Shadow: A collab between the illustrious Shadow and my partner in crime, Princess Darkcloud! A story for many kinks being played out (so far we have...a lot). Read on if you dare~
And it's UKUS. America is the uke. Always.

Kink in question: Bondage (Specifically Shibari)

America trudged into the bedroom where England was lying on the bed, reading a book. He held a big paper bag in his arms and a determined look on his face. "Hey, Artie, I wanna request something tonight," he said, dumping the contents of the bag out onto the bed at England's feet. It consisted of good quality rope that was specifically made not to chafe.

"Oh really? What do you have in mi-" England took his eyes off the page to see what had been placed on his bed. His jaw dropped open with a surprised 'ka!' when he saw the special rope tumble onto the bed. He picked up the rope and looked at it doubtfully. He didn't know how to tie anything fancy, but the thought of America tied up, unable to defend himself as England had his way with him quickly reassured him that it was a good idea.

"I want you to tie me up," America said, almost mechanically. He blushed and looked down at his feet. "Not like, tie me up and throw me on a chair for kidnap tie me up, I mean tie me up and suspend me from the ceiling with my legs spread so you can fuck me tie me up."

England felt his face suddenly go red and blood spurted from his nose at America's frankness. He knew that America had always been rather...blunt in his mannerisms and the way he expressed himself, but it was always a but of a shock to England's system whenever he would proudly declare what he wanted to do with England in bed.

"Japan showed me something called shibari, where's it pretty much bondage...but, uh, fancy. Y'know?" America had a feeling England wouldn't pick up how to do the fancy rope-work any time soon, but he could still fantasize... Well, there was a reason that America had insisted upon keeping the hook nailed in the wall right above the headboard.

England felt his temper rise, as it often did, at the thought of Japan showing America some sort of fancy bondage techniques. "What the hell did he do to you?" he shouted, feeling his tsun-tsun attitude flare up, "Why the hell would Japan be teaching you bondage tricks? What are you doing while I'm not watching!"

"Hunh? What? Nah, me and Kiku just watch hentai sometimes, we don't do anything. Plus it gives me good ideas on what to do with you." America flopped on the bed and threw his arms around England. "C'mon, Artie, you wouldn't actually think I'd do anything with Kiku, right? I mean, he's my best friend, not my big bro like you!" He was being fairly ironic about the 'big bro' thing, since he and England fucked practically half their time away whenever they were home alone.

England grumbled a bit, not wanting to forgive America right away, but his desire to tie him up and fuck him was helping the forgiving process speed along. He leaned in for a kiss, smirking a bit, "I told you not to call me 'big brother,' Alfred." He blindly searched for the rope as he pushed America back onto the bed with a searing kiss.

"Pffft, you made me call you that like every day when I was a col-" America was cut off by a kiss and grinned, kissing back eagerly. He immediately went into the act of stripping his clothes away until he was completely naked beneath the Brit.

England stripped off his jacket and shirt and undid the clasp on his pants. He backed away from the kiss for only a moment as America finished undressing. He always loved the sight of the creamy white expanse of exposed skin. He leaned in and kissed across America's chest, licking across the pink nipples, biting them harshly.

"Mm, fuck yeah," America growled, hands sliding into England's sandy blond hair. "Fuckin' tie me up already, Artie," he demanded haughtily, though he sounded rather cheesy, moaning and shivering as England bit his erected nipples.

"Why are you always so impatient?" England whispered against America's chest as he bit and nibbled a trail back up to America's face, leaving behind little red marks. He was sure to make more as the night wore on. He took the rope that was laying at their side and wound it tightly around America's wrists. "Roll over so I can tie you up good and proper." Arthur demanded, his bedroom eyes boring into Alfred's.

"Fuck yeah," Alfred breathed as he turned so he was on his knees, facing the headboard. "Put my hands up on the hook," he said, rather excited about fulfilling a fantasy he'd had for a while. "Then tie my knees up. Not like, together, but closed, like how they are now, so I have to stay in this position, y'know?" He had a feeling he would be talking a lot unless Iggy gagged him...

Arthur hung his head, sighing. "You talk to much. It can really take the wind out of someone's sails, you know." England looked around for something to shut America up. "We should get you a ball gag." He mused as he stuffed America's mouth with his handkerchief.

"Ouh digth!" America tried to shout at the other, which sounded suspiciously like a garbled version of 'you dick'. America gagged slightly as the handkerchief almost made him choke. He wiggled his hips slightly to try and make the Brit move faster without words. He would have spit the kerchief out, but England would have just replaced it until he gave up.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you like my idea." England grabbed more of the rope and tied America's legs so he couldn't unbend them. He hoisted America by the wrists and hooked the rope onto the hook that stuck out from the wall above the headboard to the bed.

Now that things were going as he had requested, America settled down a bit, but still wiggled and squirmed under England's work just to make it more difficult for him. He wanted to be entirely covered in rope, like the chicks and boys were in the hentai he had watched with Japan.

England could sense America's dissatisfaction and stopped what he was doing. "What, you want to be even more restrained?" he asked suggestively, grabbing for more rope.

America nodded frantically, making an approving grunt from behind the handkerchief. He shivered with anticipation. He wanted it to be so that he couldn't move a fucking muscle when England finished tying him up. He wanted there to be rope all over his fucking body. His cock twitched at the thought and he shivered once more. Maybe some rope on his dick would be fun too...

England took the rope and threw a loop around the back of America's neck. He crisscrossed the rope down America's torso and tied the ends around his inner thighs. "Sorry, Alfred. That's the best I can do." he admitted, as he stared America's cock. It seemed to be reaching out to him, begging for him to play with it. England reached out a finger and slowly slid it along the sensitive slit, smearing precum. "But you seem to be enjoying it anyways."

America moaned, trying to buck into the Brit's hand. He nodded frantically some more, moaning and bucking like crazy as his cock was played with. He was seriously wanting some restriction on his dick or something... Maybe that was better left to a cockring though, as he didn't want his dick strangled.

England slowly began to stroke up and down America's cock, watching as he writhed under his touch, but couldn't move to do anything about it. This sense of power was getting England horribly aroused. He slid his pants down just enough to free his dick, already leaking with precum, so he too could begin to pleasure himself as he feasted on the erotic sight of a restrained America.

America looked over his shoulder at the other awkwardly, having to crane his neck slightly so he didn't pinch the skin of his neck with the rope over it. His cock twitched as he saw England touching himself and his mouth watered around the cloth in his mouth. It felt so good to know that it was because of him that England was touching himself, it was him that England was jacking off to. He wiggled his hips and whined, as if playing the neglected lover.

"Patience my dear, we've only just begun." England withdrew both of his hands and stared saucily at his bitch. He leaned over and pulled the side table drawer open, where he knew he could find at least one blindfold.

He found two.

Leaning in, England pulled the handkerchief out only to replace it by tying one of he blindfolds so it gagged America like the bit on a horse's bridle. He then gave one mischievous smirk before tying the other around Alfred's eyes, a low chuckle escaping his lips.

"Y'know I can still talk like this," America commented cheekily, though his words were slightly muffled they were definitely distinguishable. He wiggled his hips some more, pushing them back to try and persuade the other, obviously getting impatient.

Realizing it was a bad idea to remove the handkerchief, England stuffed it back into America's mouth, hoping it would work even better now that the sound barrier had been doubled. "Shut up, you wanker." England looked inside the bag America had brought and found a bundle of much thinner rope inside. "Now, you'll have to beg me to come." He tied the rope to the base of America's cock, wrapping it around in an upward spiral before tying it right below the tip. "I wonder how you'll beg when you can't talk. Surely this'll be interesting."

America snorted and shook his head like a bobble head doll as he often did when he mocked England by imitating him with a terrible English accent, thought it was mute because of the makeshift gag. He would figure out a way to beg, he had a way with words. Even if he couldn't use them.

England bit back his retort, a very rare thing for him, and instead decided to tease America mercilessly for his cheekiness. He flicked America's hard cock and watched it twitch for a moment. He ran the pad of this thumb over the head as he gently massaged America's balls. He dragged his tongue over America's slightly chapped lips, nipping here and there.

America grunted and gave a stifled moaned, trying to buck back on England's hand and lean forward as if to try and kiss him.

England drew his head back, not letting America get what he want. Instead, his ran his tongue up the side of America's face teasingly. He ghosted his finger tips across America's skin, his journey interrupted here and there by the length of rope that wrapped around the younger country's body.

America whined, obviously displeased and impatient. He hated waiting for England to fuck him, he always insisted on ages of foreplay. Whenever America topped he always gave England what he wanted when he asked! ...He didn't top all that much though.

"You see, it's your impatience that makes me want to take my time..." Arthur teased. He always loved watching America writhe beneath him, begging to be fucked up his tight, hot ass. England, not planning to enter just yet, ran the tip of his cock across America's ass.

America whined once more, rolling his hips back deliciously against the other in his limited moment, loving how he could barely move when he really wanted to. And while his left leg was kind of falling asleep, whenever he shifted slightly it felt better.

"Hey, America, you've watched plenty of hentai, do you know what 'sumata' is?" he whispered huskily into America's ear as he ground against America, the feeling of the rope rubbing against his dick giving him unexpected amounts of pleasure.

America thought hard for a moment, but England dick against his ass was making it really hard. He finally managed to go through all the hentai terms he knew and shook his head weakly, moaning behind his gag.

"Well, sumata is great for me, but I wonder if you'll enjoy it." England unhooked America's arm restraints from the wall and flipped him over. He grabbed the last remaining piece of rope and tied his bound wrists to the rungs that made up the headboard. He laid flush against America's back, his dick pressed between America's ass cheeks.

A stifled yelp was given and then a moan as he felt England's thick cock between his round globes. Was this some kind of weird occult sex act? Or was England making fun of the fact that he could fit his dick's girth entirely between his ass without penetrating him?

England pressed his tip against America's excited hole, feeling it twitch with anticipation, but he wasn't going to give it what it wanted. He ground himself between against America's crease, the clenching of America's muscles providing enough of that delicious tightness to feel really good. However, while England was getting himself off, America shared little benefit.

America whimpered, bucking back on the Brit's cock. He whined, moaning as he felt the tip of England's prick against his hole. He huffed when England didn't fuck him and instead decided to grind the shit out of his ass. He made a loud frustrated noise behind his gag, obviously getting pissed now.

"Even if I did fuck you now, America," England teased, "you wouldn't be able to come." He continued to grind into America's ass. He knew America was getting mad, but as the hero's temper heightened, his muscles became tense, squeezing England's cock deliciously.

America grunted angrily, this time instead trying to pull away from the other so that he didn't get the satisfaction of his pleasure.

"Where do you think you're going? You're all tied up, at your demand." England was so eager to fuck America's wiggling ass that it took all his restraint to hold himself back.

America huffed and whined, wiggling his hips again. He was getting annoyed and desperate at this point. He tried to form some sort of words to beg the other to fuck him.

Arthur heard the desperate whines that tried to fight their way through the gags. He reached forward and pulled the handkerchief from Alfred's mouth. "You have something to say?" he asked, a satisfied smirk on his face, not that the younger country could see with the blindfold on.

"Oh fuck, Arthur, fuck my ass, please, please, fucking fuck me already, please, I need it, stop teasing me!" America blurted out as soon as the makeshift gag was removed. He could hardly think straight, all he wanted was to be fucked, and fucked hard. "Please, fuck my ass with your cock, I fucking love your cock, please for the love of fucking god!"

"You're so honest when you're desperate, you naughty boy." England spread America's cheeks and positioned himself. He slid the tip inside and moaned. He didn't realize how much his body had been screaming for this; too preoccupied with teasing his little bitch. He waited barely a heartbeat before he slammed into America, going close to balls deep, but their current position wouldn't let him thrust any deeper. But it was still more than enough to elicit heady moans from both parties.

America cried out, mouth hanging open in a silent scream as he was finally filled with the other's cock. He whimpered, cock twitching. He probably would have released if not for the thin rope around his member, keeping him from orgasm.

England felt America's inner walls tightened, and he had worried for a moment that America had come already. He reached around and felt that America's member was leaking profusely, but, because of the rope he'd tied, still had yet to fully release, much to the UK's delight.

"Oh god, please, big brother, fuck me, fuck me hard, please, go ballsdeep and fuck me up!" America begged, practically drooling at this point as he tried to rock against the other. He'd always sort of had a kink for England being his 'brother' and all, and he always made a point of bringing it up. Only during sex though.

England pulled out and flipped his 'little brother' over onto his back. He spread the bound legs as far as they could go, relishing in the view he was being treated to. "You look so fucking sexy, spreading your body before me like that. My dear, shameless little brother, I'm going to make you scream your fucking throat out." He quickly repositioned and slammed inside. He watched America's deep red cock bob excitedly as it tried to free itself from the rope that he, Arthur, had tied about it

America screamed, mouth hanging open in an 'o' shape, some drool slipping down the corner of his mouth as his lust-glazed eyes rolled back in his head. He screamed over and over as England's pulsing cock managed to strike that one beautiful spot inside him that made his cock want to explode.

England practically lost himself as he pounded relentlessly into America. He was close, he could feel everything getting hot and hazy as he reached his tipping point. However, he didn't want to be alone as he came. With clumsy fingers, England undid the rope that was synching America's cock, finally giving the younger nation a chance to come.

America cried out with pleasure as he was finally given the freedom to cum. He came with a glorious cumshot and went limp. Well, as limp as the ropes would let him go. He groaned, eyes rolling back in his head as England pounded into him recklessly some more before he felt hot, thick fluid filling him.

England slumped over, panting against America's cum splattered chest. Once he'd regained his strength, he picked up his head and took one long drag with his tongue through the viscous fluid, not particularly enjoying the taste, but enjoying the effect on America it had.

America moaned, arching his back slightly as he felt England's hot tongue running over his chest and in between the ropes. "Ugh...hey, Artie, can you untie me? My leg is going numb. And it's hard to move my fingers."

England snorted a laugh. "But you're so much easier to deal with when you're bound and gagged, Alfie." He joked, partially serious. But he did as was requested and untied first the bonds at America's wrists so he could get the feeling back in his slightly discolored hands. He then went on to untie the ropes attached to America's inner thighs that wound around his torso. Last but not least, he undid the ropes that wound around the US's legs.

America sighed softly with relaxation as he slowly regained feeling in his hands and legs. Maybe he should have looked up a bondage safety site or something before roping (haha bad pun) England into this... When he was completely free he hugged the Brit tightly. "Thanks, Artie."

England wrapped his arms around his rather ditzy counterpart, smiling. "For letting you go? Or for the amazing bonk?"

"Uhhh...can I say both? 'Cause I'm happy to be let down, and I'm glad that we got to do it. So, yeah. Both." America grinned sheepishly at the Brit.

England gathered up the rope and began to wind it up. "Thanks for the little 'gift' Alfred, I'll have to keep it around for the future." England winked, promising more exciting 'sexcapades' in the very near future.

Author's Note:

Hurrah! More perverted collab work between me and the fabulous Shadow-chan~ There'll be more to come, don't you worry. We've put together a big ol' list of ideas (aka: kinks), and we're gonna try and do 'em all. :3