(Author's note: this was written as part of a present for knittycat's 1 year anniversary of writing fic. Several of us wrote 365-word pieces from various 'verses to celebrate. I'll have you know it's very hard to write a piece that's exactly 365 words long. -amy)

It was late enough that the baby had fallen asleep in her car seat by the time they got to Lima, but Ethan and Aidan were still awake, babbling in their oddly familiar twin-talk.

"So why are they tearing it down again?" Puck wanted to know.

"Fucking progress," Sarah turned the wheel viciously as she exited I-75. "I don't know. Nobody wants parks anymore, I guess."

They drove the last mile in silence. They should have been prepared for the hole in the ground where Schoonover Park had been, but it still came as a surprise.

"Pull in here," Kurt urged, and Sarah spun the wheel again, making the minivan lurch. He hopped out before it had even come to a complete stop.

Dave and Sarah joined him first, then Puck and finally Finn with the two boys, standing on the edge of the parking lot overlooking the construction site. "God," Kurt muttered, and leaned hard on Puck.

"That was our childhood, right there," Sarah explained to Dave, swallowing the stupid lump in her throat. "I think we spent more days in that park than we did at all of our houses combined."

"That's a bulldozer!" yelled Ethan, pointing. Puck swung Aidan up onto his shoulders to see better.

"That's right," said Finn. He smiled contentedly. "It'll be building the new community center."

They all turned to look at him. "Uh," said Puck. "What?"

"Well... the city was convinced this was an eyesore. I showed up to a couple city council meetings to argue the point, but when I realized there was no chance of getting them to keep it, I told them... about the park. Our story."

Sarah felt the corners of her mouth turning up despite herself. "Sneaky," she approved.

"A community center?" Kurt asked, eyes wide.

"You know, for kids? Teens who need a place to go. Somebody to talk to." He picked up a pebble and tossed it down the hill into the crevasse in the earth. "I bet we could have used that."

Puck carefully passed Aidan over to Dave's shoulders, then did his best to knock Finn over with a hug. "Super guidance counselor," he murmured, and Kurt laughed.