Sunlight shone through the hole in the curtain, and the sound of cars passing by was evident. It was 6am, far too early for school, but I hauled myself out of bed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I poured cereal and milk into a bowel and sat down watching the news. I slurped the last of the milk and turned off the tv. I stalked into my room, careful not to wake up my mother, and peered outside my window. There were signs of people who woke up much too early to go into work, I could smell a fresh pot of coffee being brewed, the cool air tainted with the smell of coffee beans.

I got dressed in a black Henley shirt, and black skinny jeans, I wore my jacket and my boots, then grabbed my Jansport bag and proceeded out the door, before locking it. I followed the pathway to the parking lot, and entered the convenience store a few blocks away from school. "Is that all?" The cashier stared at me suspiciously, and I nodded. "That'll be 3.40 $." I pulled out the money from my pocket and handed it over to him. I left and started my trek to school, 7:40am read my blackberry, suddenly my phone started to vibrate.

"Hello?" I answered. "JACE LABELLE VENTURI. WHERE ARE YOU?" I winced in agony as the phone shook from the vibrations. "ISABELLE CALM DOWN! I'M WALKING TO SCHOOL RIGHT NOW." I shouted back ever louder. "WELL HURRY UP, IF YOU'RE NOT HERE. IN 10 MINUTES I'M DITCHING YOU." I groaned, "Fine, I'll bbm you when I'm almost there."

I quickened my pace and soon after the building was in sight. I saw a figure off into the distanced, as I walked, the figure came into view. It was the familiar lean, slim waist, long chocolate brown haired, and blue eyed, Isabelle. "Isa! Hey!" I ran to her, and gave her a huge hug. She was warm, her body heat radiated off her. She sighed, and dug her head into my chest, as I pulled her closer. Slowly, I released her.

We walked together into the school, and I waited at her locker to gather her belongings and her books. "So…what did you do yesterday?" She dropped the books that she was holding, and I caught them just in time. "Nothing really. I have a new neighbor thought, right next to me, you know 109?" Isabelle nodded, "Of course I do! I see, that's cool." I locked her lock, with a click. "Isabelle, what's wrong?" Her eyes widened, and she looked away. "Isa…" I grabbed her arm and hugged her.

"What happened?" She held on tighter. "Is it your father? Alex?" Her whole body shook. "Isabelle…I swear, if they ever lay a hand on you. I'll kill them. I swear it, I'll kill them." I snarled viciously. Suddenly she started sobbing, tears streamed down her eyes, and I held her so close.

After a few minutes she seemed to pull herself together, and I let go reluctantly. She felt as fragile as glass, when I held her before, I felt as if both of us, could melt together into one.

"Thanks Jace, I love you." I nodded mutely, and pulled her into a one-minute hug. "I love you too." My voice was barely a whisper, she looked at me with her blue eyes, and I smiled at her and let her go.

I walked to my locker, looked at my schedule: Biology, G. Alvores. I took out my biology books, and I walked into homeroom. Soon the bell for homeroom to end rang, I dropped by Isabelle's homeroom, to see how she was holding up. Alex held her arm tightly, and for a split second his eyes met mine. Fury and pure hatred burned in his eyes as he walked over to me–dragging Isabelle with him.

"You got a problem? Labelle?" He sneered at me, his grip on Isabelle tightened. Isabelle screamed in pain and in surprise. My eyes flashed to Isabelle, and rage flowed through me. "I have a problem, and it's with you Grey." I snarled through my teeth. "Let her go." He snickered and threw her at me and I caught her just in time. "I'll see you after school Labelle." I glared at him, my eyes full of hatred. "You're mine, mind, body, and soul. Isabelle you will always be mine." She stifled a sob, and I helped her up, and gathered her books. "Please Jace, don't do it. Don't fight." Our eyes met, and could see Isabelle–my Isabelle, hurt, and scared. Tears were threatening to pour out of her eyes. "I have to, he can't hurt you any longer." I whispered to her. Her eyes widened and her fists banged against my chest. "No, No, NO! Jace don't. What if you get hurt? You can't. Please, DON'T." I looked at her sadly; this was a fight I couldn't back out of.

"I'll see you after school. Grey." I spat.

I walked with Isabelle to biology, and I sat down next to her. "I'm sorry…" I murmured under my breath. No response. I sucked a deep breath and exhaled. "Hey Jace." A group of girls giggled as they passed by Isabelle and I. "Hey." I flashed a smile at them, they giggled even louder.

After biology ended, I took Isabelle to the office. I called her mother and told her what happened. She was picking her up. I said a short goodbye and proceeded to my second period class. The day went pretty fast, and I went to the field to see Alex standing there with his gang of friends.

"I see you brought your groupies." I smirked, dropping my bag to the floor. "What'd you say?" A tall Hispanic guy spat. Alex held him back. "Well are your words your bravery?" Alex responded. "Let's just get this over with."

In a flash my fist connected with his jaw, and all you heard was a huge crack! "DUDE. YOU BROKE HIS JAW!" I groaned in pain, my fist was probably going to be bruised. His groupies managed to swing a few punches at me, but only one hit my cheek. I managed to knock out most of them. Sensing that the fight was drawing to a close, I departed.

I opened the door, and attempted to walk into my room as quickly as possible, but my mother caught me, and screamed in shock and in fury. "JACE LABELLE VENTURI. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? HOW DID YOU GET THAT BRUISE ON YOUR FACE? DON'T TELL ME YOU WERE FIGHTING AGAIN. JACE LABELLE VENTURI DON'T TELL ME YOU WERE FIGHTING AGAIN. " She fussed over the bruises on my arms and cheek, but otherwise I came out in one piece. "Sorry mom." I said apologetically. I really didn't want her to worry about me. So I explained everything that happened about Isabelle, and Alex, and how that escalated into a fight.

I went out again, this time I brought Romeo & Juliet to read. I laid on the picnic table and read silently. A shadowy figure emerged from behind, only when she was a few centimeter away did the crisp, crunch of snow gave her away. I looked up from my book; only to see the same strawberry blond hair, look down at me. "Hi there." I grinned. "Hi…" She spoke hesitantly, her voice was still heavenly, and comforting to my ears.

"Do you always come out at this time at night?" She asked. "Yeah…it's a perfect time to think, and you know it's really peaceful out here. You can also see the stars clearly from here." She sat down; I got up and at right beside her. "My name is Jace. It's a pleasure to meet you." I held out my hand. "Abby. My name is Abby." She hesitated before shaking my hand. Her hand was icy cold to the touch; it felt mushy, and uncomfortable. Somewhere in the back of my head, my brain was screaming that there was something wrong. "How old are you?"

"16. Yeah, 16, more or less anyways." She looked at me, her blue-green eyes studying me. "You?" I shifted my seat. "I'm 16 too." I smiled. "Just so you know, we can't be friends." I looked at her suddenly. "Why not?" She exhaled. "Your dad doesn't like you being friends with boys?" She looked at me, "It's not that. We just can't be friends. That's how it is."

I noticed that she wasn't wearing boots; she was barely wearing anything to contain her body heat. "Aren't you cold?" I asked her, a little more sharply than I intended. "No, not really, I don't really feel the cold anymore." I gave her a pair of gloves that were in my pockets. "Here this will keep your hands warm." I leaned over to hand over the gloves, before giving her a worried look.

"You smell kind of funny." I said absentmindedly. "I mean, not that you don't smell good! I mean you smell really good! I mean you smell different!" I closed my eyes, as the heat rushed to my cheeks. "What do I smell like?" She asked.

"Just different. " I managed to breath out. She studied my face once again. "What happened over there?" She gestured to the bruise on my face. "It wasn't there yesterday."

"Oh. That. I got into a fight with a group of guys." She stared at me. "What happened?"

"This guy was messing with my best friend. He was her ex-boyfriend, he became really abusive, and well, I stood up for her, and besides I couldn't stand him anyways." She laughed, it was the most beautiful sound ever, it was light and melodic. She reached to touch it, and I gasped in pain. She pulled back slightly, but I rested my hand on top of hers. She gasped at the contact we made. Her hand was cold, and very pale in the light. We stayed like that, not moving, for quite a while.

"I'll see you tomorrow won't I Jace?" I looked up at her. "Yeah, you will." I grinned.

I walked Abby to her apartment and then I opened the door, and proceeded to my room. That night, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The last thoughts of the night were of Abby–the green-blued eye girl next door.

Her name left my lips as I drifted off to sleep.