Pairing: Kyo x Haru, Kyo x Yuki

I know, Kyo x Yuki? Really? But I had to do it for the story line… I'm a true Kyo x Haru fan:D

Warning: This contains no good rotten smutty smut and upon reading one my acquire a never-ending nosebleed ;P

Disclaimer: I totally own Fruits Basket.

Additional Information: I lied in the disclaimer.


"You like this, you little slut." Kyo cried out as Black Haru slammed forcefully into him. Kyo knew he shouldn't like it but he did…he loved it. And Kyo hoped it would never stop. "Tell me you like it!" Haru growled leaning into Kyo's face and beginning to thrust faster.

"I like it! I love it!" Kyo cried out, back arching as stars danced over his eyes. "HARU!" Kyo climaxed with one final shout and slumped backwards, riding out his orgasm.

Black Haru smirked at Kyo's worn out body. After a moment he began to slowly start thrusting into Kyo's ass. Kyo's eyes snapped open. "Again?" he cried. Haru grinned and flipped Kyo over.

"I'm not done with you yet…"

Voila! What did you think? I've already written a whole chapter after the prologue…and my friends loved it! Expect not the guy friends. Well, actually, one of them did like it…0-0

Anywho I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can! I'm working on chapter 2, I'm pretty sure that there won't be more than 3 chapters…

But I'm very much into sex. XD except the hard-core stuff!

Love and kisses~!

-Da author, Wobsie:3