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Author's Note: I struggled for a while on whether to post this story or not. It is almost finished, but before I take the time to finish it I want to see if there is actually an interest in it. If you've read my stories before you know that I've mostly written Twilight stories, but the truth is that Harry Potter is my true love. However, I've been afraid to write stories about Harry Potter because I didn't want to mess anything up because I love the series so much. So here's my little dabble into the world of Harry Potter.

After six years of coming to platform 9 ¾ with my family, I had easily slipped into a routine. However, as the four of us made our way further onto the platform to join up with my aunt, uncle and cousins I was struck by the fact that this my last time doing this as a student.

"Rose, are you alright?" My mother asked worriedly as she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I nodded and continued to look around the platform. A sense of nostalgia hit me as I looked around at the hustle and bustle of parents and their children who eagerly awaited their return trip to Hogwarts.

"I can't believe Albus and Rose are already seventh years!" My aunt Ginny sighed. "It seems like just yesterday we were putting them on the train for the first time."

My dark haired cousin and I exchanged a look. We were both used to the attention by now, even though Albus' older brother and a few of our cousins had graduated before us.

My uncle Harry rolled his eyes at his wife who was currently embarrassing the hell out of my cousin as she caressed his wild black hair, "Ginny, you're embarrassing the boy."

Aunt Ginny removed her hand from Albus' hair; then quickly turned her attention to Lily. Albus took that as his cue to quickly say his goodbyes to his father and ducked onto the train before anyone else could say something to him.

"Blast it!" Aunt Ginny sighed once she realized Albus had slipped away. "Well, since Albus has shirked his duties as an older brother, will you help Lily with her stuff, Harry?"

While the Potter family was busy settling their affairs I turned my attention back to my own family. My mother was currently giving Hugo a mini lecture reminiscent to the ones I had heard her give my Father in the past when it came to table manners and too much time spent on Quidditch. I chuckled at that and turned my attention to my Dad.

"Are you too embarrassed to give your Dad a hug?" He asked carefully.

"Of course not." I replied before I wrapped my arms around him.

When I pulled away I took my time looking over his face. His hair was slowly turning white around the edges, but as he told my mother…at least he wasn't going bald.

"Oh Rosie! I'm going to miss you!" My Mother exclaimed just as she always did on September first and pulled me into her arms for a big hug. And as usual she gave me her customary mini lecture. "Watch out for your brother, do your best and write home."

With that said Hugo and I made our way on to the train, promptly going different directions once we were on.

It didn't take me long to find my best friend in a compartment all by herself. Carmen Davies had been my best friend since our first train ride when we had collided in the corridor. We had both been extremely embarrassed, but after spending the entire ride in the same compartment we had immediately become friends.

Carmen looked up as I entered and shot me a huge smile. As usual she looked fantastic thanks to her Latin blood. Carmen's Dad, Roger Davies, had been the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain back in the day and after he had graduated from Hogwarts had made a trip to Spain where he met Carmen's mother, a beautiful Spanish witch. All of the Hogwarts boys fancied themselves in love with her and it was easy to see why with her long dark hair, exotic eyes and amazing body.

Meanwhile I was stuck with auburn hair that unfortunately decided to be curly like my Mother's. Thankfully Carmen's mother had taught me a method to smooth out the frizzies and I had used it ever since. As for my eyes, they were the color of my Mother's and hardly exotic. I had pale white skin and my body was anything but amazing.

"Yet again I wonder why I am your best friend." I laughed as I looked her over.

"Oh shut up, Rosie." Carmen shot back. "I may be an exotic beauty, but you are the English rose."

"Ha ha." I rolled my eyes, quite used to the pun she liked to use on me every time we had this conversation.

"Anyway, I have news." Carmen announced as I pulled out my school clothes. Carmen was already dressed in hers, taking the demure school skirt to a whole new level with her long tan legs sticking out from it.


"My parents have done it again."

"Done what?"

"My Mother is pregnant again!" She screeched.


Carmen was the oldest Davies child at the age of seventeen followed by five other siblings. Only three of which were in Hogwarts. She had a brother who was two years behind us and twin sisters who were in their second year. At home she had a nine year old brother and a six year old sister.

"Seventeen years, Rose. That's how much older I will be than this baby! My Dad was about to go get one of those muggle vasectomies but my Mom just couldn't keep her hands off him and now I'm going to be back on diaper duty again!"

"Not necessarily, you're going to graduate this year and you can move out."

"Don't count on it. Even if I do…they'll call me to babysit because I'm the oldest."

"Well you're of age now, you can say no."

"True…however, this does not change the fact that I still have a duty as a sibling to take care of this sibling along with my other five siblings. Be thankful you only have Hugo to worry about."

"Hugo is enough."

As I changed into my school clothes, Carmen continued to mutter about her parent's inability to use simple contraception charms and muggle preventatives.

Once I was finished I sat down across from Carmen and worked on getting her into a better mood. It didn't take long. All I had to do was remind her of what we had to look forward to this year and that perked her right up.

"Hello my lovely Ravenclaws."

We both looked up to see Derek Zabini standing in the doorway of our compartment with a grin on his face. He was completely Slytherin, not that that bothered us Ravenclaws too much. Slytherin were our only real intelligent match in this school, and Derek Zabini was one of the most intelligent Slytherins of our year.

"Zabini." Carmen acknowledged with a nod in his direction.

I silently chuckled at that. These two had been in constant competition since our very first day at Hogwarts. Not only did they compete in the classroom, but their competition extended out onto the Quidditch field where they both played as chasers for their respective house teams.

"Davies." He replied. "Weasley, the Head boy is looking for you. As head girl, I shouldn't have to be the one to remind you of your duties."

"We've only been on the train for ten minutes, Zabini. I'm hardly shirking my duties." I said coolly. "Who is head boy, by the way?"

"I guess you'll find out, won't you?"

With that he walked away as if he didn't have a care in the world. Carmen rolled her eyes with a long sigh once he was out of sight and turned to me.

"Don't worry about me; you should go find the head boy so you aren't accused of shirking your duties."

"Alright, I'll see you at the feast." I replied before I left the compartment and headed towards the compartment that I had been informed in a letter a few weeks prior as to where we would be meeting.

It didn't take me long to get there and once I did I wasn't too surprised by what I found inside. Inside sat the head boy, Scorpius Malfoy. Unlike our best friends, there was no competition between the two of us even though we were tied for the top of our class. It was also surprising that we got along considering who our parents were and the history there was between our families. However, after I had been warned away from him my first year of Hogwarts I had actually sought him out with a warm smile in our Transfiguration class.

He had been wary of me at first, telling me that his Father warned him away from Weasleys, Potters, and Gryffindors in general, especially ones with red hair. I had quickly pointed out the fact that my hair was not the typical carrot Weasley red, I was a Ravenclaw and I had been warned away from his as well. We weren't friends, but we weren't enemies. We respected each other, especially because we were so equally matched as far as school work went. Scorpious was also a member of the Slytherin Quidditch team as a seeker, but I had no interest in playing myself.

"How is it that you knew I was head girl, but I didn't know until now that you were head boy?" I asked curiously as I walked into the compartment and slid the door shut behind me.

"I'm a Slytherin Rose; we have a way of finding things out."

I rolled my eyes at him and took a seat across from him.

"The prefects are set to arrive in a few minutes. And I couldn't help but notice that your brother was absent from the list of new fifth year prefects."

"Shut up, it is no surprise to anyone that my brother is not a prefect." I laughed. My parents had not been too thrilled that he had not been chosen as a prefect like they both had been back in their fifth years, but the fact that I had been chosen as head girl had taken attention off of Hugo.

Scorpius laughed, "Your brother is everything that my Father warned me of the first time I stood on the platform. A red headed, Gryffindor named Weasley."

I rolled my eyes at him. I knew he had no real quarrel with any of my family members despite what others thought thanks to our parents' history. In fact, now that I thought about it, Scorpius had no enemies in the school. He was well respected by all, which was quite a feat for a Malfoy. I attributed this to the influence of his Mother; who was one of the most respected philanthropists in Wizarding England and beyond.

"Did you have a nice summer break, Weasley?" He asked kindly.

"Yes, it was quite nice besides all of the Quidditch games I was dragged along to." I replied.

Scorpius quirked a brow, "All of your family plays Quidditch as well as your best friend and you still hate it?"

"I put up with it." I replied simply. "I take after my Mother in that regard. I hate brooms."

"What kind of witch are you?" He asked jokingly.

"One that likes to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground."

At that point prefects started to arrive, cutting off any more conversation between the two of us.


When I finally rejoined Carmen at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall she was lecturing her twin sisters, who were also Ravenclaws, in what was a mix of English and Spanish. After seven years of friendship I was able to understand what she was saying. She would kill me if I said it out loud, but when she did this to her siblings, she sounded just like her mother.

"…now sit down and eat!"

I slipped in beside her at the table and took a drink of pumpkin juice before Carmen turned to me, muttering in Spanish.

"So what did they do?" I asked curiously, having not caught the reason for Carmen's ire during her lecture.

"Only twelve years old and they were already kissing a boy in the hallway!"

I just about spat my pumpkin juice out of my mouth. Thankfully I did not embarrass myself and instead choked. Once I could breathe again I turned astonished eyes on my best friend. "Kissing the same boy?"

"They were taking turns kissing some third year boy from Hufflepuff! After I restrained myself from kicking his arse, I sent him on his way and dragged the two of them in here."

"It seems the twins are taking after your aunts. Thank Merlin they're not identical."

Carmen sighed, "Tell me about it. At least after this year, they become Roger's problem, not mine."

I nodded in agreement and set about eating my dinner. I watched politely as first years were sorted and then did my job to help greet our newest Ravenclaws into the fold. After the feast was over, I met up with Scorpius in the hallway and the two of us made our journey up to the head's quarters before we started our first night of rounds.

"Davies seems more stressed out than normal." Scorpious remarked casually as we headed up the marble staircase towards our quarters.

"What makes you say that?"

"She usually isn't lecturing her siblings this early in the year in a mix of Spanish and English." He chuckled.

I nodded, "Her parents are having another baby and apparently her sisters are turning out to be a little promiscuous."

Scorpius quirked a brow and with a purely Malfoy smirk said, "It looks like the Davies are the new Weasley family, seeing as how none of your uncles or your aunt have had enough children to match that of their parents."

"Was that an insult?" I asked carefully. I personally did not take offense to it, because it was true. My grandparents had had seven children, but so far none of their children had surpassed four children.

"So what number will this Davies be?" He asked.

"Number six. I doubt there will be any afterwards."

"You never know, we all know that Carmen's mother is quite a beauty."

I rolled my eyes. During our first year, all the boys at Hogwarts had established Carmen's Mom as a MILF, a term coined by muggles and introduced to Hogwarts by a muggleborn a few years ahead of us. Carmen hated that kid immensely our first year and I was pretty sure that hate was still alive, just as the rumors of her Mom as a MILF were still alive in Hogwarts.

"A MILF if I do recall correctly," Scorpius grinned "is a Mom I'd like to-"

"Oh look! We've arrived!"

Sure enough our portrait of a unicorn hung on the wall before us. Scorpious quickly recited our password, Hippogriff, and the two of us entered our common room. It was a beautiful mix of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, the navy blue and green contrasting nicely. There was a large blue couch that faced the fireplace and two green arm chairs on each side. At the back of the room were two staircases, each of which lead to a bedroom and bathroom.

"Well should we start our duties then?"