Vanex: Hello all! Here's a new story! I have a feeling that this one will be a bit crazy. Let's see where it takes us. But before we begin, I seriously recommend that you find a way to watch Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower, before reading this story. Otherwise, you'll be wondering what the heck is going on.

Also, I'm making one other change. The continuity for the movie makes no sense. It's after Naruto learns of Jiraiya's death, but before the invasion of Pein. I know this because he knew of Jiraiya's death, but not that Minato is his father, as well as the fact he doesn't have Sage Mode (Placing the movie there is impossible because he left with the toads after he decoded Jiraiya's message). Instead, I'm going to have the movie take place after the Five Kage Summit Arc (Which means that Naruto knows that Minato is his father, and he also has Sage Mode).

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

*Scene Change*


Minato watches as Naruto strikes Mukade with the Super Rasengan. Naruto comes out the other side of Mukade, the attack having gone all the way through the puppet body and destroying the weak point. The two watch as the rest of Mukade writhes.

"The Five Shinobi Countries. History should have been mine!" Mukade begins moving towards the pit leading to the Ryumyaku. "I can't die like this! You are all going to die together with me and the Ryumyaku!"

There is an explosion as some of the puppet body is destroyed. The rest writhes for a few seconds, before falling over the edge and into the purple ooze that is the Ryumyaku. It begins reacting violently, turning red.

Minato looks in horror. "This is bad! The Ryumyaku is going to erupt!"

The room shakes and Naruto quickly realizes something. "Sara! Run!"

The queen of Rouran, Sara, is still standing on the center platform, trying to make her way across the walkway to join Naruto and Minato. But the walkway begins to collapse.

Naruto quickly dashes forward to save her. Minato is right behind him. The portion of the walkway under Sara's feet collapses, sending her tumbling down towards the red ooze beneath her. Fortunately, Naruto gets to her in time and grabs her hand, trying to pull her back up.

"Don't let go!" Naruto says to Sara. However, the portion of the walkway under Naruto collapses. Minato tries to get to him, but the portion of the walkway under him collapses as well, sending all three towards the Ryumyaku. But, all three are saved by the timely use of Mokuton, by Yamato, who just arrived with Kakashi. All five now stand on the center platform, where the interface to the Ryumyaku is located.

Minato quickly comes up with a plan. "Naruto, the Flying Thunder God kunai I gave you! Let's seal the Ryumyaku completely!"

Naruto pulls out the kunai and hands it to Minato. However, neither Minato nor Naruto notices that the seal on it has been damaged.

Minato quickly runs up to the interface. "Seal!" He stabs the kunai into it. A blue light glows from the interface, as a glowing blue seal forms around it. However, sparks start flying from it and from the Ryumyaku. "Something's wrong!"

Sara cries out in alarm as both Yamato and Naruto begin glowing. The glow fades, then reappears, fades, reappears. There is a bright flash of light.

20 years later...

"Naruto!" Sakura reaches her hand out to the glowing column of light that has ensnared both Naruto and Yamato. The light retracts back to the interface and fades away, revealing Yamato, unconscious on the platform.

The ink bird carrying both Sakura and Sai lands on the platform, the two rushing over to the unconscious Yamato. He groans as he wakes up. "What happened?"

"Captain Yamato, are you all right?"

"Sakura? Sai? I think I'm okay. I guess time has returned to normal."

"Where's Naruto?"

20 years ago...

Naruto groans as he sits up. The flash of light had knocked them all to the ground. "Sara, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Naruto. What happened?"

"I don't know. Minato? Captain Yamato? Kakashi-sensei?"

"I'm okay." The two see Kakashi holding his head.

"Something went wrong with the sealing." Minato is looking at the kunai.

Sara is puzzled. "What do you mean? The Ryumyaku is definitely sealed. I can feel it."

"Yes, but when time returned to normal, it should have sent both Naruto and Yamato back to their time. For some reason, Naruto is still here."

Naruto notices that Yamato has vanished. "So, what's wrong?"

"The seal on the kunai is damaged. It must have happened during the fight."

"Now that you mention it, Mukade did strike the area where the kunai was stored. Is there any chance of fixing it?"

Minato looks at Naruto, before giving his answer.

20 years later...


"You heard me Sakura. Naruto is stuck twenty years in the past. For some reason he wasn't returned to the present along with me."

"What can we do?"

"I don't know Sai. We must report to the Hokage about what's happened. Then we can work on a way to get Naruto back."


"I'm sorry Sakura. We don't have a choice."

The three leave the chamber and walk out into the ruins of Rouran. Sakura notices something that shocks her. Yamato and Sai look at what she saw and are shocked as well.

Three people approach them, coming from a caravan sitting just outside the ruins. A man, a woman, and a girl around Sakura's age. The three walk up to them.

The girl speaks first. "We passed by and felt the disturbance in the Ryumyaku. So we came to take a look."

The three don't really pay attention to the girl, focusing instead on the man, shocked at what they are seeing. The man is tall, with blond hair, blue eyes, and whisker marks on his face.

Sakura is the one to speak the question on their minds. "Naruto?"

Naruto smiles. "It's been a long time Sakura. Sai. Captain Yamato. Sorry for taking so long to get back. I had to take the scenic route."

The three are too shocked to speak. The woman elbows Naruto, who gets the message.

"Sorry. Captain Yamato, Sai, and Sakura, this woman is the former queen of Rouran and my wife, Sara. This girl is my daughter, Hitomi."

Vanex: Well, well. Naruto got trapped in the past, married Sara, and had a child with her. How will things change, now that Naruto is twenty years older than he should be? Will he still fulfill the prophecy and defeat Madara Uchiha? How the heck did he even end up with Sara anyway? See you all next time!