I don't own any characters, only those I created. This goes in a slightly different dirrection than in the 2010 movie. My character differs slightly from Owen, but he replaces him as a character. Read, review and enjoy!

The sky was pitch black, the untouched snow–perfectly white created such a beautiful contrast that brought out the surroundings. The blanket of new snow covered everything–from trees, to the picnic table, to the street lamps. The apartment complex was filled with lights. The apartment complex was dull, and old, so was the people there; at least that's what Jace thought.

"It's cold out." He thought out loud. The winter air was crisp, and cool–just the way he liked it. He was dressed in black denim that hugged a body many girls couldn't help but stare at, an all black duffle coat, and black boots. His golden blond hair made him stand out from his surroundings. He sat there reading a book, after a while he stared up into the sky, hoping to see stars in the dark night.

Soon after he went inside. "Jace how was your day today?" His mother questioned. "Rather boring, but we were reading Of Mice and Men today. It was pretty interesting." His mother looked at him, "Of Mice and Men? I read that when I was in high school! They still teach that to you guys?" Jace chuckled, "Yeah mom, I guess they still do. After all it's a classic, an oldie but a goodie, as my English teacher always says!"

After he finished his burger, he picked up the plates and washed the dishes. He was exhausted, and he lay on his bed for what seemed a very long time. Then he heard the tires of a car screeching against the pavement, slowly, he got up and peered outside the window. Two shadowy figures were in view, they were unloading from a taxi, what seemed to be a large trunk, with suitcases and bags. One was taller than the other, and the shorter one had the figure of a girl. They were hauling their luggage through the small pathway that led to the lobby of the apartment, quickly Jace put on his coat and boots and rushed out the door, and locking it, before racing down to the lobby. They weren't there yet. So Jace went outside, and located them fairly easily enough.

"Hey there, would you like any help?" He flashed a smile at the two strangers; one who looked no more than the same age as Jace –16. She had strawberry blonde hair, she extremely pale, but that brought out her eyes, which were a blue-ish green. She was petit, she was a bit shorter than he was, but she moved with grace. The other one, who looked exhausted, was probably 50 years old. "Yes, thank you." The shorter one spoke, her voice was soft, and melodic. "No problem." And so he flashed another bigger smile.

"Seems like we're going to be neighbors." She looked at him quizzically, "I live at 107, you're apartment's 109, it's right next to mine. " He chuckled. After they were done moving all of their belongings into the apartment, the older man, who introduced himself as Thomas thanked him again. "It's no problem, I guess I'll see you around."

Jace opened the door, and hung his coat on one of the hooks, and kicked off his boots. "So we have new neighbors." He announced, "109." His mother thought before saying, "Right next to us, I see." Jace nodded and then retreated to his room.

Damn, I can't get her off my mind.

Slowly, he drifted off to sleep.