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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 6

The hours pass, until it's finally time for his date with Sara. Naruto returns to her office, where she is waiting for him. "Ready, Sara?"

"Ready, Naruto."

"Where do you want to go?"

"Oh, there's a restaurant on the west end of town. It's my favorite restaurant in Rouran."

Naruto, trying to be polite, holds out his arm. Sara wraps her arm around his and allows him to escort her to the restaurant.

While on the outside, Naruto looks calm and collected, on the inside he's sweating bullets. Then again, this is the first date he's ever been on, and it's with a queen of all people!

While they are walking there, Naruto can see the people looking at the two of them in surprise and curiosity. He can hear them whispering to each other.

"Is that the queen?"

"Who's that guy she's with?"

"Isn't he that Konoha ninja who helped us?"

"Are the two on a date?"

"The queen is dating someone?"

They reach the restaurant and walk inside, where they are greeted by one of the people working there.

"Welcome to the Desert Oasis. How can I help- Lady Sara!"

Sara smiles at the woman. "A table for two, please."

The woman quickly grabs two menus. "Right away, milady! This way!"

The woman leads them two a table. "Right. Your waiter will be here shortly. Enjoy your time here!" She runs off, probably to tell everyone that the queen is in the restaurant.

Sara sighs. "There are times where being a queen can get annoying."

Naruto smiles as he opens the menu, looking for something to order.

Sara grumbles as she opens her menu. It doesn't take long for the waiter to arrive. "Welcome to the Desert Oasis, milady and guest. I will be your waiter for this evening. Can I get anything for you two to drink?"

The two order their drinks and it doesn't take long for them to arrive. Sara sighs, but then she notices something."You're laughing behind that menu."

"Well, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm not royalty like you."

Sara knows he's only teasing, so she decides to have some fun. She waits until he starts to take a drink. "Well, I could always have you marry me, thus making you royalty."

Naruto does a spit-take, before he starts sputtering. "Marry? But- But-"

Sara giggles. "I'm just teasing you, Naruto. I must say, it's easy to make you nervous."

Naruto grumbles at how she tricked him, before going back to the menu.

The waiter soon returns. Have you made your decisions on your meal?"

Both of them nod and hand him their menus. They tell him their orders and he rushes off to the kitchen.

Sara looks at Naruto. "So, you know about me Naruto. But, I don't know a thing about you. If we are going to be spending time together, it's only fair that you tell me about yourself."

Naruto nods. "That's true. But you might want to get some tissues before I start."

Sara looks confused. "Why?"

"You'll be crying long before I reach the end."

Five minutes later...

Sara blows her nose in one of the tissues as tears keep sliding down her face. "How could they treat you like that?"

"Because they can't tell the difference between a prisoner and a prison." Naruto sighs. 'I didn't even get to my days in the Academy before she broke down. That's a new record.'

Sara wipes away her tears. "That is just so wrong, though. How were they able to get away with it? Didn't the Hokage do anything?"

"What could he do? The majority of the village wanted me dead. He was in the minority. What can one man do against an entire village, even if he's the Hokage? He can't kill them all, because Konoha would die with no people in it! He can't punish them all, as that would have led to an uprising and the people would have forced him off the seat and put someone they trust as the Hokage! Most likely someone whose first order would be for my death! And someone would would probably doom Konoha to destruction! I ask you again, what could he do?"

Sara sighs. "I see your point. But it still feels wrong."

Naruto nods.

"Now then, continue your story, Naruto."

"Well, I applied to the Academy, where..."

The time passes. Their meals were brought to them, but they didn't notice. The restaurant staff didn't mind. They were also engrossed in Naruto's story.

"And then I got the mission to track down Mukade, which resulted in me ending up here."

He hears the sounds of sniffling from all around him. He looks around to see not just the staff looking at him and crying, but the other guests at the restaurant as well.

Sara sighs sadly. "I'm sorry for making you tell me all that, Naruto. I shouldn't have said anything."

"It's okay. You were right. I knew about your life, as you told me about it. It was only right for me to tell you mine. Don't blame yourself. I came to terms with it a while ago. It's no big deal, now."

They both look at their meals. Sara sighs. "I've lost my appetite."

"So have I."

The waiter waves his hand. "It's no problem. We'll package your meals and you can take them home with you."

As the waiter took the meals away, other people in the restaurant began asking Naruto questions.

"Was that all true?"

"Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Naruto is cornered by all the concerned people, before the waiter returns with the packaged meals. The two quickly grab the packages, pay the money, and quickly leave the restaurant.

As the walk back to the palace, Sara looks gloomily at Naruto. "I'm sorry, Naruto. Because of me our date was ruined."

Naruto waves his hand at her. "Don't blame yourself. You had no way to know just how horrible my life was. I wasn't expecting the entire restaurant to listen in on us, though."

Sara glares at him. "Naruto, don't you dare hide behind that fake smile. You were just as disappointed at how the date went as I was."

Naruto sighs. "Why is it that out of all the people I know, you're the one who can see right through me? You're right though. That date could have gone better. Well, that means that the next one will have to be better."

Sara stops and stares at him, wide-eyed. "What? You're still interested in dating me after that mess?"

"Why not? Not everyone has a great first date, right? The other ones will have to make up for it. What about you? Are you still interested?"

Sara smiles. "Yes, I am. We'll plan our next date later. Let's go home. I think my appetite returned."

They both laugh as they walk back to the palace.

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