew deep breathes. Severus felt his body relax as Harry resurfaced.

"White." Severus smiled.

"Good." He bit his tongue before he said Good Boy. If he could avoid it, he never called Harry boy, even in these. That was what those relatived called him, when they weren't using the term freak anyway. He slid hishand back down Harry bottom and carressed the underside of his balls. Harry moaned, wiggling a bit.

"I see you enjoy that." Harry shuddered at his silky voice.

"Yes sensei." Severus relaxed. He could hear Harry in that cheeky response.

"And what about this?" He spanked Harry, making sure to hit the back of his balls. He heard a peasurable grunt from his 'student'.

"Yes sensei." Severus spanked him again, rubbing the red skin between each burst of pain that he knew Harry was enjoying. He grabbed Harry's hair and pulled him upright.

"Of course you like it." He spun Harry, magically summonig a large t-shirt on his chest. Harry looked at him in confusion. This was a new idea Severus had just had.

"Now stand there. Good. Spread your legs. Wider." Harry had his back to the desk, but wasn't actually touching it. He was fidgeting a bit, his erection brushing the inside of the shirt. "Now lift your shirt." Harry's eyes widened as he realized just what Severus had planned. Usually he ordered Harry to keep his hands at his side, but this was even harder. Harry blushed slightly as he lifted his shirt to reveal his swollen member jutting out from his body. Severus knelt down in front of him.

"Now you had better stay there." Harry nodded. Severus pinched his nipple in punishment.

"Y-yes-s s-sen-sensei" He gently drew his finger along the underside of th leaking length. Fondling it he looked into Harry's eyes. He lowered himself and took the member into his mouth. He heard a groan from above him as he let his tongue caress the shaft. His fingers traveled under his balls and back to his twitching hole. Severus pressed two inside, liking the little sounds he was successfully drawing from his lover. He felt his own excitement rise when he found Harry's prostrate and pressed. Harry's entire form arched as he let out a whine. With the warm heat on his length and the fingers abusing his prostrate, Harry felt himself cuming.

"S-sen-sei" He grunted in warning. Severus simply relaxed his jaw and hummed. Harry saw stars there.

"Sev!" Severus caught Harry as his knees failed him, vanishing the shirt in the process. He lifted the muscular man over to the bed, returning the furniture in the room to its rightful configuration. He set Harry down, covering him with his own body. Harry moaned as their erections met and rubbed.

"Sev, please." His ghosting plea caused Severus's member to jump in excitement. He summon lube directly into Harry as he positioned himself. Harry writhed beneath him as he licked his nipples, fingers abusing the other. Harry squirmed.

"Oh God, Merlin, Severus! " Severus smiled at being likened to Merlin and God. He entered Harry with a swift thrust. Harry arched his back as the heat slamed into him. Severus set a lazy pace, building Harry to that slow delicious climb he loved. He felt Harry's hands tangle in his hair. He let himself get pulled in for a kiss. The passion behind that kiss sent his control spiralling out of his reach as he pounded into the younger man. He felt Harry's entrance clench in ecstasy, sending him spiralling over the edge.


Severus woke to Harry playing with his hair. He felt Harry give a soft kiss on his forehead. He had never felt so loved before. Harry pulled him closer in his arms.

"Lets spend this summer at home, in the manor." Severus felt his heart leap at the words. He snuggled closer to Harry.

"As long as you are present, I'm not picky as to where we spend our summer." He felt Harry giggle as they both dropped off to sleep.

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