I'm so sorry that you're about to read this. I can't believe that I wrote something like that. But first, let me give you a little insight on the man that is Yuki Sohma.

In this story, in the first chapter, Yuki rapes Kyo. He only did this because he loved him. If you read the manga, you'd know that Yuki had a very rough childhood. After the way that Akito showed him 'love', Yuki didn't know how to express his own.

Now, go ahead and read this stupid ass chapter. Again, I'm sorry.

"Lost Hope"

-Final Chapter-

This is the end, Yuki thought, as he watched the blood pool from his wrists. What a life I've had. They say that you see your life flash before your eyes as you die. Yuki didn't want to see his. All he wanted to was to remember that one, tender moment, in which he'd fallen in love with Kyo.

/ It'd been raining outside, and Yuki was walking home with Tohru. She was talking about this and that, keeping Yuki in a generally good mood. It'd suddenly occurred to him that the annoying cat was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Kyo?" He'd asked, not really worrying too much about the answer he was going to receive.

"He went home early when he heard it was going to rain." Tohru explained, and then began flitting about, talking about how happy she was that Yuki was showing interest towards Kyo's well-being.

That's just like him. Yuki had thought, only to be confused by the feelings of empathy he'd gotten. The rest of the way home, Yuki had only grown more perplexed as he tried to piece together why he felt this way.

Once they reached Shigure's, Tohru had gone straight to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. Yuki headed upstairs, intending to change clothes. As he passed Kyo's room, he got the sudden urge to look inside, even though he knew the cat would probably be sleeping.

Gently pushing back the door, Yuki peeked inside, just to see Kyo sprawled on top of his bed, shirtless. I knew it. Yuki'd thought, about to leave. But something made him want to stay.

Gently, as not to wake up the sleeping boy, Yuki had pushed the door open all the way and stepped inside. He quietly approached the bedside, looking down at the orange-haired teen. He was snoring lightly, and absolute look of contentment on his face. A large bruise ran down the middle of his back. It was the result of a fight that he'd goaded Yuki into, just the day before.

Yesterday, Yuki would've thought the cat deserved it, but today he only felt strange regret. It must hurt. He timidly reached down his right hand, and caressed the bruise, without even realizing his actions. When Kyo let out a soft moan, Yuki jumped back, snatching his hand to his chest.


Yuki froze, fearing he'd been caught. But after a couple of moments of silence, he leant closer. Kyo was still asleep, his expression still relaxed. He'd said Yuki's name like a whisper, the gentle words of a lover.

Something inside him snapped. As Yuki stood there, gazing down at his enemy, all the hatred and malice in his heart was replaced with undeniable love. Numbly, he took a step back, then another, until he stood outside the room.

Quietly, oh so quietly, he re-shut the door. /

Then, the moment had freaked Yuki out. He'd avoided Kyo until the one inevitable day that they fought, and Yuki couldn't control himself.

Now, it was Yuki's most prized memory. Even as he lost blood, the thought of it made him warm. Slowly he felt his eyes closing. He was out of time. I'm happy my last thought was of you.




I love you.