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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Kushina Talking"

"Kushina Thinking"

*Scene Change*


The sound of hospital equipment can be heard, as the medics hover over a red-haired teen, as she gives birth. The cry of an infant fills the air as an old man picks up the infant. He looks at the infant's tuft of blond hair, as well as his whisker marks.

"Stop! Where are you taking him?"

The old man looks astonished that the girl is awake, considering that she was in an induced coma, before looking at the infant again.

"You will be a god among men. Take her back to the Vault."

The medics move to take the girl away. She struggles against them, reaching out for her son.

"No! My baby! Give him back to me! Naruto! NARUTO!"

The medics manage to sedate the girl and they take her away. The old man walks off with the infant, a smirk on his face at the plans he has for the infant.

31 years later...

The cell is dark, except for the light coming in from the window. The light shines on the floor, making a circle of light. A man is kneeling in the circle. He can hear the footsteps approaching the cell.

"It's her. She's coming."

In the hallway, the shadow of a figure is seen approaching the door to the cell. The cell door opens on its own. The man inside starts to scream.

A voice speaks out. "Kill them. Kill them all. They deserve to die."

*Scene Change*

Inside a large room, lines of ninja stand motionless, almost as if they were sleeping while standing. Suddenly, they all look up at once at the man standing in front of them. They follow him out of the room.

*Scene Change*

A security guard is sitting at a table, on break, reading a book, when he hears a noise behind him. He jumps up, drawing a kunai, but he doesn't get far because the man kills him, spraying the security guard's blood everywhere.

*Scene Change*

The guards in the security booth see the man walking through the halls and trigger the security alarm, but they are too late when three of the ninja from the large room enter the office. They quickly dispatch the guards with well-aimed wind jutsu.

*Scene Change*

Screams are heard throughout the base, as the people inside are killed. Corpses fill the hallways. The man is feeding on each corpse, gaining something from them. No one notices a little girl with red hair, walking the halls. She walks up to the man and glares up at him with violet eyes, that flash orange.

"Free me. Free me from my prison. I will have my revenge. I will take back what they took from me. I need to find him. Where is he? Where is my baby? Where is Naruto?"

*Scene Change*

In the Hokage tower, the Third Hokage sits in his office, doing paperwork. Someone knocks on his door.

"Come in."

The door opens and a man walks in.

"Hello, Danzo. What can I do for you?"

"There's a problem, Hiruzen. It's Origin."

The Hokage's eyes narrow. "What's happened?"

"There was an uprising. Fettel took control of the prototypes."

"Oh my god."

"We can still resolve this discreetly, but we need to move fast."

"What do you suggest?"

"I think it's time we call in that new ANBU force of yours."

"You mean FEAR?"


The Hokage leans back in his chair. "Even though he is part of that team?"

"He's probably the best person to stop him. I don't think my ROOT will be able to handle this. It's ironic, don't you think? The second one will be taken down by the first one. The success will be destroyed by the failure."

The Hokage ponders for a few minutes. "Very well, I'll call them in."

Danzo nods and leaves the office. The Hokage turns his chair so that he can look out the window.

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