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Helter- Chapter 3: Destruction

Helter walked towards the door of the movie lot. His heart was racing after the killing spree he had just been on. Slicing up the defenders of whoever was waiting ahead was tiring work. But he couldn't stop, not yet. He still had to begin his descent to rank 7th. Since his stand-off with Dr. Peace, he had fought against Shinobu, the honourable 18-year old samurai schoolgirl. It pained him slightly to take a youth like her, but he knew it had to be done. There was no place for mercy in a business like this. Helter was always a slightly emotional person. Sometimes, his fear would get the better of him. But during a ranked match, he knew what had to be done. He knew that someone had to die, and it could never be him. Not after he's tasted glory, not after proving to everyone what he can do. He stared at the door. Through the small crack in the door, he could see a shining light. He knew he had to fight now, no matter how ready he was. He inhaled deeply, and stepped through the door. For a moment, he was blinded by studio lights, before they were shut off. He then noticed a foul smell surrounding him from all directions. Once he properly regained his vision, he quickly found the source of this smell. He was surrounded by decaying corpses, bodies littering the floor everywhere. He covered his nose as he coughed with disgust. He had killed many, many people by this point, but he had never stopped to see something like this. He then looked ahead of him: A tall, muscular figure was facing away from him, hands on his hips with his foot tapping somewhat impatiently. ''Where the hell is that guy...'' The man said to himself, as Helter approached. ''Ahem.'' Helter blurted out, in order to get his attention. The man quickly turned around, being both startled and filled with excitement. ''Oh, forgive me, I didn't hear you come in.'' The man apologised. ''It's fine, really... I'm guessing you're Destroyman. AKA ranked seventh?'' Helter replied, still thrown off by the smell of death. ''Yes. Well, no... sort of. I'm ranked seventh, but I'm not Destroyman. At least, not yet.'' He smirked, intentionally confusing Helter. ''What are you talking about? I don't have time for games. If you're not Destroyman, who are you?'' ''Well, you can call me John Harnet. Say... If you don't mind me asking, about your leg?'' Harnet asked, looking down at Helter's right leg. Helter had had a prosthetic leg for around a week, before Silvia arranged a robotic one for him. It had been patched on to the amputated point of his leg, and his trousers had to be cut down to do so, revealing the shining silver leg for all too see. Helter kept it on show, as a constant reminder to himself of his mortality, and to show that he must keep sharp and quick. He was incredibly lucky to survive Peace's juggernaut bullet and merely loose a leg. Most people would have their head explode, or have their chest ripped right open. ''It's kind of a long story...'' Helter said, though this was merely an excuse to not postpone their battle any further. ''I understand, personal issues.'' Harnet said, respectively to Helter. ''My, aren't we polite. May I ask why?'' Helter inquired. He still didn't understand the point of being polite if one of these people weren't going to know eachother much longer. ''Well, respect is the key to a clean and fair fight. Honour is key in an industry like this, even if it doesn't seem like it at times.'' Harnet remarked, echoing the words of Peace and Death Metal before him. ''Well, I agree with you on the honour of this business. Though I don't see many opportunities to be honourable...'' Helter was beginning to think aloud before he stopped himself. Harnet smiled, and walked towards him. ''Here's one now.'' He outstretched his hand in front of Helter, inviting him for a handshake. ''You want to be honourable? This is how you start.'' Helter hesitated before shaking hands with him. He wasn't very suprised by this, since Dr. Peace had already done the same to him some time earlier. Not being able to contain himself any furthur, Harnet, while still grasping Helter's hand, burst into a green aura, light completely surrounding him and blinding Helter. When the light cleared up, Helter was dazed, and could only see faint blurs. One thing he could make out for sure, though, was the a dark blue colour, which greatly contrasted Harnet's previous attire of a white shirt and blue shorts.

He had only regained his vision for a brief moment before he heard a cry: ''Destroy spark!'' A slight wind began forming around them, and in an instant, Helter was being electrocuted severly, and let out a shriek for his pain. The sound of high voltage running through his body filled the room, all the while Harnet, now fully transformed into Destroyman, was smirking devilishly. After a few moments of this devastating attack, Destroyman spun around in place many times, slowly gaining momentum and still gripping Helter's now ragdoll like body by the hand, and finally let him go, sending the Albino flying across the room and slamming into some boxes, and hitting the floor hard. Destroyman then smirked again, and let out another cry. ''Destroy BEAM!'' Two laser bolts shot out from his shoulders and directly hit Helter, causing a small explosion and sending Helter soaring through the air above Destroyman. ''This is where it gets good.. goodnight!'' Detroyman said quietly. ''Destrooooy.. THUNDER!'' A huge laser cannon shot from the main weapon, placed bizarrely on his crotch, and hit Helter directly on the other side of the room before he could even reach the ground. With the power of a train he was slammed into the wall behind him, leaving that side of the room filled completely with smoke. Not a sound was made for a brief moment, and then, Destroyman began gloating in victory. ''HAHA! YES! Oh man, that was just too easy! The schmuck didn't even put up a fight!'' As Destroyman continued to mock his opponent and laugh uncontrollably, Helter jumped up high, nearing the top of the cieling, and drawing his blade from his bionic gauntlet. Helter cried out in anger as he descended down upon Destroyman, preparing to impale him. Then, without even blinking, Destroyman dodge-rolled out of the way, forcing Helter to force his blade deep into the floor. Without any time to react, Destroyman showed off another move. ''Destroy pound!'' Destroyman punched the ground with enough force to create sparks around him, and to again send Helter flying across the room, though this time Helter managed to stay on his feet when he landed. Helter was breathing heavily and was covered in minor cuts and dust, and his clothes had been battered as well. His gauntlets and robotic leg had been scratched badly as well. Helter was hunched over in pain like an animal, with his red eyes glaring at Destroyman in pure rage. ''Oh, you just don't quit, do ya?'' Destroyman taunted Helter. ''You know what, Johnny boy? I'm gonna take that honour advice you gave me...'' Destroyman looked shocked. ''Seriously.. you actually bought into that crap?'' He laughed for a moment, and Helter interrupted him. ''...I'm gonna do the honourable thing and kill you with no goddamn mercy!'' Helter retracted his sword and revealed a similar weapon: A beam katana, now built in to his gauntlet. The red blade revealed itself in a flash, literally. ''Ohh, fancy. Not gonna do you much good though, what's a crappy lightsaber rip-off gonna do against my moves?'' Destroyman asked. ''Oh, just you watch, you arrogant son of a-'' before he could finish, Helter lunged at Destroyman with fierce anger. ''Destroy beam!'' Destroyman exclaimed, sending the familiar yellow beams towards Helter. However, this time Helter dodged out of the beam's path, and continued running towards his opponent. Destroyman then began to turn his body, to try and strike Helter with the still blasting laser beams. However, Helter was too quick for him, reaching the back of Destroyman and bouncing off of the ground to finally stike him. Destroyman just barely managed to move out of the katana's way, and then proceeded to grab Helter by the neck, and restraining him firmly. Helter struggled, and was then shocked once more after Destroyman initiated another Destroy spark attack. This time, Helter managed to break free, and upon turning around saw many bolts of electricity flowing through the air from Destroyman's palm. Helter then sliced off Destroyman's hand, sending blood spurting from the wound and causing Destroyman to shriek somewhat wimpishly. ''You.. little.. piece of SHIT!'' Destroyman shouted with extreme rage. ''DESTROY THUNDER!'' This sent the familiar blue laser blast to rush towards Helter. Quick to react, Helter drew another, matching Katana from his other gauntlet, and made an X shape with the two of them. when the destroy thunder attack hit Helter, it was blocked by these two katanas, albeit slowly pushing Helter back. The sweat was rolling down Helter's face as he put all of the muscles in his body to the test by blocking such an immense attack with two simple weapons. This went on for several seconds, before Helter finally drew the strength to knock all of the stored laser energy back at Destroyman, knocking him to the far side of the building, breaking all of the windows in the building and sending several objects lying around flying all across. Helter fell to his knees in the moments of silence that followed the carnage from before. The energy for his gauntlets were completely drained from blocking the attack, so Helter was forced to put away his gauntlets, by making them retract into themselves, making them easy to fit into his pocket. His gauntlets were high technology weapons, after all.

Helter thought it was over, but then, out of the thick black smoke that surrounded one side of the building, he heard a familiar sounding phrase uttered by Destroyman. ''DESTROY CANNON!'' He looked over and could not see Harnet at all, just a glowing orb of laser energy flying towards him. He did not have the strength to dodge, so he was forced to duck, letting the laser orb hit a box behind him and explode, forcing him across the room. By this point Helter had been thrown around the room so much he barely had the strength to stand. From the smoke, Destroyman slowly staggered out, his flashy red and blue supervillain costume torn and his mask completely gone, revealing a bloodied and scarred face and singed blonde hair. ''You... Look at what you've done to me...'' Destroyman spluttered out, looking down on his torn clothing, nearly broken SFX Converter crotch-weapon from which he drew his power, and the many blood stains on him.

Helter was desperate to think of a way to defeat him. His gauntlets were out of power, and he had left his gun at Destroy Stadium after he blacked out. He then noticed a cinder block lying on the floor next to him, as it had been knocked away during the massive attacks from Destroyman. Destroyman then began charging up a new attack, and this one was going to be big. It took several seconds to charge up, and he was going to send Helter out, literally with a bang. ''D-Destrooooooy...'' Energy began drawing in from the air to the weapon. Helter knew he only had one chance. He forced himself to his feet and picked up the cinder block. He then turned his attention back to Destroyman. ''...BOMB!'' Destroyman cried out. In the blink of an eye, with what little strength Helter had left, he threw the cinder block and directly hit Destroyman's SFX Converter. The large buildup and electronic powering-up sound was suddenly silenced. He stared down at the machine in fear and amazement. Sparks began to fly from the machine, and light started to shine from it. Destroyman gasped in horror. ''WHAT THE FU-'' Before Destroyman could finish, his SFX converter let out a massive explosion, completely annihilating him and sending debris everywhere. Helter gazed on in amazement from what had just happened, Droplets of blood began to rain down upon him, and he let out a sigh of relief.

Silvia, Talbot and Weller entered the building, being sure to step over the corpses of Destroyman's previous victims and the random debris from the battle. She walked up to him and smiled. ''Helter Skelter... that was spectacular..'' Helter nodded slightly, still breathing heavily, before falling to the ground, passing out from fatigue. Silvia then stared down at his body. She turned and walked away. ''Whenever he wakes up, tell him he's now ranked seventh.''

To be continued...