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Fourteen Years Later

As usual the sighs of my thirteen year old daughter could be heard all the way downstairs in the kitchen as she inspected the outfit I had laid out for her. Normally I would let her wear what she wanted, but lately that consisted of a weird look that seemed to be all the rage amongst girls her age at Hogwarts and I wasn't about to let her go to her brother and sisters' graduation looking like she was a homeless person.

"Mom!" She shrieked.

"Yes, Adelaide?" I called back.

Adelaide, or Addy as she was known to her family, was our third child and currently the bane of our existence. The twins had never gone through puberty as hard as she had. Of course that was probably because they had each other, Addy on the other hand was all on her own. Carmen and Derek's children were either too old or too young, leaving Addy as the awkward kid at all of our get togethers.

"There is no way I'm wearing this! It has flowers on it!"

"Grammy got that for you and it will make her so happy to see you in it today." I replied, yet again using my one bargaining chip with Addy. From birth Astoria and Addy had had a special relationship. With Adelaide, Scorpius and I had had no name picked out when I went into labor…in fact we had no idea that she was going to be a girl. However, as soon a she was born, looking very much like her fair haired grandmother, both Scorpius and I agreed to name our daughter after Astoria. Initially we had wanted to name her Astoria Hermione, but both of them had protested. Instead we had settled on Adelaide Jean, Adelaide being the name Astoria had always wished to name a girl and Jean as my mother's middle name. As Addy got older, Astoria always made sure to have special time with Addy separate from her older twin siblings and from that a special bond had formed.

"Fine." She sighed before slamming her bedroom door.

"Adelaide! No slamming doors!" Scorpius growled as he walked past her room towing our youngest by the hand towards the bathroom.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Your son decided to try out one of the gadgets your Uncle George gave him and it exploded everywhere. I've already cleaned his room, but he is another story."

Unfortunately we had not been able to have another baby right after having Adelaide. Not only was I exhausted from having a baby and two four year olds, but I had also suffered from a severe case of post pardum depression which put me off having another child for a long time. After Addy was four Scorpius and I both agreed that we were happy with the three children we had and didn't want to have anymore since Addy seemed to have adjusted well to life with her older siblings, but fate had other plans. A year later we had Leo and now at eight years old and looking like a total Weasley, he was quite a hand full. Unfortunately for us, he reminded everyone he met of my uncles Fred and George and even though there was only one of him, he more than made up for it.

"Oh, so now he's just my son?" I asked with a quirked brow.

"When he acts like a Weasley, yes."

A few hours later saw us at Hogwarts where Caelum and Carina would be graduating along with Carmen and Derek's daughter Roselyn. How the four of us made it to the ceremony on time I had no idea; between Addy's sighing and Leo's mischief it was a miracle. But we did make it with a few minutes to spare. Thankfully Carmen and Derek had saved us seats next to them and their two younger children. Their son, Riley was eleven and their younger daughter Katherine was eight just like Leo. Carmen had hopes for Katie and Leo, however I couldn't roll my eyes at her antics anymore in that regard. Proof of her success was right before my eyes as I glanced up to where the graduating students sat and caught sight of my son with his arm around Roselyn's shoulders.

Carina, on the other hand, was much too focused on her studies for relationships despite the fact that she had the attention of every boy in Hogwarts. I'd never seen Scorpius so relieved as the day when Carina announced to us a few years ago that she had no plans to even start dating until she was out of Hogwarts and well on her way to becoming a Healer. This was a relief to us because Caelum and Roselyn were engaged already with plans to marry in December. There was no doubt in my mind that I could be facing the possibility of becoming a grandmother in a year or two.

"And now we will have the top student of the year give a speech. Please give a round of applause as Carina Malfoy, head girl and proud member of the Ravenclaw house, makes her way to the podium." Professor McGonagall announced with a proud smile of her own.

"Thank you Professor." Carina smiled politely as she took Professor McGonagall's place at the podium. "As many of you know the circumstances surrounding mine and my twin brother's birth are extraordinary. Not only are we half Weasley and half Malfoy, we are the first Malfoy children not of pureblood, which I believe to be the sole purpose of our parents coming together. Through our birth generations of hatred between two families was changed. Of course it took time, but to look at our Grandfathers now, Draco and Ron, no one would ever believe that years ago when the second wizarding war was taking place they were bitter enemies. They now identify as friends and never in my life have I heard about pureblooded beliefs besides for what I have read by myself. That is why I am here to say that I am proud to be a representative for this class of people whose parents have all managed to put aside old prejudices and rivalries and have raised their children to reflect that. And that's why I believe my parents were meant to be together, to help two families in dire need of that kind of change."


"Do you think she was right?" I whispered as Scorpius and I lay in bed later that night.

After a rowdy celebration at Malfoy Manner with all the Weasleys, Zabinis and Malfoys present we had finally come home at midnight exhausted. Thankfully both Leo and Addy had passed out quickly leaving us to talk to the twins for an hour before they decided to turn in.

"You mean about why we were fated to be together?" Scorpius asked. "It sounds like a better theory than the ones we came up with years ago."

"I guess it isn't a bad reason to be together, especially after watching our Fathers together tonight." I chuckled. "Tossing back butterbeers and bragging about their grandchildren as if they had always been the best of friends in the world."

Scorpius chuckled, "It is pretty funny if you think back to when they first found out about the two of us."

"Well regardless of why we were meant to be with each other, I love you." I said softly turning to face him and snuggling my face into the crook of his neck. Scorpius placed a kiss on the top of my head before pulling away so he could capture my lips with his own.

"I love you too, Rose. Always."

"Even if I'm a Grandma in a year or two?"

He chuckled, "Even then…wait do you know something I don't?"

"Relax," I laughed, "There's no baby yet, but Caelum is our son and Roselyn is Carmen and Derek's daughter. If Carmen has her way there will be a baby right away."

"Let's hope not; it feels like we just got Leo out of diapers."

I smiled, "Ah, but you see the joy of being Grandparents is that you can give the child back whenever you want."

"Very true, Mrs. Malfoy. However, I'll love you when you're old and wrinkly and a great great grandmother. But right now we are only thirty five and we still haven't celebrated quite as much as I would have liked to."

With a growl Scorpius pushed me onto my back and crawled over me quickly making me forget all about becoming a grandmother in the near future. Hell, making me forget about everything but him.