"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever." - Keri Russell


Chapter Fifty-two

It was like being a teenager all over again. I slowly walked into the living room to find David sitting on the edge of one of the arm chairs, his elbows on his knees, hands clasped together over his mouth. I knew that posture, and I was in deep shit. This was always how our arguments started when I was growing up. I would have done something in class or acted out in some way, David would be called at school or work, then I'd beat him home. He'd arrive some hours later then call me out of my room. This was always the scene I came out to.

Yusuke and Tetsuya were the only ones there. They were speaking quietly over to the side of the room. Yusuke glanced over to me as the shadow demon nodded his head towards me. His eyes narrowed, then glanced back at Hiei behind, then back to me. If it hadn't been for the tension mounting in the room, I was certain we would have been met with a shit eating grin. But instead he turned back to his conversation with Tetsuya.

"I don't mean to be rude, guys," I said. "But could I have a bit to speak with my brother?"

"Of course!" Tetsuya said in a rush before Yusuke could pop off anything. "We'll go let everyone know you're back. See you in a bit!" Then they were gone.

I looked back at Hiei to ask him the same thing silently. He debated for a moment, before giving a nod which I returned with a thankful smile. He disappeared down the hall, probably to leave through one of the windows instead of the door. Again.

I hefted a sigh then moved to the end of the couch furthest away from David. Mi followed after and rested her head on my lap, purring as I ran my fingers through her fur. Even if I knew what to say, it was better if I just stayed silent until he was ready to speak. It was a jolt to see the difference between him and future-him. His hair wasn't as long, only the stress lines between his eyebrows were starting to form, no gray starting to show against the black of his hair. But he looked worn. Tired.

I took that time to really feel his energy. It wasn't nearly as vast as I had felt in the future, but it was definitely there. It was just starting to awaken. He would one day be able to heal others. And there would be a day if I didn't find a way to stop everything that it would be the only thing that saved him from some hybrid plant. How had he even awoken this energy? Had he always had it, like how I always had mine? And it had just laid dormant all of these years? What finally broke the seal on it? Did he even know?

"Every time I begin to think that you aren't a child anymore, you never cease to prove me wrong," he said in English, breaking my trail of thought. I bristled at his words. So much for the calm discussion that I had wanted. His glare was cold as it met me. "Running away, Daelyn? Seriously?"

"There's shit you don't know about," I shot back in English to match his. "There's shit that none of you know about-"

"So you run away like a child instead of talking to someone."

"That's not even-"

"Do you even stop to think about shit before you do anything? Did it even cross your mind?"

"If you would just-"

"I just don't know how to win with you, Daelyn. I tried making you talk to me when you were growing up and you shut me out or you lashed out. Now I tried giving you space instead and you pull this little stunt." His anger boiled out of him, thickening the air around him. "You always want to be treated like an adult, and the moment I try to do what you ask you prove to me why I can't do that. I tried so hard with you when you were growing up to raise you to be independent. It's like you took all of my efforts and took them to a whole new level."

"David, please just-"

"I keep asking myself if there was something different I could have done. Maybe if I hadn't pushed you so hard or if I had been around more. If I hadn't let every conversation we had turn into an argument then maybe you wouldn't act so rash and just talk to someone about whatever it is that we apparently don't know about." Through his anger I started to feel something else. From each rolling boil of anger, flickers of something else poured through. Hurt. Betrayal. Desperation. Fear. My own anger left as quickly as it had come. "Daelyn, what would have happened if Seikatsu had discovered you were alone?" He jabbed. I sank into the couch as my head dropped. "I know you think you're invincible but just stop and think about the last time he was able to catch all of us off guard. You were gone for two weeks before Hiei found you. You aren't invincible, Daelyn! You could have been taken again and there's nothing any of us could have done to stop it!"

"I don't think I'm invincible," I said quietly as tears sprung to my eyes. "The exact opposite, actually."

"Sure," he scoffed. "That's why you ran off on your own."

"I'm dying, David," I said. He went silent. I wiped my eyes as I lifted my head. "I'm dying faster than anyone realized. Yokuto realized it right before we left for Demon World. I've got ten years. Maybe."

"I don't understand," he said levelly.

"Yeah, I don't really understand either. But the best I can explain it is that there's energy growing inside of me that's attacking me from the inside out. Don't really know why. It's something that just comes with being an energy demon." I paused and sank back further in the couch. "When we were at Seikatsu's castle I found a book about energy demons hidden under a desk. I stole it."

"You stole from the demon that wants to kidnap you and make you his queen," he deadpanned.

"Not my brightest hour," I grimaced. "But I had someone else with me and she's a lot stronger than I am. Like, I'm the ant and she's the giant. Hiei told me that she wouldn't let anything happen to me. And I trust him, so I knew I would be safe. But when we got back I wasn't...okay. I just shut down. I thought maybe if this book had the answer to why I was dying and how I could stop it, everything would be okay."

"Did it?"

"No," I shook my head. "The page was ripped out. So I just…freaked out, I guess. I panicked. The only thing running through my head was I had to get away. So I just ran. You were right. I wasn't thinking."

He shifted back in the chair silently. I shifted my place on the couch to the other end to sit closer to him to which Mi mewled at impatiently. She jumped up on the couch and rested her head against my leg. David's face pinched together, the stress lines between his brows coming out in full force.

"I'm sorry, David. It was stupid and you're right. It was childish. I should have talked to you. But none of this was your fault. It was my stupid decision, no one else's. You can't beat yourself up for the stupid shit I do."

"I don't understand how you're so calm about this," he murmured.

I brushed my hair out of my face as I sat back. "I'm just tired of being pissed about how unfair it is," I said. "All I've ever done is get pissed about our lives. About how unfair it's always been. When Mom and Dad moved to Japan you were old enough that you struggled with learning a new language. Then they died. You had to sacrifice being a regular college student to raise me. I was bullied all the time for looking different than everyone else. We nearly lost the house, I almost didn't graduate, you nearly killed yourself from exhaustion trying to be a parent and still finish school and work. Our lives have never been fair, David. I freaked out, ran off, learned some shit, and now I'm back. And I'm going to do my best to fix it."

He mulled over my words in silence. I could all but see the gears working in his head as his eyes flickered from side to side, his jaw tightening, then relaxing. The anger from before had cooled completely, leaving him both exhausted and frustrated. Two things I could definitely understand in that moment.

"Maybe you aren't such a child after all," he said finally. "But I'm still pissed at you."

I smiled at his hidden apology. "Thanks. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't press your buttons every now and again."

He huffed a laugh as he raked his hands through his hair. Then his eyes came to rest on me again. "Why does your energy feel different?"

I went still "What do you mean?" I asked carefully.

"It's like there's another energy there. Mixed in with yours." I swallowed, darting my eyes away from him. "...Daelyn, what are you not telling me?"

"Nothing!" I squeaked as I bolted up off of the couch. "Gonna go shower, the others should be here soon!" I darted out of the living room and down the hall to my room long enough to grab a change of clothes then rush into the bathroom before David could follow after me. "Fuck," I cursed while raking my hands through my hair. "What the fuck am I going to tell him? Dammit!"

I twisted on the shower as I continued to curse under my breath. The bathroom filled with steam as I peeled off the clothes that had dried to my skin from the humidity. I wracked my brain to what exactly I could tell him that would keep him from blowing a blood vessel. The only thing I knew for sure that would keep that from happening was to not tell him at all. But that was something I knew wasn't possible unless I avoided the conversation at all costs until the end of time. And my brother was nothing if not persistent. The only other option I could think of was to lie. Tell him it was because Hiei and I had been around each other so much or something. But that was a hardly feasible option either. I wasn't a very good liar, and everyone else would know. If he fell for it at all, it wouldn't be for long.

I stayed in the shower until I felt the other's energies start to trickle into the house. I dried off and got dressed, the dread building deep in my stomach. There was no way I was getting out of this part of it. I promised them and myself that I wouldn't carry this alone. They had a right to know what was coming. My assurances to myself didn't do anything to ease the dread in the pit of my stomach. But still, I steeled myself and forced myself to leave the bathroom. Hiei stood at the entrance of the hall, appearing rather bored with the whole situation. But I could sense the tension coming off of him. Voiced swirled around in the living room. Hiei met my gaze and pushed away from the wall as I walked to him, fully coming into view of the others.

Our living room was by no means small. Mom had always enjoyed having the house feel open and spacious. One side of the living room had huge windows that filtered in light, giving no reason to use any artificial lighting during daytime hours. A couch, love seat, and two arm chairs were placed in a semi-circle around a coffee table, and across from that was a tv placed on a low profile tv stand. Beyond those few pieces of furniture, only pictures and art hung on the walls.

But seeing David, Kuwabara, Yusuke, Kurama, Tetsuya, Keiko and Shizuru all staring back at Hiei and I, the living room never felt smaller.

I almost shied away from their stares. Instead, I fought my instinct to hide and stepped further into the room. Mi slinked over to me and greeted me with a snuffle in my hand.

Keiko all but bounded across the room and pulled me into a tight hug which I gladly accepted and returned. There was a flash of pain in my chest when I remembered that she only had numbered days left if we didn't stop Seikatsu. Relief coursed through her like a tidal wave, then parted sharply in anger. She pushed me to arm's length, holding my biceps tightly

"Don't ever do that again!" She scolded sharply. I shrank under her glare sheepishly. "You scared us half to death when we found out you went missing again!"

"I know," I said softly. Tears sprang up in her eyes and I grimaced as guilt twisted in my gut. "I'm sorry. It was stupid."

"She always hits me when she gets mad at me like that," I heard Yusuke grumble.

"That's because she actually likes me and she only barely tolerates you," I shot back at him, peering around her with a mild glare. "And just in case your vocabulary can't keep up, tolerate means putting up with your shit."

"Yeah, yeah, go and chew on someone else's ankles, pipsqueak," he shot back, shooting me his middle finger with a smirk.

"Okay children, that's enough," Shizuru said smoothly. Keiko pulled me into another tight hug before releasing me as Yusuke muttered something under his breath. Keiko sent him a sharp stare that he laughed nervously at, moving to the other side of Kuwabara to distance himself from her.

I shook my head and sighed then went to the coffee table, opting to sit on the floor. Mi followed after me, pushing her head into my lap as she sprawled out next to me. My fingers found comfort in her fur as they tangled themselves.

"So, um. I guess first I should say I'm sorry for running off like that. I know sorry doesn't make it okay but," I halfway shrugged. "I don't really know what else to say."

"Why you did it would be a good start," Shizuru stated. My teeth clenched tightly as I worked up the nerve to keep talking.

"Well. I guess I should start from the beginning then. When we were at Seikatsu's castle a demon in his army came to my room. Her name was Mari." The entirety of the room bristled. "No, no, Mari doesn't think Seikatsu is a good guy!" I said quickly. "She wanted to help me!"

"Did she?" Hiei growled behind me.

"Yes!" I exclaimed firmly. "She told me about his backup plan to ambush us if we didn't agree to what he wanted! And I don't think the bad guy would have wanted me to know that!"

"I know Mari," Tetsuya said. I would have been relieved that he was backing me up, but his expression was pulled together in confusion. "I don't know her well, but i know her well enough. She has a little sister. From what I know about her, I don't think she would have put her sister in danger like that. If she had been caught, Seikatsu would have probably killed both of them."

"She wasn't lying!" I exclaimed, hurt that he wasn't on my side. "I'm an empath! I can literally feel when people are deceiving me!"

"Any half rate demon can disguise their emotions to an empath," Hiei shot at me.

"Mari just came to tell you about his plan?" Kurama asked, pulling the conversation back on topic.

"No," I grumbled. "There was a book she wanted to help me find that Seikatsu was always reading. She thought it could help me. So she took me to his library."

"You went with some strange demon into the depths of his castle?" Hiei hissed venomously. "Based off of what? Her promise that she wasn't going to kidnap you?"

"Oh my god, can we all just agree that I don't make the strongest life decisions and just move on?" I asked exasperatedly. "Anyway! So I went with her. We got to the library and when I found the book, she sensed Jurou coming. He's Seikatsu's right hand man. She went to distract him so I could sneak back to my room. I was stealing the book when Mukuro found me."

"You were stealing the book?!" Kuwabara exclaimed loudly, his eyes seconds from popping out of his head.

"Yes," I sighed heavily. "We've covered this already. I'm not a strong life decision maker."

"B-but you didn't have to steal it!" he exclaimed again. "Stealing is wrong, Daelyn!"

"I think she's been hanging out with you too much, fox boy," Yusuke said, nudging the red head at his side opposite of Kuwabara. He wiggled his fingers out in front of him like claws. "Sticky fingers and all that." Kurama shot him a look, but I saw a twinkle of amusement hidden there.

"Stealing from bad guys isn't really stealing!" I defended loudly. "Just- just let me finish!"

"You said this book could help you," Kurama interjected. "What would it help you with?"

I swallowed, then lowered my head. Mi purred heavily into my hands, offering me courage as if I could pull it from her body and into my own.

"Well. The reason my energy was sealed when we first went to Demon World is because…" I trailed off. No one pushed me further. I have to tell them. They needed to know. "I'm dying. Yokuto thinks I've got about ten years, give or take. There's an energy inside of me that's destroying my body. Mari thought the book had answers for me."

I ran my fingers through Mi's fur. My words hung heavy in the air. The air of the room shifted. Before it could fully settle on one thing, I blocked it from my mind. My throat was already starting to tighten painfully as I placed my mortality in front of them. The clock that my life clung to was ticking faster and faster with each passing day, quickly approaching the final hours.

I nearly jumped in surprise as arms circled around me, jarring me from my thoughts. Keiko clenched me in a tight embrace, her eyes hidden with her hair. I blinked the misting of tears away quickly before anyone could notice.

"It's okay," I assured her softly.

"No, it's not," she said, shaking her head. "It's not okay."

"We'll figure something out," I promised. "Don't we always? I'm like a cockroach. I keep coming back no matter how many times the world tries to get rid of me. Besides, even if it is a little morbidly humorous, I don't think that asshole would let me stay dead. He'd figure out some way to bring me back."

"That's not funny," she said, releasing me from her hug and wiping her eyes. Despite her words she gave a weak smile.

"It was a little funny," I shrugged.

"What did the book say?" Tetsuya asked. I was thankful for the subject change.

"Well, the book had answers," I said. "Or it did before the page was ripped out. When I saw it was missing I just…lost my mind, I guess. I wasn't doing well already, and it was the last thing to push me over the edge. I've never claimed to handle my shit very well." I shrugged weakly. "So I ran."

"Where is the book now?" David asked. "Maybe you missed something and-"

"It's in the bottom of the ocean, about thirty feet out from the end of a pier," I interrupted. "Along with the notes I took." I risked glancing up and met his disbelieving glare. "Yeah, I know, I'm stupid. But it didn't have anything in it other than lore that did nothing but contradict itself. I got pissed and I didn't want to look at it anymore, so I threw it in the water. Then Hiei found me."

"There's always some truth in lore," Kurama said disapprovingly. "While it's true that mostly it's stories that have been altered by each person who passed it on by mouth, if you dig deep enough, truth can be found."

"One story said I can't be killed," I said blandly, then motioned at myself theatrically. "Then the next story said that if you cut my head off and burn me on a stake, then I can be killed. But only if you purify the energy in my body with some plant and bury my head separately at a distance of no less than ten meters. Oh, and there was one that said if you can convince me to eat a baby, the purity of its soul will burn me to ash. Now that sounds like a way to go."

"Daelyn," David sighed. "Don't be a brat. We're just trying to help."

I huffed an apology. He was right. They were just trying to help. But was this something they could help with? Sure, I could understand it being possible to stop Seikatsu's goal of destroying the portal to Demon World.

But could they really help in the area of my impending death? This was something that only Seikatsu understood and knew. I knew there was little to no chance of capturing him and forcing him to tell me. The idea of him in handcuffs being interrogated was almost laughable. He was tucked safely away behind an impenetrable barrier that was guarded from the inside out with an army of S class demons who would lay down their lives for him, with the added help of the residents inside the barrier who thought of him as their benevolent king.

"It means that if you know about how to fix it, it won't work. Please, I'm begging you, please believe me. I'm you. You're me. I wouldn't lie to myself about this. You'll figure it out. I promise. I promise you will. You won't die because of this. Please, just don't ask me."

I was still alive thirteen years into the future. And she knew how to stop my death. Meaning, the only two people who knew in that time was myself and Seikatsu. She was positive that I would figure it out. But how could I figure it out if Seikatsu was the only one with the answer? She had solved the problem after she went to him. Had he told her? Did she find something that helped? The questions stirred rapidly, my mind working exhaustedly to solve them. But I could come up with no other answer besides the one I didn't want to face. Seikatsu was the only way.

Was that the answer she knew I would come up with? But how wouldn't it work if she told me? Seikatsu would relish in the idea of me begging him to help. He wouldn't turn me away simply because of my reasoning to go to him, even if I somehow decided that was a good idea. I would rather face an early grave than give into him. But as I got weaker with each day, would I stand so strong next to what I thought was right? When the time came that I was staring into the depths of my grave, would I still be so steadfast in my resistance? I wasn't so sure about that answer.

I bit down on my lip roughly. The scar on my lip screamed in protest until I let go. Telling them about all of this was rippling waves into what I had seen. It was only a matter of time to see if the waves washed all of it away and left the future to be rewritten, or if they would weaken so much that they only trickled along the surface.

No matter what the outcome was, I had to tell them. I made a promise that I would. I was obligated to. This wasn't just my future, my life on the line. It was all of their lives. How would they react? Would they believe me at all? Time travel was such a ridiculous idea, and to try to claim it happened? I sighed and rubbed my hand over my face. More and more questions were piling on the longer I thought about it.

"I know that this is going to be a little...unbelievable," I said slowly. "If anyone was telling me this I'd be convinced that they were crazy. But I just need you all to believe me, okay? I don't know if you all had the chance to meet our cousin, Knox, but he's able to slow down time. Well before Tetsuya brought us back, he-well um. Future him kind of ambushed me and took me thirteen years into the future."

There was a beat of silence.

"What?" David asked, his face flat.

"I was in a fucked up version of Back to the Future?" I rephrased, then grimaced. There was another beat of silence. Then Yusuke and Kuwabara started laughing, which deepened my grimace. Of course they wouldn't believe me. Time travel? It was an absolutely ridiculous concept. To say it happened? It was even more of a ridiculous idea.

"Man, and here I was thinking I was the best at making shit up to get me out of trouble!" Yusuke exclaimed through his laughter.

"She isn't lying," Hiei said over their laughter. They stopped just as quickly as they started. "I used the Jagan to see her memories of it."

"...Seriously?!" Kuwabara all but shouted.

I nodded.

"Why did he bring you there?" Kurama urged gently.

I let my eyes flicker away from them. "To see what happens. So maybe I can stop it."

"Stop what?" Yusuke asked, all previous amusement gone from his voice.

I told them everything I could. Seikatsu won the tournament. His ultimate plan from my understanding was to tear open the portal to Demon World and eradicate Human World. He had somehow destroyed Spirit World from what they knew. I told them of everyone who had been lost, and how they had died, offering each detail that I could. All of the humans that survived the original shock wave wasting away under the toxic energy that stretched over the world. I struggled to look Keiko and Tetsuya in the eye as I explained their deaths, for fear if I did I'd burst into tears.

The room seemed to grow smaller as I blabbered on. I went into describing the bounty placed on the heads of everyone we knew and anyone who sympathized with us. How we were forced into hiding behind barriers and wards. No one interrupted me as I explained how the world had changed. Hybrids of some species, extinction of most of the others. If it didn't have a way to fight back, it was consumed or destroyed.

I did my best to try to explain the way we had been broken. But the words I needed to make them truly understand were beyond me. But the way their expressions twisted and darkened, I realized that they did know what it was like to feel completely defeated. But they had always managed to pull through at the end.

How could I go on to explain that there was no happy ending in the future that I saw. There was only acceptance for the fact that days were numbered, and each day that passed peacefully only meant it was one day closer to the inevitable end. Those of us that made it in the future had come to accept that. Everyone except Knox. He was still fighting for a better end, a brighter one. One that everyone would make it to.

As I talked, I avoided the topic of Kaoru completely, avoiding Kurama's eyes. He would figure out I was hiding something from him if I looked at him. Guilt twisted painfully inside me. It felt so wrong to lie to him. But they asked that I did. They wanted me to lie. It was the right thing to do...right? But my mind kept flickering back to the same thought over and over again. What if it was Hiei?

Even if I had told someone to lie about it, was that the best option? If we did manage to change the outcome of our fates she wouldn't surface into Human World. She would stay in hiding. They had given me no clue as to where to start searching. Of course it was Kurama involved, and I could only assume that Kaoru was just as ahead of everything as he was. Had they known that I would struggle with what they asked of me?

I recalled their quiet conversation in that little room as I kept droning on. She had looked over at me, her ears drooping down. It occurred to me that Kurama had been the one to not want me to say anything and she was respecting what he wanted. Would he really be the type of person to sacrifice that part of his life for our group? I added up all of the variables in my head. The impending tournament I would be returning to, the idea that we were all pathetically out matched against Seikatsu, the fact that she was deeply hidden in Demon World. Everything equaled out to: Yes. He would sacrifice having her here in order to ensure that their outcome wouldn't happen.

God, why did I have to be so bad at lying?

It wasn't my right to get involved in Kurama's situation if he asked me not to. But Kaoru hadn't agreed with him. And would this Kurama feel the same way? Even if I found the perfect way to describe everything that happened, there was no way for them to fully understand without experiencing it themselves. Even if Hiei showed them what I saw with his Jagan, they still wouldn't know, really, what it was like. Would he be pissed at me if he found out I was hiding this from him?

Then an even larger question presented itself to me. What if having her here on our side before the tournament was enough to tip the scales in our favor? From my understanding, of you were weak, you didn't survive in Demon World, period. You got stronger, or you died. She had said she was thousands of years old. There wasn't any way she could have survived that long being weak.

But was if searching for her would put as at a disadvantage?

"When I was there, future me wasn't," I said, choosing to keep my gaze focused on Mi as I brushed my hands over her. I couldn't keep dwelling in Kurama and Kaoru. It wasn't my right to get involved...right? "She-I...?" I shook my head. "She was alive, but she wasn't there. She had given herself up to Seikatsu." The silence was deafening. "And she was pregnant when she did." I added. "So she-"

"Woah, woah, woah, woah," David said quickly before I could continue. My attempt to gloss over that fact had been destroyed. I resisted the urge to groan. "You were pregnant?" He asked, his voice a mixture of disbelief, anger, surprise, astonishment and a few various other things.

"Yes," I stated.

"With his kid?!"

I flinched. Fuck.

"No…" I said quietly. I felt a breeze of warmth wash over me softly, urging me on though I could feel the wariness wrapped up in it. "The baby was Hiei's."

"Hiei's," he echoed back to me. I nodded. His eyes narrowed and flickered between us as if he were trying to work out a difficult test question. I didn't dare to risk a glance back to the fire demon. If I did, David would figure it out. His pressing of the matter wasn't something I could handle while trying to deal with the rest of the mess I had been thrown in.

"So, you two were together," he stated.

"Before future me went dark side? Yeah," I answered.

"Are you together now?"

"Obviously, can't you sense their marks?" Yusuke asked him. "I thought you were spiritually aware now. Even if you couldn't sense it, they're all doe eyed for each other."

It felt like the air had been knocked out of me.

"Yusuke!" I shrieked as Hiei cursed behind me. "Shut the fuck up!"

"You marked each other?!" Keiko exclaimed, her fingers digging painfully into my arm.

That's when I did look back at Hiei, panic reading clearly on my face. He met my stare with his mask of indifference, but I could sense the stress behind it.

"What's a 'mark'?" David asked sharply.

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