This story takes place after "JOANIE'S FIRST KISS". I do not own the show or the characters.

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At Jefferson High—

Joanie was at her locker when she saw Jenny walk up to her.

"Hi, Jenny."

"Hi Joanie. What are you doing after cheerleading practice?"

"Going home to study. Why?"

"I think you should just go to the party and stay over for the night."

"My dad won't go for it but I do have a test and I need to study over the weekend."

"Just study Sunday, Joanie, then you can goof off tomorrow."

"That makes no sense, besides my dad is finally letting me go out more and I don't want to ruin it." She opened her eyes wide open and told her sternly.

"Okay Joanie, have it your way." Jenny and Joanie went to their separate classes.

At the Cunninghams—

An hour before dinner, Joanie was upstairs studying, Marion was knitting, and Howard came home.

"Marion, I'm home."


Howard put his jacket away then kissed her and he sat next to her.

"You know, it's too bad I can't drive Joanie to her date in the DeSoto like I did for Richard."

Marion laughed.

"Oh, Howard. Richard just wanted to die every time you drove and waited for him on his dates."


"Yes, how many of his friends' parents have a DeSoto?"

Joanie put her book away, put on her dress then called out, "Mom, is Dad home yet?"

"Yes," Marion said then Howard moved to his chair.

"Let's see what my baby is wearing."

"Oh, Howard." Marion smiled as she sat at the table and Joanie came down.

She came down with a strapless dress that was very low cut and she had some heels on.

"Oh no! You are not wearing that! What are you trying to do, get a guy's attention?"


"Well, you are not going to the party dressed like that."

"I guess you were right, Mom." Joanie went back upstairs and put on a dress that covered her shoulders and was below the knee then came downstairs.

"Now, that is more like it!" Howard smiled.

"Thanks, Dad." Joanie went upstairs to change into her casual clothes then did some more studying.

During dinner—

Richie came home since Lori Beth was at a study group for her sorority house and everyone had taken their places at the table.

"Richard, how are things going?" Howard took a bite.

"Good." Richie took a bite.

"What time are you taking Joanie to her party?"

"I'm not taking Joanie to the party. I thought you were going to do it."

"I don't want Dad driving me in that DeSoto."

"Joanie, Dad hasn't taken you somewhere yet, just this once, he'll take you."

Marion and Joanie didn't know that Howard had told Richie he was excited to take her to the party.


"Howard, I thought we talked about this."

"I want to take her." Howard took a drink.

"Howard, you are not taking her in the DeSoto."

"What if Dad uses Richie's car?" Joanie asked since she realized it was so important to Howard to take her.

"I'm fine with that," Howard said as he finished his dinner and put the plate in the kitchen.

"Okay. I don't see what the big deal is, Dad wants to take her." Richie finished his dinner and Howard went to the living room and sat in his chair.

After Marion and Joanie finished, Richie offered to do the dishes while Marion put the food away. Joanie went back upstairs to put her dress on since it was almost time for her date.

Howard took Joanie in Richie's car to her party and some of her friends were surprised to see Howard pull up.

"Hey Joanie, did your dad finally get a new car?" Jenny asked.

Joanie got out of the car. "No, my dad wanted to take me in Richie's car."

Howard smiled. "See you when you get home, Joanie, and have fun, but not too much fun." Howard drove away while Joanie and Jenny went inside.

"So many cute hunks!" Jenny said as she saw a lot of guys with their dates and some were going stag.

"Yeah." They met some guys as the night went on. Joanie was at the table while Jenny danced with a guy.

"Hi," Jason Andrews said as he approached the table then continued, "is this seat taken?"